7 Webs to secure vectors free of maximum quality and to be useful to you all benefits without spending nothing

Vectors to cost zero

We do not know, but it enchants to us to work with vectors.

How? What you do not know what are nor all the advantages that they have? Then you are losing something incredible…

In order to give him it returns it to this situation, the best thing than you can do is to read this post where, in addition to answering those tenth questions, you which are the best pages to unload vectors free.

When you finish it, you will not know to live without them. 😉

What is a vector?

A vector (or vectorial image) is images that are generated through mathematical formulas, and not uniting pixels.

You have remained equal? It does not matter, because the really important thing is its main characteristic: they do not lose quality when changing his resolution.

That is to say, the same vector is used for a calling card or a billboard.

For that reason to the designers Web it enchants to them to work with them. For that reason and because:

  • They have major clearness.
  • They are more necessary.
  • They become very easily to “normal” image.
  • They occupy less space.

In summary, the life is simpler with them. 😉

7 banks of vectors free without attribution

Just as banks of images exist free, are also specialized portals to unload vectors free.

And so that you do not lose time comparing options, we have selected the 7 best ones.

Perfect images for your gallery of WordPress.

1. Undraw

Vectors free

We begin with a little well-known option that it has captivated to us for a simple but powerful reason: all the vectors have been designed by the same person, Katerina Limpitsouni.

And that what matters? Then because all share a same style and therefore, they are much more easy to combine.

In addition, when to visualize all the collection, in the right part superior you can change the color of the vectors according to your needs.

Three hurras by Katerina!

It visits UnDraw.

2. Pixabay

Pixabay is a bank of vectorial images

One of the most known banks images without license, also has an enormous collection of vectors.

That yes, before unloading, is important that you read the type of attribution necessary to use them.

Because although in principle it is not necessary, in all it is not thus.

In order to know how to use a vectorial image without risk, that is enough with you click in her and you read (in the right part) his requirements.

Another detail is that to unload them in version burglaryable (SVG format) you must be registered.

Visia Pixabay.

3. Freepik

Freepik is a great bank of vectorial images

We arrive at the self-appointed one as “better page to find vectors free” and, if we looked at his numbers, it is clear that it is possible that thus is.

And it is that to count with more than 30 million visits to the month and to surpass the number of 800,000 vectorial images free, it speaks very well of this portal.

That yes, as it happens until now in some of the sights, in Freepik is necessary to attribute to the author to use the vectors.

Luckily, if you do not know how to do it, they themselves indicates it to you according to why you use it:

  • Web.
  • Printed elements.
  • Video.
  • Apps/games.

And if you do not want to attribute, you have the option to do to you member premium and to eliminate this requirement.

Although clearly, no longer vectors will be free online. 😉

It visits Freepik.

4. Flaticon

Vectors for Photoshop

If you look for to free unload vectors of icons, Flaticon is the option that we recommended.

Because since you will have suspected by his name, it is a portal specialized exclusively in this type of images and, with more than 1 million icons, he is complicated not to find what you look for.

And when you begin to sail by him, perhaps a doubt arises to you, “what means the “s” and the crown that appears in each pack” It is the form to differentiate if they are of payment or no.

Because yes, in spite of being a portal of vectors free, they do not mean that all they are it. If the pack that you like has the crown, you must happen through box to obtain them.

Those that has the “s yes” are free (but it remembers to review if they need attribution).

It visits Flaticon.

5. Vecteezy

Vectors free without attribution

When you enter Vecteezy you have the sensation to be in a finder more of vectors free but, as soon as you begin to sail by him, it give account you that is something more.

In order to begin, when you arrive at the section of its clients you discover that they are:

  • Amazon.
  • Google.
  • Walt Disney.
  • McDonald's.
  • Dell.

If those giants trust him, it is clear that their works are of quality.

Also, and perhaps this is the best thing, has a publisher online of vectors to personalize them from the own page.

To put to him “but”, all the images are not gratuitous and, as usually it happens in these cases, for the best illustrations it is necessary to pay the premium plan.

It visits Vecteezy.

6. IconFinder

Vectorizados drawings to unload free

To little that you dominate the language of Shakespeare, already you will imagine the main function of this portal.

But in case the English is not yours, we will tell you that one is a finder of icons in vectors free.

Like FlatIcon, the collections are divided between gratuitous and of payment, but it has a very interesting characteristic.

In question? Since in case of not finding an icon that adapts to your needs, it has a section in which it allows to engage a designer you so that it does one to size to you.

That is to say, that serves as stock market of use for designers and, as all the process is realised through the Web, you have the endorsement of the platform.

It visits IconFinder.

7. BrandEPS

Vectors free ai

Just as it happens with Flaticon, in this BrandEPS case is a portal specialized in logo vectors free.

So sometimes you need the logo a company, you do not doubt and looks for it in BrandEPS because it is difficult that you do not find it here.

But not only on that this Web lives, because also it counts on a collection of icons minimalist and organized by categories.

It visits BrandEPS.

The vectors free and hosting to the best price

In spite of the good that sounds to the expression “vectors free”, it is an adjective of which you must flee when one is hosting.

He is, whichever better more is the servant than you contract, easier is to secure the success in your webpage.

The problem is that also usually they are most expensive… But so that you pay less, we have coupons discount in the best companies of hosting.

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