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Raiola Networks is one of the youngest companies in arriving at the Spanish market but one of which more noise has done and achieved most successful to thanks to the excellent critics that have risen between bloggers more prestigious of the country. Now you can contract this hosting with a 20% of discount thanks to our coupon discount of Raiola Networks, special of the Blakcfriday week,

Coupon discount Raiola Networks

The best coupon discount for Raiola Networks is the one that you can find clicking in this button. It saves easily! 48,82 €

Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%

Coupon Raiola Networks

How to use the coupon Raiola Networks and to save in the hiring?

Analysis and characteristics of Raiola Networks hosting

Like it happens with the opinions of Webempresa, Raiola Networks has known to gain the fame of good company thanks to offering a service of quality supported in an attention to the exceptional client. Whenever we have had a doubt or some problem with pages lodged with them has responded to us fast and they have solved our problem effectively.

Youth and few years that take between us not have prevented to Raiola to be placed enters one of the companies referring the sector, offering not only hosting shared but dándo the possibility also of engaging virtual or dedicated servers. In addition, it has vairas specific options at the time of choosing one or the other option being able to choose between optimized plans (WordPress, Prestashop or Joomla), administered, advanced… Really, based on the type of lodging Web that you need you can find one or the other plan that adapts better to your necessity and now thanks to our promotional code of Raiola Networks you can do them to the best price.
  • Of Raiola Networks we like:
  • Ease of use: It uses cPanel, as the majority of companies of hosting shared of the market. If contracts a servant the panel will be Vesta, very easy and also simple to use.
  • Support and attention: The support is of the best thing since we have already commented. They respond always fast and giving answer you to which you ask to them, although the contracted service does not demand it. In addition, Raiola Networks has telephone to attention to the client (+34 982 77 60 81).
  • Proximity of its equipment: To the being a small company, always you practically know with whom you are speaking and they try to you very well. This is a privilege that only the small companies can offer.

Quality of its servers: We have proven 2 different VPS with them and the pages lodged there we can say that “they fly”.

Plans and options available to contract in Raiola Networks

  • We are going to shell a little the different options from hosting shared that it has this company. Mainly we can emphasize these options:
  • Hosting SSD
  • Advanced Hosting SSD

Specific Hosting (WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop

Hosting SSD Raiola Networks

This form by the economic plans and would come to be the equivalent that we can find in other companies.

They are plans with discs SSD and all of them with 1GB of RAM, something very positive since other companies offer less.

Then, based on the plan that we choose the CPU of ours hosting will go among 50% and 80% of one of them.Plan:Home: 5,95€Base: 7,95€Half: 9,95€
Pro: 11,95€Domains135
LimitlessStorage5 GB10 GB15 GB
30 GBDiscs SSDIfIfIf
300Data basesLimitlessLimitlessLimitless
LimitlessAccounts of Mail102030
50Limitless accounts FTPIfIfIf
IfRAM1024 Megabyte1024 Megabyte1024 Megabyte
1024 MegabyteCPU50% of 1 CPU60% of 1 CPU70% of 1 CPU
80% of 1 CPUDaily backup copiesIfIfIf
IfAutoinstalador CMSIfIfIf
IfAntivirus and AntimalwareIfIfIf
IfRules Anti-hackIfIfIf
IfSupport ticket-tlfIfIfIf


Advanced Hosting:


The plans pertaining to this group would be already more professionals and count at least on 1 CPU dedicated and more memory of RAM.

In particular we can contract up to 4 centres of dedicated CPU and 4 GB of ram memory DDR4

To contract one of these plans comes to be as engaging a servant but forgetting to you to think that you must manage it.

Hosting advanced of Raiola Networks is managed with cPanel.

Hosting WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop

If you prefer to contract hosting optimized for your manager or script favorite is no problem, in Raiola they put it to you easy and they offer plans to you optimized for anyone of the 3 used platforms more.

Precis is the same that Basic plans SSD and the main difference is in which already the installed and ready manager comes to you to begin.

Hosting SEO and Reseller

For profesinales, those than are dedicated to SEO or offer service of hosting in white brand to their clients, Raiola Networks also offers two specific plans for them.

The Reseller Plan is ideal for which they want to offer service of hosting without having to worry to maintain the servers nor to resolve no problem that arises with them. The service is totally in white brand reason why your clients never will know that they are working with Raiola behind. Dedicate to you to sell and that others maintain the infrastructure by you.

The Plan SEO is focused those different people who want to have IP's for their projects. With this plan you will be able to choose between different 10.20 or 30 Ip's with different rank From, B, and C.

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Virtual and Dedicated servers of Raiola Networks

For us, the supply that has Raiola Networks as far as Servers is strong his puto and where it emphasizes over the others.

At present we have several contracted so much for us as for some client and go of luxury.

The most demanded they are the VPS, dode we can differentiate 3 types:

VPS SSD of Raiola Networks

Vps Raiola Networks

They are the virtual Servers so what, without no optimization and ready to work. These go but without a doubt recomenaríamos we very well you who you are spent a little more and you will contract the following option.

Optimized VPS SSD

Optimized VPS prices

The most basic version costs 5€ more than the other but you will have a servant having run Nginx as inverse cache and proxi that will substantially improve the speed of load of your webpages. In addition, these VPS use Zend OPCache to frisk code PHP processed in the ram memory.

Administered VPS

Finally, if you want to have everything under control and to forget to you the maintenance of your servant, we recommended its administered servers to you.

Administered VPS Raiola Networks

To tell the truth, you would have to choose this option if you need a exahustivo maintenance your VPS and are going to need help frequently. But, with the optimized option the truth is that the people of Raiola enough are coiled and they help you in everything what you need, but you are going to need support frequently and a good maintenance, then you will have to excoger this option.

Finally, for most demanding, Raiola has its dedicated Servers administered, machines with all the power that you can need managed and administered by they themselves, so that you do not have yourself to worry don't mention it.

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Special services for WordPress de Raiola Networks

Raiola Networks promotional code

Nowadays, the program more used to administer our webpages is without a doubt WordPress. The people of Raiola know it well and for that reason she offers a series of services for this manager.

In particular it offers the services:

Optimization of WordPress: They review your installation to you of WP and they optimize it to you so that it loaded faster and it goes more fluid by means of activities in the servant or activation and configuration of plugins.

Disinfection of WordPress: If for some reason you have problems with the installation of your wordpress, is infected and he gives problems you, you can contract this service and they are in charge to review it and to fix it to you.

Improvement of PageSpeed: The PageSpeed is the form that has Google to review that so your site is optimized and it gives a score you saying to you that things you have well and what you would have to improve. You can verify your PageSpeed in this URL and will see if it deserves to you to take action in this sense.

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Raiola Networks uptime

Test of speed and times of load

Speed loads Raiola Networks

We have been monitoring during several days a webpage lodged in one of our servers of Raiola Networks and the time of uptime has been of the 100%, reason why in this sense everything pefecto, has not had not one fall. With respect to the speed of load of the servant, also we are very happy with the obtained results of the tests realised with pingdom. The speed of load of a page with enough images (although very or optimized) and contained, has been smaller to 1sg, reason why we can see that the servant works very or. Previously this page was lodged in VPS of another company and we did not manage to lower it of 2sg. of load.

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Opinion and final valuation of Raiola Networks after review

If you have arrived until the end from review, you will see that our opinion of Raiola Networks is without a doubt very positive and we recommended it totally. We have used it and we continued using in our more important projects and next to Webempresa it is member of our recommended group of hostigs and better evaluated.

If to day of today not yet you have proven this company of lodging recomedamos Web you who them DES an opportunity and prove its gratuitous plan of 30 days where without a doubt you will be satisfied with its services.

If you already have contracted to another one hosting and you want to migrate is it no problem, you in touch put yourself with them after to have contracted your plan and you ask to them that they migrate it to you to your account. In just a short time you will have your site in another one hosting of better warm and working to the 100% without no effort by your part.

Certainly, in HostingGuideBook.com we recommended Raiola Networks to lodge your projects.

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How to use the coupon Raiola Networks and to save in the hiring?

In order to be able to you to benefit from the supply he is very simple, you only must click in the button that more down leaves with the coupon and to introduce the code that leaves to you.

As using coupon Raiola Networks

Introducing that promotion in the payment process you will less pay a 20% in the payment of your hosting.

Coupon discount Raiola Networks

The best coupon discount for Raiola Networks is the one that you can find clicking in this button. It saves easily! 48,82 €

Coupon Raiola Networks – Discount of 20%

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