Top 11 better extensions of Chrome to facilitate your day to you to day and to reach your objectives fast and easy

Top extensions Chrome 2019

Doubt does not fit that Chrome is the used navigator more anywhere in the world. As much in mobile as in computer, the creation of Google does not have rival.

We do not know for sure to what its success is due, although nobody doubt that leaves from fault has it its store of applications that allows to extend its functionalities.

And of that we spoke in this post.

In particular, of the 11 better extensions of Chrome. An indispensable collection with which to increase your productivity, to improve the SEO of your Web,…

And all that, without leaving your navigator!

1. Checkbot

Extension to verify your Web

The purpose of this extension is to analyze how of optimized insurance and it is your webpage.

He is able to track hundreds of sites to detect:

  • The quality of its SEO.
  • Broken connections.
  • Duplicated links.
  • Little safe forms.
  • And much more.

In its gratuitous version ULRs has the limit put in 250 and, if you use his version of payment, the number increases until the 10,000 URLs.

And it remembers, nothing is more certainly to make backup copies.

It installs Checkbot.

2. Check My Links

It verifies your links

Check My Links is very similar to the extension that we finished seeing, that in this case only concentrates exclusively in analyzing the connections of a page.

In particular, it detects if the links of a page direct to some site (and them brand in green) or if on the contrary, connect to an error (and them brand in red).

This is something that you must control in your site because, if the robots of the finders detect a broken connection, they will penalize your page.

It installs Check My Links.


Extensions chrome for the productivity

In order to increase your productivity, is one of the best extensions for Chrome than it has to day of today.

What you obtain with her is that, whenever you open a new eyelash, is what you want:

  • Calendar.
  • Sticky notes.
  • Your RSS.
  • The inbox of your e-mail.
  • Webpages.
  • Photographies.
  • Etc, etc, etc.

And the best thing of everything is than if you work in equipment, you can share it with the members so that all you see the same.

It installs

4. LastPass

Password manager

It consists of an administrator of the passwords for all the webpages that visits.

That is to say, that just by to remember a password (the one of LastPass) you can accede to all the sites where you have user.

As long as you have kept them in its data base, clearly.

It counts on a finder that loguea you of automatic form in the Web which you want and, if visits one and has the kept data, car fills up the user and the password.

In summary, it saves time and space to you in the memory of your brain. 😉

It installs LastPass.

5. HTTPS Everywhere

Safer navigation

The assignment of this extension is simple but, as well indispensable to sail surely by the Network.

Since you guess by its name, it forces to that your navigator always accedes to the safe version of a webpage.

That simple, that essential.

Doesn't Your webpage have certificate SSL? You do not worry, we taught to you here how to install it.

It installs HTTPS Everywhere.

6. Scan WP

Spy to your competition

One of the best actions to improve your SEO is to fix to you to how it makes your competition.

And for that, Scan WP is indispensable.

Thanks to her, you can know of a Web done with this CMS:

  • The group that uses.
  • Plugins installed.
  • Information on the domain.
  • The traffic.
  • Ranking.
  • Etc.

And although it seems it, does not have anything of black hat SEO. 😉

It installs Scan WP.

7. Nimbus

It captures the screen

One of the extensions (if it) it does not complete more in which to screenshots one talks about, because it allows to keep:

  • The visible part of the page.
  • A fragment.
  • A concrete area.
  • The whole page.
  • Capture late.

But the thing does not finish here, because also you can record a video yet what it happens in your screen (with the sound including, even the one of the microphone).

To install Nimbus.

8. Keywords Everywhere

Searches of keyword

If you are an assiduous visitor to this blog, you already know this extension because we have spoken of her in others posts.

What does this addition is to show the number of searches that the keyword introduced in Google has, next to related words and other similar searches.

Really, everything what you need to do keyword research of quality without spending a single Euro.

If you do not understand some words, we recommended our dictionary to you SEO.

It installs Keywords Everywhere.

9. NoFollow

Nofollow verifies the label

Of the style of Check My Links that in this case, concentrate in emphasizing what I connect they only use the label nofollow.

That, in case you do not know it, it is used not to transmit authority of the page from which connects.

And why you would want to know something thus? A good reason, is to verify if the connections that you obtain with your strategy of link building are transmitting force to your Web.

It installs NoFollow.

10. For Giphy Chrome

Finder of Gifs

Everybody knows the important thing that it is to count on images in your Web, social networks, contents, etc…

And within them, the GIFs offer a visibility extra and allow to transmit more than with a static image.

Then thanks to this extension, you will have a finder in one of the majors data bases of GIFs that exist: Giphy.

Thus, you can include them where you want without leaving the page.

It installs for Giphy Chrome.

11. Evernote Web Clipper

To take notes

Evernote is the tool par excellence to take notes and, thanks to its extension for Chrome, to keep everything what it interests to you of a Web is simpler.

It even allows when keeping a site, to observe the zone that interests to you so that when you return later, you do not waste time looking for it.

It installs Evernote Web Clipper.

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