Attention to the Webempresa client

Many of you you wonder yourselves why to choose Webempresa as your supplier of hosting in Spain.

Not in vain the supply of Webempresa is recommended in our comparator.

Since we have commented, our personal experience is that just by to migrate our sites wordpress from our VPS previous to hosting wordpress of Webempresa already we noticed a drastic change of speed from the beginning, without forming nothing new and leaving them so what we had them in the other site.

Webempresa support

Shelp this, another one of strength of Webempresa is certainly its attention to the client. Many of you you will say yourselves, but it doesn't have telephone attention to the client? and if, it is certain, it is a thing that at first threw us for back, but one sees that they have it well organized of that form and are able to respond emails in time record.

Unlike others hostings that we have tried, emails in this supplier of hosting until the moment always has been responded us in less than one hour, even at night. That is to say, the attention to the client of Webempresa is of 24 hours to the day during the 7 days of the week, which is to be thankful. Sometimes you can have an unforeseen circumstance during the weekend and in more than an occasion, when we were with another supplier, we had problems because we had to wait for until Monday so that somebody gave an answer us.

How to open a ticket of attention to the client?

If in some occasion you have a problem or a doubt with your hosting, the best thing is than you enter your panel of client of Webempresa and you logees with your user and password.

Once inside, you go to the section of Tickets and open one new one with the incidence that you have. That if, they ten in account that before opening a ticket gives the option you of checkear automatically with “Stephan” if something of your site is failing to provide a fast solution to you in case your problem is related to something of hosting.

Stephan is a species of virtual assistant whom she corroborates if everything works correctly in your hosting before sending a ticket. It is a very useful functionality.

Technical support Webempresa

Technical support Stephan

Once you have passed the tool and it does not detect any failure, you have the option to already send if a ticket to the support of Webempresa to ask to them what you want. In less than one hour probably or you have the solution to your problem or an answer to your question.

Imporante are the attention and the support in hosting?

Then, always we thought that if we make all good and we have it everything “controlled” never will need to us to make use of the technical support… and perhaps it is truth, would be the ideal, but this, that sometimes seems an obvious thing and that it does not have to us to happen nothing, not always is thus.

Sometimes the things fail and is when you remember have a good service of attention to the client or no. enters the haste, you write to the support email, spend the hours and you do not receive respueta… They begin to you to fall drops of sweat by the forehead and you begin to irritate… This has happened to us to all.

These things, that can sound to laughter, happen. In order to avoid this it is important to tell on a good equipment of attention the client and Webempresa, reason why they have demonstrated to us until now, have it.