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Hostgator – Coupon discount and opinions

Hostgator has been during many years the dominant company of hosting in this sector, as much in the United States as in the rest of the world. We say that it was the company that brought the democratization of hosting with an acceptable quality to reduced prices. Nowadays it continues staying in…

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To see Coupon
Thrive Content Builder, best WordPress publisher

In HostingGuideBook usually we speak to you of plugins interesting that is to you of utility for your sites in wordpress. Today we bring one to you of these plugins that we have tried lately and that are similarity to us very very good, Thrive Content Builder.Se deals with a publisher for Wordpress that allows us…

Optimization of images in Webempresa

In this blog already we have spoken of the importance of optimizing the images in Wordpress to allow one better load of our images and that our blog goes as rapidly as possible. As everybody knows and it is not an open secret, to google it likes that your site loaded fastest…

Google will penalize the Webs that are not responsive

For a long time one comes speaking of the new factors that Google considers at the time of positioning a page, that if it is important to have hosting fast so that your Web loaded quickest possible, than if it must be responsive so that it is seen well from mobiles… and every time…

The importance of having hosting fast

At the time of contracting ours hosting, it is fundamental that Web is a lodging that is fast and it does not make hope more of the account to our visits. This, that until now was something fundamental, every time acquires more force before the steps that Google in this aspect is taking. By all it is…

Webempresa will lower its discounts to a 20%

At the moment, from we give the possibility directly of securing your hosting in Webempresa with a 20% of discount doing your hiring you from this connection and putting at the end of the purchase process the coupon: “cupon20”. Some ago days, from Webempresa showed his to us…

Attention to the Webempresa client

Many of you you wonder yourselves why to choose Webempresa as your supplier of hosting in España.No in vain the supply of Webempresa is recommended in our comparator. Since we have commented, our personal experience is that just by to migrate our sites wordpress from…

Domain free with your hosting

Whenever we are going to begin a new project, first that we needed without no place to doubts is a domain name, it is first that you must know clearly and that you must choose for your pàgina webEn well function of the thematic one of your site, you will have to choose a name in agreement with this. …

How to form Yoast, best plugin SEO

When we wrote a blog, it interests to us that this it is positioned as well as possible in google and in other web search engines since if we wrote is because we would like that people read to us no. WordPress is a fantastic manager of contents that by itself already it positions rather well, mainly if…