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What is a redirection 301 and how it is made correctly

If you have a blog or a store online, perhaps at some time you have needed to send to the visitors from a page to another one. And when you begin to inquire on the subject, an expression is repeated constantly: redirection 301. In each page that consultations, are there but, what is one…

Hosting with SSL free of Let's Encrypt

Certificate SSL is a system by means of which we equipped to our webpage of greater security. What really does is to equip with greater security our visitor since bases the information that they can give in our webpage of such form that is much more difficult to see this…

To optimize images in WordPress

At the time of taking care of ours wordpress so that it loaded at the maximum possible speed, we must very consider the size and weight of the images that we raised the same to deal with which our site is fast and quick at the time of loading. Often we do not consider this aspect and…