Best hostings in Chile: the companies more ‘top’ of the country with which it is impossible that you are mistaken


When you begin to read envelope how to make a webpage, it give account to you of the amount of important aspects that you must consider and, of all of them, one of most excellent is the servant.

The peculiar thing, is that almost nobody speech of the important thing that is that the servant is more close possible of your hearing… It is a detail that marks the difference.

If you live in this country (or it makes your hearing) is almost one obligation. For that reason, in the next best lines we told you which are hostings of Chile.

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The advantages to lodge your Web in best hostings of Chile

People do not stop saying that thanks to Internet, the barriers of the markets they have disappeared and that to day of today, is not strange to buy products in China from the other point of the world.

Then, why you have to contract to a service of lodging Web in Chile? Why in this case yes he is recommendable to decide on the “local product? The answer is very simple: you only obtain advantages.

First, and more important, it is than companies Chilean of hosting Web have his servers in own country or in more near, which means that the signal crosses less kilometers and therefore, does that the Web loaded faster.

Soon it is the subject that many of them, to the being local busines, accept the more common methods of payment of the country, reason why the hiring is easier.

And finally, and for that reason less nonexcellent, you make sure that they speak you yourself language, something indispensable to solve problems if you do not dominate other languages. Not to mention which they can have a telephone to which he is cheaper (or until free) to call to receive technical assistance.

As you see, they are good reasons to contract hosting Chilean.

To what you must pay attention to choose the best Web hosting in Chile?

More ahead we detachhed you good options than site has to raise your servant of Chile but, so that you understand why we have chosen these companies, we told the indispensable characteristics you that everything hosting must have:

  • It must be stable: essential, because payments so that your site is accessible the 24 hours of the day and not fallen of constant form.
  • A technical service of quality: that it responds your doubts and helps you when it happens a problem of fast and effective form.
  • With the best technology: it does not have to be sharpshooting, but to count and so today some are considered standard minimums in technology of servers.
  • Simple to use: so that to work with him it does not suppose to lose many constant hours or calls to the technical service.
  • On approval of attacks: it must count on security protocols that guarantee that your work will not be seen it jeopardize.
  • With the speed by flag: because if something that the same adores the visits and the robots of the finders, is that a Web loaded as rapidly as possible.
  • Thought to go to your rate: with different types from servant to contract based on which your site needs at every moment.

Any company that offers all this is worthy to lodge your webpage.

The 6 better hostings in Chile than you can contract day of today

This whole the previous thing, we happened to tell those you that without a doubt are best the Web hostings than you can use in Chile. All of them are quality companies and not you equivocations if contracts one of them.

1. Hostgator (to see exclusive supply)


If you are a person already entered in the world of hostings Web, certainly you have heard speak of Hostgator and perhaps, you have read critics that do not recommend it to lodge a webpage.

It is certain that a time ago it was a service that left much to be desired but, to day of today, nobody can deny that one is best hosting in Chile in which to relation price quality talks about.

And it is that in his Personal Plan (economic) it offers as interesting characteristics as:

  • A domain free the first year.
  • 5GB of space SSD.
  • Limitless data transfer.
  • 3 accounts of mail.
  • Safe certificate of Web free (SSL and HTTPS).
  • Creator of sites free.
  • Automatic installer of applications (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc.).

As you see, little it is possible more to be asked a servant who costs 1,190 CLP/mes if contracts the annual plan (although low still more if it contracts more time).

To see special supply of Hostgator

2. Webempresa Chile (To see exclusive supply)


Here we must be sincere and if you value over all the quality without concerning the price nor think it to you, you would not find hosting in Chile better than Webempresa.

On what we were based to make this so full affirmation? Since in our tests it is the company that better scores it obtained, in addition to counting on:

  • Certificate SSL without cost.
  • High protection against attacks of hackers.
  • Servers to the last one in technology.
  • Backup copies of your site every 4 hours.

To all that, add to him that it is possible that we are before the company with better service of attention to the client.

But some defect will have Webempresa, no” Thus it is, a negative point is that it does not have the servers lodged in the country and, although we have shelp that is very important, thanks to his high level of technology and who are located in the United States, the speed of load stays within some positive parameters.

Although if really we must put to him “but” to Webempresa, it is that one is the most expensive option. But the money is not problem for you, you do not doubt it.

To see supply of Webempresa

3. Neolo


This company of Argentine origin founded on 2002 has become all a specialist the Hispanic market of speech and to day of today, it is an option to consider very.

In order to begin, by the great variety of hostings that offers:

  • Web Hosting.
  • Hosting email.
  • Hosting for remarketers.
  • VPS.
  • Dedicated servers.
  • WordPress.
  • Prestashop.
  • Magento.
  • Drupal.
  • Moodle.
  • Joomla.
  • WordPress dedicated.

We go, that is complicated that does not have the type of servant who better adapts to your needs.

The best thing of everything? That in all plans they offer accounts of mail, space and limitless data bases (safe in Plan 0 where they are only without limit the data bases).

Unfortunately, just as it happens with Webempresa, his servers are in the United States but, thanks to their gratuitous CDN based on CloudFlare, the visits will not notice the difference.

To see supply of Neolo

4. Siteground


This multinational of the lodging Web is doing well its work, and note in the good critics that receive on the part of everybody. And when tenth worldwide, we spoke generally of the planet because it has servers in:

  • The United States.
  • The United Kingdom.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Singapore.

As you see, just as the previous options, the servers are not located in Chile but you do not have of what worrying, because they count on CDN of CloudFlare without additional cost to resolve this “problem”.

As far as its characteristics, the economic package is thought for a Web that receives around 10,000 visits to the month.

What yes it can worry to you is that its page dedicated to the Latin American market is in perfect an English and therefore, if you do not dominate this language, can be a problem at the time of contracting the service and to solve problems.

Although for that last one, always you can enter his Web the Spanish market and to use his chat live.

And if you want to mount your site in WordPress, you must know that they are one of hostings recommended of official form by its creators.

To see supply of Siteground

5. Bluehost


With this company a dilemma appeared to us: she is one of the best companies at global level but it does not offer his service in Spanish so, we included it or no? As you see, in the end we inclined by the first option.

Because, unless you are not able to speak in English, the truth is that it is one of the used companies more anywhere in the world and therefore, the quality of its service is beyond all doubt.

And we would bet that it leaves from its success resides in everything what offers, beginning by its package economic than it counts on:

  • 50GB of space SSD.
  • Bandwidth without limit.
  • Certificate SSL without cost.
  • Daily backup copies.

All that by less than 3$ to the month. For that reason you tenth that if you dominate the language of Shakespeare, is a quite interesting option.

To see supply of Bluehost

6. iPage


All a veteran in the world of hosting Web and is that, with more than 20 years of experience, anybody she can say that iPage is not a good option to raise your site.

Mainly when you know her basic characteristicses:

  • Space Web, bandwidth, accounts of mail, domains and limitless data bases.
  • Tools to design your own Web.
  • Gratuitous SSL.
  • Gratuitous domain the first year.
  • Tools to create a store online.
  • 200$ to spend in Adwords.
  • Tools for the monitoring of your page.
  • And many more.

Unfortunately, and just as it happens with the previous option, to day of today do not have service in Spanish and therefore, if you do not speak English is an alternative almost to discard.

To see supply of Ipage

Here you have best hostings for Chile, which you will choose?

For us the answer is clear, if you can allow it the best decision you than you can take is Webempresa. We would even tell you that it is worth the trouble to deliver an attack and to do without other aspects with so lodging your Web there.

But shelp that, anyone of the other options offers a peak efficiency for your business online, especially Hostgator, that concerning supply and service is the best one by its price.

And if it interests the subject of the lodging Web in Latin America, a look to ours hostings recommended in best Argentina and the Web throws to him hosts of Colombia. or to these hosting of Mexico.