Optimization of images in Webempresa

Optimizer of images

In this blog already we have spoken of the importance of optimizing the images in WordPress to allow one better load of our images and that our blog goes as rapidly as possible.

As everybody knows and it is not an open secret, to google it likes that your site loaded as rapidly as possible. For a long time the famous finder concentrates in giving results in its searches that satisfy to the maximum the user. There is no thing that a user detests more than a webpage takes in loading.

Google, knowledgeable of all this, awards to the pages that they load faster granting one better position to them in its results.

In order to improve this we do not have more remedy than to always raise to the images ours hosting with a size that have a most suitable relation possible quality-size. This not always is possible since we do not know to what extent we can lower of weight an image so that it sees well, but can always reduce it a percentage since by general norm we lie down to raise to photos with a weight superior the necessary one.

Even so, if we have raised reduced images (or not) are always possible to be optimized a little to improve the load of our Web and more to gain some small points in front of Google. For it, the traditional option in any hosting is to install some of plugins more famous to reduce the weight of your photos of automatic form whenever you raise a photo. In the post previously connected already we are speaking of these plugins, but today we are going to speak to you of a tool that Webempresa has to do automatically this without having to install nothing and without needing no type of knowledge.

Imgoptimizer de Webempresa

This is the tool that offers Web Company to all clients to improve its websites, and that along with his hosting SSD will cause that your Web flies literally.

Thanks to her, from our panel of administration and with a few clicks, we can optimize in some minutes (based on the number of images that we have lodged in ours hosting) all the photos that we have in our blog.

It is a very easy and simple process that on the one hand it will do that our webpage loaded as rapidly as possible and on the other, thanks to the compression of the images, we will gain space in our plan of lodging Web, which is an advantage since we will arrange more site to raise content without needing having to migrate to another plan superior and to pay a greater quota to the year.

In order to activate it, you only must follow these steps:

  1. To ask for a revision from your site to your Virtual Assistant within your Webempresa panel
  2. Once obtained the results, to click in the option “Optimization of Images”
  3. To hope to receive an email where they indicate the percentage to you of optimization of your site and show the improvement to you that has had your site in Google Speed.

It remembers that you can enjoy ImgOptimizer using our coupon of Webempresa and contracting a plan of hosting them.

Previous recommendation before using ImgOptimizer

We have used in several occasions this tool as much in blogs as in a store online and can say that he works to the thousand wonders and he does not give any problem but you have thought to use it in your website we recommended to you that before you make a copy of the same is not going to be that during the optimization of images you have some problem and these are not as you hoped.

You already tenth who in all the sites that we have proven it has gone perfectly, but he is not of more being cautious and as the own Webempresa recommends, better to make before a copy just in case.

You we remembered that Webempresa does copies daily of your website and in principle, if you know as to recover them (we will speak of that in a tutorial advanced more) you do not need to make a copy, but do not know as handling your backup copies within your panel, the best thing is than you unload all the site by FTP previously to have a copy so what you now have it in your hosting.

If you have some doubt to use ImgOptimizer the best thing is than you contact with the service of attention the client, they will guide to you of how doing it correctly.