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Word Press Doctor

Often we asked ourselves if ours wordpress or is formed, if we have everything updated, if our site loads slow or fast… They exist infinity of erramientas to control these variables and to try to know if our site or is optimized or no.

For the speed of load for example we have the PageSpeed Insights de Google, which measures the speed of load of our website and it says to us that aspects we can improve.

Another very useful tool to see whatever takes in loading each of our parts of WordPress is the option that we found in Website Speed Test of Pingdom, a very useful tool also to find out that it is doing that our site loaded slow, if it does.

Probably both tools already you knew them since two are of the most used to see as of good we have formed our website.

The tool that you perhaps do not know because they finish sending it to the market our friendly of Webempresa is WPDoctor.es, simple a very basic tool and but that allows to see of a look several proposals you to improve your website based on the score that removes in different variables that examine in their analysis.

It analyzes Wordpres with WPDoctor

Basically, when happening your Web through WPDoctor, which analyzes is the following thing:

  • WordPress: It analyzes your wordpress and it says to you if you have it updated, as well as plugins, that also if says to you some of them is not updated and if some more recent version recommended exists to update. Also it measures the length of your title and description to see if one adapts to the length recommended by google and it says to you if you have some plugin of installed cache or no.
  • Servant: He analyzes your servant and he says to you if or he is formed and if he takes much in loading or no.
  • Security: You can see to what extent you have your wordpress protected and if the basic archives of your site have access from outside or on the contrary you have them correctly formed and proteguidos.
  • DNS: It says to you as they are the DNS of your servant.
  • SEO: In this section you have a diagnosis basic SEO of your website, says to you if you have the code of analytics installed, the score of your site in Moz, if you have or not a robots.txt file, if you have Feed RSS, Twitter card… very basic things that are not going to cause that your site is a referring one in the SEO but that you would have to consider.
  • Speed of load: In this option it shows to the speed of load of your website and aspects to you to improve. This information is removed from Google Insights that we have commented to you at the beginning of this article.

As you can see, all the obtained data of WPDoctor is very basic but it serves us to do an idea to us of a look if our site correctly is optimized or on the contrary we have something to improve.

If for example it says to you that you have very heavy images, you can use ImgOptimizer de Webempresa and you will improve the weight of your photos easily.

If you want to see the speed of load of your website and small details improve, prove it and you so tell that the obtained results us.