Which is the difference between HTTP and https, it has importance for your webpage?


Before continuing reading, fix to you to which appears to the left of the bar of directions. According to the navigator that you use, it only appears a green padlock or with the text “He is safe”. That is because here we used the protocol https.

What difference has between https and HTTP? If your blog does not have it, it is worth the trouble that you make a migration? What advantages have? And disadvantages? To all those doubts, and some more than you can have, we give answer them in this post so, if you want to know it everything exceeds he, it only continues reading.

We began!

What means HTTP?

In case some walks very confused, HTTP is not a word, but the abbreviations of Hypertext Protocol Transfer or, translated the Spanish: transfer protocol of hypertext.

And what is what does? According to Wikipedia:

It is the communication protocol that allows the transferences of information in the World Wide Web.

Or shelp with other words, she is the person in charge of which everything what has to do with Internet as servers, clients, etc, can communicate to each other and cause that it works.

As curiosity, one is a protocol without state that, so that everybody understands it, means that it treats each request as a new one. That is to say, that does not store information. That the reason by which the cookies were created.

In what difference https of HTTP?

Thus at first, it seems that “only” it changes in letter “s” of the end… They are not different much either then, no? Create to us, is more than it can seem.

https means Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or, in the language of Cervantes, transfer protocol of safe hypertext. Meaning that in the end, one is the same but done of safer form.

that-it is-https

When a webpage operates under this protocol and you, as user, you send your data to traverse a form (or any other way), these are sent codings so that, in case somebody robs them, it does not have access to them (at least not of a simple form).

Advantages and disadvantages to use https

With little that we have seen until now, anyone would say that to use the protocol https in your CMS or webpage only contributes positive aspects, truth? Of course that costs to say that it is not thus but, as everything in this life, it has his dark side that also you must know.

Next, we told “yin” and “yang you” of this protocol. 😉


  • A safe site: to see, it does not mean that using https, the hackers cannot attack your webpage, but it is clear that adds security layers that make difficult the task.
  • The data are out of danger: since we have seen in its definition, all the information that shares between your site and the user is sent encriptada. In addition, this protocol allows you to assure that they arrive at the person who must (she avoids the call man in the middle, that is when a hacker is placed between your page and the user to rob the information who you share).
  • To Google the safe pages enchant to him: the great G never to shelp that it gives the best positions to the sites with this protocol, but is not very preposterous to think that something must influence. Of all ways, it remembers that the SEO is a combination of several factors, to count on https does not only make you reach the first result (you can here read other keys and in this other best connection we spoke of plugins for WordPress of SEO).
  • You transmit security: it imagines that, right after finishing reading this post, you are going to a store online to buy… you will do it in that it does not use this protocol? Most probable it is than no. Then the same will do with you if your store online does not have it (that is what is the way with which you make money with your page).


Then, you have to pass your webpage to https?

The question of the million… and for which we do not have a forceful answer.

The only scene in which yes or yes we would recommend to you to make the migration, would be that your business was a store online. And it would not be by advantages of SEO nor of data (that also) but by the security that it transmits to your buyers.

In any other scene, in spite of being a good option, our advice is that you think it very well to you. Since you have seen in its disadvantages, a false step can make you lose all the work until now done.

Different case is if nonquestions “I must contract hosting with https”. There there is no doubt, if it gives the option you, contrátalo (although in many already it comes “from series”). It does not clear that, with a stroke of the pen, all disadvantages disappear. 😀

What seem to you the differences between HTTP and https?

Here the end arrives from the post, but before going to you, you know other differences between HTTP and https? You are going to migrate your site or you have already had it to do? How it was to you? Those are some of the questions that would enchant to us that you answered to us.

But by all means, feel to you frees to write any other aspect that makes the rounds to you right now by the head referring to this subject… Some data more than to contribute, if you know another advantage or disadvantage, etc…

For that, you only must lower a little more, until the section of commentaries.

That simple! 😉