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Better Plugins for Cookies Europe

In Internet it can seem that everything is allowed, but the reality is that there are laws that to fulfill or if not… Fine.

And one of most recent is the one to warn of the use of cookies in WordPress or any other Web.

You haven't still done it in your site? It stops risking you to a serious sanction and chooses anyone of plugins that we showed to you next.

All are brilliant!

What are the cookies and why you need plugin?

In Wikipedia they explain what is a cookie of the following way:

A cookie (cake or computer science cake) is a small information sent by a website and stored in the navigator of the user, so that the website can consult the previous activity of the navigator.

Or to put it another way, they are data that the pages store in the navigators stops to remember “things” of your previous visits.

Although they also are possible to be used to monitor your activity while you remain in the site and to obtain excellent data.

Whatever its purpose, the key is in which yours are based on private data and therefore, the authorities demand that the Web informs to you into it.

For that reason it is so important that if you use WordPress, you use one of plugins that we told you next since, if not it beams, you are in danger to be fined.

How to obey the law

If you think that with installing plugin already you are out of danger, we felt to tell you that very you are mistaken.

It is clear that it is the first step, but far from it is the unique one since also you must include:

  • The reason by which you use cookies (and if you put an example, better).
  • The type of cookie that uses your Web.
  • If they are essential or no.
  • To indicate that you will not use them for another aim that is not the specified one.
  • Who has permission to accede to the information stored in them.

For this, the best thing is than you write it in a page and that I connect to her in the foot of your Web.

Important! The law demands that the written text is comprehensible, so avoids technical words and a complicated language.

Also he is vital that is not a “copy and beats” of another Web.

Best plugins of cookies for WordPress

Just as there are them for commentaries, gallery of images and any other thing that you need, in the different CMS par excellence you have plugins for cookies.

Of what they consist? Then of basic form, they add a floating bar where it is indicated that you use cookies and it adds to a button of consent and another one with more information.

Many of them also generate the page of which we have spoken before.

1. GDPR Cookie Consent Banner

We begin with one of the most used and better evaluated of repositorio official of WordPress (more than 200,000 active facilities and 4.7 on 5).

Its success resides in several factors, although everything summary in its high degree of personalisation.

And we did not only speak of which it allows to locate the bar above, down or floating where you want, it is that if you have CSS knowledge, he is the one that more allows you “to play” with its style sheets.

Also it counts on other interesting aspects, as replacing the button “To accept” by a simple “x”, leaking that it only appears by countries (to those of within the European Union it is only necessary to warn to them of the use of cookies), the duration of these, etc.

Really, a very complete solution.

Unload it here.

2. Cookie for Notice GDPR


We can be before one of best plugins of cookies for WordPress, or therefore their numbers testify it at least:

  • More than 1 million active facilities.
  • A score of 4.9 on 5.

And in addition, he is the recommended one by Raiola Networks… What has for all this?

  • Animations for the box.
  • Option to deny the permission.
  • Code Javascript only if the user accepts.
  • To choose when they expire the cookies.

And something very interesting: that scroll is hidden of automatic form when doing downwards.

Another important detail is that, if your WordPress is available in several languages, he is compatible with plugins of translation.

Unload it here.

3. GDPR Cookie Consent


For many, one is the best option than it has to inform to your visitors of the existence of cookies in your Web.

And the truth is that it has everything what we asked to him to plugin with this objective:

  • Very customizable.
  • Car to accept if the user does scroll.
  • A time disappears past (that you can form).
  • It shows an option “to show again”.
  • It is possible to be translated to several languages.

Something interesting also is that it counts on a version Pro, to which is only acceded paying, and that extends its functionalities at a still greater level.

Unload it here.

4. Adviser of Cookies for Spanish norm


As its own name indicates, he is plugin for cookies specialized in fulfilling the Spanish norm.

But that is not the unique thing that does different from the rest. Also it is of most invasive with the user because, until it does not accept it, it does not disappear of the screen.

That is translated in which yes or yes you will secure the explicit consent of the visits, which is brilliant. 😀

The bad thing is that, with respect to design and personalisation, it is the reduced option more and only allows you to modify:

  • Style.
  • Color.
  • Size of the source.
  • Other basic aspects.

Although as positive point, it creates of automatic form 2 pages: the policy of cookies and the explanation of these.

In addition, for the last one it uses a very colloquial language so that any understands it. Both are editable.

Unload it here.

You do not play it to you and uses plugin of cookies in WordPress!

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