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Promotional supply Banahosting

It discovers hostig limitless with a relation insurmountable quality-price.


Banahosting is a company of American lodging Web but that for a long time has a version in Spanish who has caused that much people cheer up to prove it and to count her experience, which finally caused that he occurred to know and is enough people in our country that uses it.

The only problem that we see him is that it does not have datacenter in Spain, but of the others, relation quality price is in favor very well, is relatively cheap and their benefits are very complete.

Analysis and characteristics of the Banahosting plans

Although in we can find hosting shared, Servers VPS, Dedicated and plans for Reseller, the certain thing is that the most sold and used they are the shared plans of lodging Web.

Analysis of Banahosting

Whatever service in that you are interested, all include the following thing:

  • cPanel + Softacolus, to install what you want easily.
  • Characteristics of hosting for ecommerce.
  • More than 300 scripts as WordPress, Joomla…
  • Professional creator of RVSiteBuilder webpages Pro
  • PHP, MySQL, cgi-Bin, Perl, FTP.
  • Faster discs SSD 200%
  • It has supported to the 24 hours of the day the 7 days of the week
  • 99,9% of uptime guaranteed

That is to say, Banahosting puts to your disposition technology of quality and the recommended level of anyone of many hosting of which we spoke in, to a very competitive price and with a support in Spanish, in spite of being a company of the USA.

Of Banahosting we like:

We emphasize its plan intermendio Bathe DELUXE, with which pudes alojart so many websites as you want with space and limitless data transfer, everything with discs SSD and datacenter in the United States or Europe (nonSpain). By a price of 6.95$ to the month you can have hosting limitless quite powerful.

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Plans of hosting and Servers of Banahosting

Whether you need hosting shared as something the more powerful as a VPS or a dedicated servant, in Banahostin you with effort have them and of relatively good quality.

All the plans offer LiteSpeed Hosting, webserver that it promises to a speed 9 times superior to apache.

Shared Hosting Banahosting

They offer 3 plans of hosting to satisfy all the needs with the possible clients:

Bathe Delux

It is the simplest plan and economic, thought to only lojar a project Web, they do not allow you to lodge more.

The good thing is that you have space ilimitadoy limitless bandwidth, reason why in principle you can have a project Web of the size that you want and with the visits that you want. Tenth in principle because already we know that to this of the companies that in principle announce “space and limitless transference” at the time of the truth, if norla goes begin the problems, but, for a use would not be problem some.

The problem of this plan is that you cannot nor so at least choose the datacenter of Europe to lodge your website, by obligation your site will be in center of data of the USA.

This plan offers 2.4GHz of CPU and 1.5GB of RAM with 25 processes.

Bathe Delux

It is the intermediate plan and the one that we recommended. Like simplest, it offers space and limitless transference, but it is that in addition you can lodge so many webpages and domains as you wish.

In addition, you can choose your datacenter in Europe if therefore you wish it.

The plan offers a CPU of 3.6GHz, RAM of 2GB DDR4 and 35 processes

Bathe Delux

For most demanding, Banahosting offers the plan superior that is just as the interval but with a CPU of 4.8GHz and 3GB DDR4 of RAM, in addition to 50 processes. By the others he is everything exactly equal.

In summary, the 3 detailed plans are:

Plan:Bana Starter: 4.95€Bana Profesional: 6.95€Bana Corporate: 9.95€
DatacenterThe USAThe USA or EuropeThe USA or Europe

Virtual servers

Servers VPS of Banahosting are of high performance and offer one varied selection of resources and operating systems, as well as the possibility of choosing different Control Panels.

The 3 main plans that it has are:

VPS Banahosting

In addition to these basic plans, if you need more benefits has other plans preformed between which you can choose based on as they are the needs of your project.

Dedicated servers

For that they need the best thing for his page, or webpages, Banahosting also offers dedicated Servers of high performance and completely equipped with the best technology to cause than your webpage it arrives at the success without frights nor problems of hosting.

The 3 main plans are:

Dedicated servers Banahosting

As with the VPS, if you need an equipment more preparation, with more benefits, you can have it throwing an eye to the rest of options that offer to you.

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Opinions and final conclusion of Banahosting

Banahosting opinion

For us Banahosting is a company to which always it is possible to be resorted to lodge your webpage. It fulfills or everything enough what because promises in its Web and the relation quality price is very or, mainly offers limitless plans by a quite competitive price being able to lodge so many domains as you want without having to pay the more for that reason.

In our opinion the main disadvantage that has Banahosting is that to day of today something very important for the SEO does not offer datacenter in Spain and so that the speed loads of your webpage is optimal if the majority of your visitors comes from this country.

Even so, if you decide to contract with Banahosting you will not regret and you will be doing with a lodging Web to you of caliad to a very good price.

Promotional supply Banahosting

It discovers hostig limitless with a relation insurmountable quality-price.


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Banahosting is one of the companies of the USA that have landed in our country more serious. Non is exceptional but they cumpen well and so they offer.

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