What is the SEO in off page and best the 5 techniques than you can use to surpass to your competition


Ow Google… And so you facilitate the life and the complicated thing to us that you are sometimes, mainly to reach the first position! Although it is normal with the amount of factors that there are to control, between that is the SEO in off page.

The peculiar thing is that, in spite of being a technique that offers great results, there is much people who do not know in question. Are you of those? You want to discover the best techniques to surpass to your competition? Then you must read the post that there are preparation.

And all that without touching your Web. 😉

What is the SEO in off pafe?

As it is already custom in this blog, we started using the definition that makes a Web of authority on the subject which we tried. In this case, we have decided on the definition of SEO in off page of Neil Patel:

“SEO Off Page” talks about to all the activities that you and others make outside your site to improve the ranking of a page in the results of the web search engines.

Because yes, although he can seem incredible, you can improve the position of your webpage in the finders without working in her of direct form. And for us, that is the best definition of SEO in off page.

Although as already we saw, you do not need to Google to secure visits.

Differences between SEO in off page and SEO on page

One is 2 concepts that have the same objective: to secure the best positions in the finders. In that subject any difference does not exist, which varies are its techniques. We put an example to you so that it is understood perfectly.

It imagines that pinto pictures and you want to gain the life with the money that extractions to sell them. For it, whenever pinto one you worry that he is beautiful, that adapts to the tastes of your ideal clients, etc.

And once you have it, the following thing is that everybody knows that is on sale and for it, you can raise it Internet, take it to a gallery, go to a fair and other methods that are happened to present to you your work.

Well, because the first part (the one to realise the work) would be the SEO on page and second page would be the SEO in off. Meaning that the SEO on page is everything what you can do in your site so that draws attention, whereas in the SEO in off page not “headresses” your work, but you try that everybody knows it.

The 5 strategies of SEO in off page that better results give

Next, we kept awake which are the techniques of SEO in off page more used by the specialists. As you will see, all is based on obtaining that the sites of authority of your sector connect to your Web.

1. Linkbuilding

We already explained what is linkbuilding in another post but, as a summary, consists of obtaining connections of sites with Page high Rank. Why? Because Google translates that as “if this site of quality aims at this other, it means that it is good” and it raises your Page Rank.

Or what is the same, it approaches you the first results.

2. Quality content writes

This is something that you must record to fire in your mind. It is the way that you must follow and not to turn aside nor a hair because it is the best way to prevail in the Network because, if your content is good, the others only arrives.

It thinks that, for example, if you write a post perfect in WordPress, it is very probable that everybody begins to share it in its social networks, other blogs speak to envelope he and other actions that will be able to give fame to your webpage.

And how it is a quality content? One that satisfies the following requirements:

  • He is original: nothing to copy and to stick text of another Web (it is not either worth to change a few words).
  • It solves problems: the key. If your content helps the people, everybody will say that it is good.
  • More than text: photographies, images, videos, infogafrías… At the most visual, better.
  • It is written for the people: forget to you to write to position, Google values the naturalness more and more.

With those simple steps, your content will shine with own light.

3. Quality content writes in authority pages

That in the world of blogging guest is known as “post” or to write as author you invite, or and consists of creating content for a blog of authority of your sector, with the idea to be useful its fame to present to you to you.

We can assure that one is one of the technique that more benefits contributes if it is made correctly. Meaning that if you study the blog, his readers and you create a content that fulfills the previous points, you will duplicate your traffic yes or yes.

4. It participates in forums and commentaries of your thematic one

Post is similar to guest, only that in this case you use the specialized commentaries and forums to present your blog. That yes, is not worth to do it anyway because the threat of the Spam is there.

In order to avoid it, the best thing is than at the outset only you dedicate yourself to help the other users and/or to always create or to participate in debates contributing value and with respect. Once you obtain certain reputation, it is the moment for speaking of your project.

5. It uses the social networks

Although debate exists on if it influences or not in positioning of a Web, seems obvious that if a content of your Web propagates by the social networks of much people, the finders will understand that is worth the trouble.

In fact, it has who speech that does not contribute page authority, but authority of author, who is new metric an also very beneficial one.

You do not neglect your SEO in off page!

The SEO in off page works, of that is no doubt. But to part, he is vital that your Web is lodged in a quality servant and, so that you do it to the best price, we offer coupons more to you discounts in hostings known.

Because everything is simpler if you use one of them.