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Coupon Webempresa 25% of discount

🚀 Tests of load and availability of the servant

🚀 Webempresa, speed for your webpage

🚀 Advantages and disadvantages of Webempresa

🚀 Opinions and final valuation of Webempresa

🚀How to use the Webempresa Coupon with discount?

🚀 Preguntas and answers on Webempresa
  • 🚀 Analysis and characteristics of hosting Webempresa
  • If sights our comparative table of companies of hosting, you will see that Webempresa Europe LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY (Also gives service in Latin America) occupies the first position and it is not by chance nor by the Webempresa coupons that offer that they are very good.
  • In a few years it has known to work itself one deserved fame dedicating itself only and exclusively to offer hosting shared with very good benefits and is why we have it as company of hosting more recommended.
  • Unlike other companies of lodging Web, this only offers the possibility of engaging this type of hosting, without giving to option s Virtual Servers, Dedicated… nothing else and nothing less. This gives the possibility them of concentrating only and exclusively in this service, of having optimized its servers to the maximum and to give to a support and rapidity of exceptional answer. More complex services as servers and others leave it for other companies specialized in giving that service.
  • We have to consider that this company gives service to everybody, but has separated the European delegation, which would be Webempresa Europe, and the delegation of the United States and South America (Webempresa America)

Of Webempresa we like:

Support and Attention to the client: Of the best thing than we have tried until now, and creates to me that we have proven many companies. They respond fast always helping to solve your problems in a time than more acceptable. By general norm in 5 minutes you have answer to your ticket. In addition it counts on a very complete forum of help.

Speed of hosting: One is hosting shared but the truth is that its infrastructure and optimization are very good, the blogs load fast and without delays, of the best thing than we have tried.

Hosting Webempresa

Ease of use: CPanel is very easy to use, mainly if already you know it. You can install WordPress easily or the manager who you even need and you have a temporary URL where you can be creating your site until you have it ready later to point there your domain. Ideal if you are migrating your webpage from another company (Webempresa it can do totally by you free) or if you want to begin one and you want to see as you are having left first of all.

Security of hosting with several copies every 4 hours and rules anti hackeo. You can recover a you yourself copy when you need it from your panel administration.

Great promotion for new clients: Thanks to the Webempresa coupons you can make your first hiring with important a discount and a name of I dominate free.

In general, and without entering much in detail, if you look for hosting simple but effective for your blog and with an attention the client who never leaves wire drawing you, Webempresa is the recommended option more.

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🚀 Plans of hosting shared to take advantage of the Webempresa discount

At the moment we can find 2 groups of plans of hosting shared, with more or less space or more or less benefits based on which we are looking for.

Therefore, thanks to his last update of plans and prices, we can find these 2 options:

Plans of hosting of High performance

They are the plans that Webempresa came until now offering and that so good results have given them.
  • As you will realize, these plans of hosting that are in theory inferiors in disc space to those of the competition, but the truth is that they are formed of such form which they render equal or better than a virtual servant, is for that reason that the offered space more is reduced in exchange for obtaining an extraordinary yield.
  • It is necessary to say that the discs of Webempresa are SSD and work very well. The space of the most basic plan can more be than sufficient for a normal Web, you do not worry for that reason nor you let yourself take by companies that offer space much more. The majority of the times contracts options with a space that never you get to use and however you obtain memos ram memory, memos protection for example.
  • If you have thought to use it, ok, looks for an option with more space or takes to a plan superior with more space as those than we mentioned to you more down, but, with 1GB that has the simplest plan or the one of 2Gb that it has the plan Standard is than sufficient more. Also, they have plans of up to 3 and 4GB always offering the maximum yield.
  • The best thing of everything is than in the simplest plan the amount of visits that the servant supports without perturbing is even excellent. Lodged projects in Webempresa exist that way that have thousands of visits to the day and support very very well without perturbing. This with other companies is unthinkable.
  • To emphasize that in Webempresa.com you will only find plans of hosting shared, nothing of VPS or dedicated servers. Only and exclusively they concentrate in this type on watch trantando to concentrate in it and trying to be the best ones.
  • All the plans include:
  • Automatic limitless facilities of WordPress
  • Certificate SSL Webempresa Free thanks to Let's Encrypt.
  • Support 24 hours to the day.
  • Optimizer of images so that they occupy and they weigh less.
  • Subjects premium free for WordPress.
  • Protection Anti-Hackeos for maximum security
  • 4 backup copies to the day

Webempresa prices

1 domains freePossibility of using one of the coupons discount30 days of testWebempresa Webmail includingHosting optimized for your blog or lies down online
cPanel as manager of your space WebPlan:HomeStandardProfessional
AdvancedDisc space1GB + 3GB Back-UPS2GB + 6GB Back-UPS3GB + 9GB Back-UPS
4GB + 12GB Back-UPSTransference/month60GB120GB200GB
240GBMagic CacheNoNoIf




  • 99€/mes
  • 199€/mes
  • 249€/mes
Characteristics and plans of prices with the code discount of Webempresa
  • Plan Standard Webempresa
  • It is the most basic plan but as tenth, sufficient itself you want to lodge a website not extremely great.
  • 2GB of space in discs SSD
  • 120 GB of transference to the month
Hill: 99€/año (79,20€ with promotion)
  • Professional plan
  • 3GB of space SSD
  • 200GB of transference
  • Subjects Premium for WordPress.

Price: 199€/año (159,20€ with promotion)

  • Advanced plan
  • 4GB of space SSD
  • 400B of transference
  • Subjects Premium including

Tariff: 249€/año (199,20€ with supply)

Enterprise plan

5GB of space

300GB of transference

Plans of Webempres prices

Subjects PremiumPrice: 299€/año (239,20€ with discount)Plans of hosting of high capacityThis is the new proposal of Webempresa to make in front of other companies of lodging Web that offer more space by a similar price.
Knowledgeable of which there is people whom it prefers to have lower presrtaciones but more space, have sent the plans “charts” in which they offer a size of until 60GB.To emphasize that at the moment these plans, to the being new, cannot be benefitted from the coupon discount of Webempresa that we offer so much as other pages. It is to hope that past a time the promotion is equally applicable to them.Plan:Size M
Size LSize XLDisc space5 GB
10 GB20 GBNumber of sites1 Domain
LimitlessLimitlessTransference/month200 GB
400 GB800 GBMagic CacheNo
NoIfData bases1
510CPU100% 1 CPU
120% 1 CPU150% 1 CPURAM1024 Megabyte
2048 Megabyte3072 MegabyteInodes100.000
150.000200.000MySQL15% 1 CPU
20% 1 CPU30% 1 CPUMySQL size YOU500 Megabyte

1 GB

2 GB


  • 89€/año
  • 149€/año
  • 249€/año
  • Characteristics and prices high capacity
Plan Carves M Webempresa
  • It is the most basic plan but as tenth, sufficient itself you want to lodge a website with not more than 1,000 daily visits, that is so they recommend it. If you are beginning you will have more very well.
  • 5GB of space in discs SSD
  • 1 only websites
  • 200 GB of transference to the month
  • Hill: 89€/año
Plan Carves L
  • 10GB of space SSD
  • Limitless websites
  • 400GB of transference
  • Subjects Premium for WordPress.
  • Price: 149€/año

Plan Carves XL

20GB of space SSD

Limitless websites

800B of transference

Subjects Premium including

Tariff: 249€/año (199,20€ with supply)

Hosting of high performance or high capacity of Webempresa?

Speed loads pingdom

Sights both plans, then, which is better to choose.


Webempresa without falls

Since there are saying, everything will depend on that space you need for your project and as no, you your budget. The one of high performance always will be faster and powerful but whichever greater space you need more will raise to you of price. The one of greater capacity allows you to have more space with a fit price more, trying to maintain always a good relation quality price.


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🚀 Tests of load and availability of the servant

Webempresa speed

As everything is not to speak and is necessary to demonstrate the things, we have used several tools to verify the speed of load of the servant and the availability of the same.

For it we have used two of the used tools more for it: Uptimerobot and Pingdom, obtaining the following results:

  • A speed of quite acceptable load considering that the analyzed Web had several images in cover although optimized rather well thanks to the function that has Webempresa for it.
  • With respect to the time that the servant has been “ok” and without falls, during 4 days which there are monitoring the Web has had a 100% of uptime, that is to say, it has not had not one fall, which is very well.
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  • 🚀 Webempresa, speed for your webpage
  • One of the obsessions of this company has been from always the speed. From the beginning they have wanted to be different from the competition being offered only and exclusively hosting shared, but not any hosting, but one shared but with yield and characteristics similar to a VPS. For it there are including a series of configurations and modifications of its servers who cause that your Web flies.
  • Next we showed to you what makes to reach that speed:
  • Technology SSD: The used discs reach the 75,000 operations per second whereas traditional discs HDD as soon as they reached the 150.

Magic Cache: Webempresa uses Magic Cache next to Nginx, Varnish, Apache, MemCache, OPCache obtaining some exceptional yields of load that allow up to 250 simultaneous visits to your webpage without problems. This allows them to nowadays have projects that have almost 500,000 visits to the day without problems. What another one hosting can allow that.

ImgOptimizer: With this tool they allow to optimize and to reduce the weight you of all the images of your website with a few clicks. To optimize your images never was so easy, allowing you to save space in your hosting and to scratch some seconds to the load of your Web. Simply you must choose this option in your panel and in some minute you will have all the images of your blog with a smaller weight and having practically maintained the same quality of image.

Enjaulado of accounts: CloudLinux and CageFS use to isolate each account of hosting shared within the used servers. This simulates as if you had your Web lodged in a VPS instead of sharing. If some of your “neighbors” has a tip of visits for the reason that is at some time, this will not affect to your project.

PHP7: The new version of PHP is until a 100% faster than its predecessor, being able to improve until in a 600% the processing of code PHP, reducing the use of memory until in a 40%, which is not nothing bad.

HTTP/2: With this advance you can allow that the navigator lowers in parallel all the elements of a webpage, reducing of considerable form the time of load of a page.
  • WPdoctor: It consists of a tool that offers Webempresa you which you can track your website and see in that basic points fail and what you could improve. Without a doubt a very useful tool.
  • As you see, they use the last existing advances nowadays to improve the load of any page that lodges in its servers and all this in hosting shared.
  • In addition, if for some reason notes that your page only loads slow you must contact with them by means of a ticket and they helped search the problem you to cause that it goes faster.
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  • 🚀 Advantages and disadvantages of Webempresa
  • PROS:

Discs SSD of high quality

High availability 99.9%

Coupons Webempresa 25% available


Compared somewhat expensive price with the competition

Limited space

Webempresa telephone nonavailable, only support by email.

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🚀 Opinions and final valuation of Webempresa

If you look for by Internet valuations of any type of company by general norm you will see a little whole. With Wempresa, nevertheless, almost everything what you will read will be positive opinions and good experiences, with a support excellent and specialized in hosting wordpress for blogs or Prestashop for stores, as well as Joomla if you are of which this manager uses to day of today.

The greater complaint than usually we find at the time of valuing to Webempresa is the little space that offers in disc (and that recently has multiplied by 4 the space of the plan of hosting more cheap) and the price that it has.

As they would say that way, the good thing is pleased and in this case it was not less going to be. Although to tell the truth, the prices even so do not seem to us expensive and with the Webempresa coupon that we offer to you you can secure to the best lodging Web from the market to a price that makes competition to any other plan of another company.

If not yet you know clearly if to prove Webempresa I who your me did not think it much. You can make use of his 30 days of test. Later, if hosting does not convince to you, you can change to another one and they give back the money to you without no type of question.

it has worked to us so well for our clients who to day of today we do not have any complaint. In several occasions we have had to reclaim a copy of our site by some client who has touched where she did not have and we have always had them there available to recover the site without hardly complications, with a few clicks following his instructions.

Next we showed to you of summarized form what we like and that we do not like of this hosting.

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🚀How to use the Webempresa Coupon with discount?

Which is the coupon Webempresa discount

If you already know clearly that Webempresa is best hosting shared of Spain and you are decidido/a to contract it, you do not run as much that now the best thing comes.

You can contract the plan of hosting that more adapts to your project by a 25% less than its official tariff thanks to the Webempresa coupon. You only must introduce the code that we give you here in the hiring process, just before the confirmation of the order, in a space qualified for it as which you see in the image of down.

Eye, you will see sites that announce a coupon of more of 25% for Webempresa, but that coupon is false. At the moment the discount maximum offered by this company of hosting is this and a greater promotion does not exist. All site where you see that they announce a discount of 30% is false.

That so Webempresa worksAlso you can make the hiring directly from this connection and will see the prices updated with the effective promotion at the moment.

When doing click in the button will open to another window with the code discount to you Webempresa 25% that you must introduce in the payment form.

Which is the telephone of WebempresaYou can use our coupon for anyone of his packs of WordPress, Joomla or Prestashop to create your own blog or lies down online.

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As recovering copy Webempresa security🚀 Preguntas and answers on Webempresa

What so works hosting Webempresa?

Why to contract WebempresaIf there are leido our analysis you will see that we thought that Webempresa.com works very well, is hosting fast and count on a profesinal support. We do not have doubts with respect to their services.

Why they don't have Webempresa phone number for support?

It is a question that to us much people do and we have asked it Gérard, the CEO of the company, and she has responded to us that by telephone could not solve nothing different which they could not solve by email. That the telephone would only slow down the things and that only in extreme cases are they those who call to the client if it were necessary.

How I recover a backup copy?

If for some reason you need to return back in the time and to recover a copy of your webpage, you only must enter cpanel of Webempresa hosting and go to the restoration option. There you will have several copies available based on the date and will be able to recover whole all your hosting or only the directory who interests to you. When he is recommendable to contract Webempresa?
They are specialistic in hosting WordPress, Joomla and Prestashop and perfectly have optimized plans for these managers. Whenever you are going to use one of them Webempresa will be a good option. If you wanted to use some language different from PHP then you would have to consult with them previously or search some alternative.

I can use the promotional code of Webempresa with any plan?

If, the code can be taken advantage of with any plan and in addition is applied you by the total of years that you make your hiring. For example, if you decide to pay your hosting by 2 years, the supply will be applied to years and not only one both.
If you look for the maximum quality also you can throw an eye to Siteground, another one of ours hosting preferred next to Webempresa.
Total Score
Our favorite option and the best stop of the analysis
If you are looking for hosting shared fast, trustworthy and with an exceptional support, Webempresa is without a doubt your option. He is something more expensive than many of its competitors but you will sleep calm knowing that you nowadays have your website in one of the best options. Furthermore thanks to his coupons discount you can obtain it to very good price.
Technical support