Magic Cache, obtains that your webpage loaded less than in 1 second

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How many times you have gone away of a webpage because it took much in loading? We bet that tens of times.

Then just as you will make the people who dress your Web… if past some seconds, follows without appearing in the screen, seen goodbye.

Tools to solve this problem there are hundreds, but few as effective as Magic Cache of Webempresa. Thanks to her, your page will load in opening and closing of eyes.

You want to know how makes and its characteristics? You we counted it everything in this post.

As of today, your page will load… it will fly!

Why it is so important that your webpage loaded fast?

In spite of which much people think, to position your webpage in Google she is not enough with generating quality content.

It is clear that it is a pillar fundamental to reach the best positions, but the giant of Internet also considers other aspects and, among them, one of whom better values is how long takes in appearing your site.

What time is considered good and which no? We could say that:

  • Everything what is less than 3 seconds is excellent.
  • Up to 8 second it happens through acceptable.
  • More of that he is unacceptable.

All this is very well but, really it affects a long time of delay to your business online? Much more than you create.

In order to begin and as already there are saying to you, at the most fast loading better score will give Google him, reason why you will obtain organic traffic with greater facility.

“It is that I happen of Google, because the visits with himself through my social networks”. In agreement, it is a very valid strategy but, you knew that at the most behind schedule in appearing your site, majors possibilities it has of which people end up leaving?

  • In less than 3 seconds, a 32% of the users will go away.
  • If it arrives at the 5 seconds, the percentage raises until 90%.
  • 6 seconds or it implies more that practically nobody will accede to your site.

In summary, every second of is more making you lose clients and sales.

For every second that extreme, you lose money.

In order to solve this problem many ways exist: to use a quality group, to install plugin of cache for WordPress, to lodge your Web in hosting of quality (you can use this code discount of Webempresa), to optimize your images

Or to choose to use Magic Cache.

What is Magic Cache?

One is a system to accelerate webpages created by Webempresa and based on Varnish. It is as plugin of breaks for your Web.

But what it interests to you it is that thanks to this system, if you have a standard Web, you will obtain that loaded less than in 1 second.

How they do it? Hosting all the content, already frisked, in the ram memory of the servant.

We explained it in greater depth, although we must put a little to us technicians (but very little, word).

A page in WordPress is not a static page, but it is created from multiple consultations to a data base whenever somebody accedes.

The problem is that consumes many resources of the servant and does that it loaded slower. If in addition it has much traffic simultaneously, everything is complicated still more.

What do plugins of cache? They keep one copies statics of the webpage to show it the next time that the user returns to her. As no longer it needs to realise the consultations between the servant and the data base, the time of load is reduced.

How it improves this Magic system Cache? Storing that copy in the ram memory instead of in the hard disk.

When having RAM a speed of much more high reading, is able to reduce the time of load of considerable way.

But their advantages do not finish there.

This entails that your webpage will consume less resources of the servant, reason why will be able to lodge more simultaneous traffic.

Or what is the same, you will be able to have more visits without getting to collapse.

Aspects to consider of Magic Cache

You have been decided to prove Magic Cache? Brilliant! But before, you must know some his characteristics:

  • Your hosting must be Webempresa.
  • You only can use it if you have a plan of 3gb or more.
  • The administration panel does not frisk himself.
  • He only works in a domain (if you have more, you must ask that they activate it one by one).
  • The cache lasts 4 hours.
  • The minimum versions with which it works are WordPress 4,0, 2,5 Joomla and Prestashop 1.6.

In order to begin to enjoy Magic Cache, the only thing that you must do is to send a ticket of support to the equipment of Webempresa asking that activates it.

And ready! Your webpage will load at the speed of the ray.

Preparation to happen to another level of speed?

In this post you have seen the importance that your site loaded fast and there are counted one to you of the best tools to obtain it: Magic I broke.

Our work finishes here, now is called on to you to make the decision… you are going to continue having a slow Web and that falls if much people enter simultaneously? You will leave are continued saving potential clients?

Or on the contrary, you are going to take the reins and to solve the problem once and for all?

Us the accounts in the commentaries?