Best hosting for WooCommerce than you can contract to lodge your store online


You want to mount a store online and not to know by where beginning? You have heard speak of this plugin for WordPress but you don't know more? Would You like to know which is best hosting for WooCommerce?

Then in the next lines we cleared all those doubts and other to you that you can have. All that decorated with discounts so that you always obtain the best price.

What can more be asked? 😉

What is WooCommerce?

First of everything it is to make clear of what it consists:

WooCommerce is plugin of electronic commerce of code opened for WordPress.

That definition is not ours, but the one that Wikipedia makes on this plugin to create a store online with WordPress. Because that simple it is to explain what is WooCommerce, since it is not more than a WordPress with which you can sell what you want through Internet.

What it happens is that being sincere, is not “one more”. In fact, it is the solution par excellence to day of today to make money with your Web thanks to an electronic commerce. And not because we say it, but because according to his official page, it has been unloaded more than 55 million of times and 28% of all the stores online use it.

Data that make something clear: it is a very valid option.

Advantages and disadvantages to use WooCommerce

Evidently, WooCommerce is not the only option to mount your store in the Network and you have alternatives as:

But, what offers WooCommerce to unbalance the balance to their favor? That is what we told you next (and also its disadvantages).


  • Its price: how much you would be arranged to pay by being able to create a store online? Because it keeps your portfolio because WooCommerce, like WordPress, is 100% gratuitous one.
  • Easy to use: if you are familiarized with WordPress, nothing will cost to you to learn to use it. In addition, also he is simple to install, to form and to update (plugins for the CMS becomes just as anyone of the other par excellence).
  • Powerful and professional: you do not believe that for being gratuitous and easy to use, the final result will be poor. In fact, he is quite the opposite.
  • It knows everything what happens in your store: thanks to the amount of statistics and information to which you can accede thus and, to know how what to make to increase your sales, clients, etc.
  • Many plugins: some gratuitous and others of payment, are complicated that you want to do something and an extension does not exist that offers that functionality you that you look for.
  • To your pleasure: thanks to the enormous amount of groups that exist (some of very personalizables them) your Web will shine right as you want (the best subjects for Woocommerce).
  • Blog and lies down simultaneously: when installing WooCommerce, WordPress does not disappear reason why you can combine the possibilities that both offer to you.
  • Compatible: with the more common methods of payment through the Network.


  • If you want power, it is called on to happen through box: like it happens in WordPress, best plugins and groups are of payment so in the end, you must scratch the pocket to you.
  • It requires time: in spite of being simple to use, you will have to spend time to him so that everything works as you want. If increase much, is inevitable to have to contract which is in charge.

Best hostings for WooCommerce at present

After all what you have read, you know clearly that WooCommerce is what you look for? Then the only thing that is, is that you know which are best low cost vps hosting for WooCommercer than you can contract.

Because although for much people it is a little excellent subject, the truth is that to choose hosting correct it marks to the difference between the success and the failure.

1. Webempresa

Hosting for optimized Woocommerce

If you look for the best option, you already can stop investigating because it is Webempresa. In our analysis it obtained the best scores, which picked up it to the position number 1 and still we have not found another alternative that disputes the crown to him because it is serving the best vps web hosting so far.

But it is that in addition, they have a service of hosting specialized in WooCommerce, that is of the best thing than it has and in its more basic plan it offers:

  • 5 GB of space.
  • 200 GB of monthly transference.
  • Services of SSL free.
  • Optimizer of images.
  • Domain free the first year.
  • Limitless directions email.
  • Protection anti-hackeo customized for WooCommerce.

It sticks it is that it is not the cheapest option. Although that has easy solution if you use the coupon discount of 30% that we offer to you.

2. TropicalServer

Hosting woocommerce Tropical Server

If reason why it is Webempresa is not for you, this from Granada company can be an alternative (although for us, Webempresa is always the best option).

In spite of not counting on lodging specialized for store online, yes that counts on a service of cheap dedicated windows server hosting oriented to WordPress with very good results that, although is not the same, we cannot say that of bad results.

What yes that offers TropicalServer on its competition they are 2 very valuable aspects as they are speed (uses some hard disks 6 times faster than the SSD) and security (it does a backup copy of your site every 2 hours).

3. Raiola Networks

Woocommerce de Raiola

In that pódium of which we have spoken to you before, the position number 2 occupies it RaiolaNetworks (and eye, that is closely together of the first position). The problem is that it happens to him just like to TropicalServer and does not count on hosting specialized in WooCommerce.

Although yes it has it in WordPress and quite good but, if by something it honors this Galician company, it is in his technical service that is of the best thing than we have tried in long time. And by the way, we have a coupon discount in Raiola to offer a better price to you. 😉

So as alternative it is of the best ones but we insisted, Webempresa does not have rival.

These are the best lodgings Web to mount a store online with Woocommerce

If you are looking for best unlimited web hosting with cpanel for WooCommerce, these are our recommendations. And you do not forget that in our main page you have a list with the best companies of lodging Web, each with his respective coupon discount.

Because the quality and the low price do not have to be always separated. 😉