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Coupon discount of 10€

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Sered is a Spanish company (of Galicia concretely) that takes offering service of Hosting for 10 years. Account with its own infrastructure and is used even remarketer of some of hosting more of our country.

For a time SEO is being known him more mainly to offer a service of hosting that only consists of offering a VPS with different IP from class C to try to grow and to position projects in Internet.

Sered Hosting

Characteristics and specifications of Sered

In this Galician company you can contract from simple hosting simple by 1,25€/mes to powerful dedicated servers to lodge great projects.

To emphasize that his as much hosting shared as servers uses discs SSD, which under our experience is a point to very important favor. Nowadays, all important company of hosting that it boasts uses these discs already superiors to its predecessors HDD.

What we like more of Sered:
  • You can begin your own blog or webpage from only 1.25€/mes, a derisory price to begin from 0 with benefits than more sufficient if you do not have great exigencies. Hosting will be something limited but you it can be sufficient to begin.
  • Hosting with different IP to be able to create your own network of blogs. By 10€ to the month IP's hardly can have a lodging Web with 20 totally different so that Google does not detect your network of blogs or to differentiate your sites and not to relate them to each other. He is one of the plans of hosting that more reputation they have given to Sered to day of today.

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Plans of hosting and options available in Sered

Since we have commented, in we can contract to as much lodging shared Web, as hosting dedicated SEO, VPS and servers.

We see each of them and what it offers to us based on our needs.

Shared Hosting Sered

It is the most common and the most sold plan since its price is very economic and is within reach of any practically blogger or person that wants to begin its walking with a project in Internet.


Plan:Start: 1,25€Basic: 2,95€Half: 5,95€Advanced: 9,95€
Domains Inc.No111
Alojables domains11LimitlessLimitless
Data bases25LimitlessLimitless
Accounts of Mail510LimitlessLimitless
Accounts FTP510LimitlessLimitless
Apl installer.IfIfSitd>If
Creative WebIfIfIf
Autoinstalador CMSIfIfIfIf

Hosting SEO

Since already there are saying, she is one of the demanded options more than it has this company and of the most used in this sense in the blogosphere and companies that are dedicated to position projects.

We emphasize the following plans:


Plan:Basic: 9,95€Half: 19,95€Advanced: 29,95€
Directions IP203550
Alojables domains205070

Characteristics of hosting SEO

  • Easy handling thanks to its Control Panel
  • An only IP for each of your projects
  • 50 IPv4 of Class C not followed for SEO subjects
  • Technical support free in which they resolve all doubts to you

Hosting SEO Sered

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Dedicated servers VPS and of Sered

Sered makes your available 5 plans of VPS that you can be them forming to your way starting off of a base of own characteristics.

To each one of the plans you can add to options as anti-virus, antiSpam, IP's additional or Administration to him. The prices are quite economic but they are raising of price as you are adding options that sometimes we thought that they could be already including in the plans without needing having to receive an extra for that reason.

Virtual servers Sered

With respect to the dedicated ones, you have several options between which to choose based on the project which you have and of whichever space, transference… you need. The prices of the dedicated servers leave in future from 150€.

All the Servers have:

  • Datacenter in Spain, Barcelona concretely
  • Integrated Firewall
  • Complete Control Panel
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Hosting specialized in WordPress and Prestashop

Like the rest of great national and international companies of hosting, Sered offers lodging more Web optimised for WordPress and Prestashop, scripts used for blogs and stores both online nowadays.

The main advantage of this type of plans in this company is that they offer a great number to you of themes of totally gratuitous form including in the monthly payment of your site. In addition, dirias and antihackeo protection provide seguirdad copies.

The problem is that the simplest plan is something justito of space, 1GB, (to begin it can be sufficient) and offers limitation of monthly transference here (60GB).

By the others, if you know clearly that you are going to use some of these two managers in your project could interest to you to choose this option instead of hosting shared traditional.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Sered

  • Gratuitous migration of your old hosting to the new one
  • IP's Spanish
  • Possibility of buying IP's to part.
  • Election of datacenter (Barcelona, Madrid or Canada)
  • Servdores protected
  • Telephone of attention to the Sered client and support.

  • The basic plans of hosting go something justitos (they are cheap)
  • The support sometimes can be something slower than the competition.
  • The VPS raise enough of price if you begin to add options

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Our opinion and reflection on hosting Sered

We mainly recommend Sered for two types of clients mainly:

Sered opinion

For all those that cheap look for hosting with which to begin and which they can be it climbing based on his needs.

For that they look for a lodging Web SEO with option to choose between infinity of Ip's and power to work better the positioning Web of his projects in Goolge.

The VPS plans are very well but our experience says to us that it would have to include some of the additional options that offer within the price instead of to receive it to part as the anti-virus and antimalware, as well as the option to choose several IP being a company that is characterized by that type of hosting with several IP. The option of which the VPS voluntarily were also administered would be a point to its favor since they make other companies as Hosting Professional for example.

In any case, and after it to have tried, as tenth, he is hosting totally reliable and with an acceptable support in addition to a quite optimal quality and relation-price.

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Code Sered promotion and how to obtain it

If you know clearly that you are going to contract a plan of hosting with Sered, perhaps interests to apply the promotional code to you that we have for you.

In order to be able to you to benefit from 10€ of discount in your hiring, you only must click in the button of down and introducing the coupon that appears in the payment form, in the option qualified for it here.

Of this form you will save a tiny amount in your first payment, or is a monthly payment or annual.

Code Sered discount

Coupon discount of 10€

Take control of the plan that you want less of sered by 10 Euros.


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With Sered you can acquire a plan of lodging Web with different IP to lodge all webpages and that are not affected one to the other negatively if they connect.

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