7 aspesctos that demonstrate the importance of the social networks for your blog


How many times to the day you enter on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anyone of the other social networks that exist? And, how many of those times you see profiles of companies? That is because the presence in them every time is more vital so that a business works.

For that reason, today we spoke to you on the importance of the social networks for your blog, webpage, lies down online or any other form online with which you want to gain the life. Much people do not know it, but she is more than she could seem…

Today you have permission to consult them while you work. 😉

Before sending your business to the social networks

Before you expose your business online to the world of the social network, it is very important that you consider the following aspects:

  • The type of social network: A great variety exists and each has its particularitities (better hour to publish, type of content, etc). You do not forget it, is not the same to publish in Instagram that in Twitter.
  • What it likes your followers: although more than what, it would be how, they prefer the computer graphics or the videos? And within the videos, they want that they are tutorial or they look for your opinion?
  • You do not have to be in all: a very common error is to create an enterprise profile in each of them. This, to part to consume long time to you, does not have sense. You must only use those in which she is your ideal client.

In the end, everything is transformed in which you use them with head.

The 7 benefits of which your business is in the social networks

Really they contribute so many advantages? Of course… As we shelp you in the introduction, the companies stand out to their wide ones by them and that will be by something, no?

1. They generate visits

Something that already we saw it in the post exceeds how to secure visits without SEO.

To cause that your business online arrives at more people is much more simple through Facebook or Twitter that by any other system, mainly at the outset when they only know you your friendly and relatives and Google it positions to you very down.

It thinks that it is enough with a few of your contacts share your publications so that the number of people who see you multiplies.

2. Simpler to know what likes and what no

It is easy to fall in the error, when you are creating contained, to think that what interests to you is what interests to your hearing… and not always is thus.

Luckily, the main characteristic of the social networks is the interaction that allow yet what it is published in her:

  • Amount “I like”.
  • Number of times shared.
  • Commentaries.
  • Etc.

Thanks to that information, you can know how what subjects interest more to your hearing thus and, to create content related to them and to ensure the success to you in the following.

3. They contribute information on the ideal client

If you have read our post exceeds what is the ideal client and all the advantages that it has to know it, certainly already you know to what we talked about. If it is not the case, you would have to throw a look to him (create to us, is worth the trouble).

In that article we counted you from where you can obtain real data on your buyer person, and the commentaries and reactions of your followers to the content who you generate, are an inexhaustible source of data that allow you to sharpen this profile to the maximum

4. They help the SEO

In order to secure the best positions in the finders, the normal thing is to decide on the best advice on SEO (and plugins for WordPress that exists) but the social networks also play an important role.

Google not is idiot and if it detects that a content generates many interactions, of automatic form catalogues it as good and it awards it with the best positions. And although we cannot assure it, exists the rumor that it pays special attention to which moves in Google +.

We do not know if it is reality or myth but is still its social network… It would not be very preposterous that was truth so, just in case, our advice is that you create a profile in this social network.

5. Finders of key words

Many of the social networks show somewhere what subjects are tendency now. Or what is the same, they are saying to you what subjects interest people nowadays.

The clearest example of this is Twitter and its section of trending topics, where you can consult the subjects that more containing they are generating in the “network of the parajarito”. If your business online has relation with some of those subjects, you already know envelope what to try.


6. The investment is low

Mainly at the outset, where each currency counts. In fact, to open a profile to you and to begin to experiment with him do not cost anything to you reason why final S.A. leaves bad, “only” there will be lost time… But better that than money, truth?

And to part of that, many count on a system of phelp publicity that causes that your contents arrive at more people. The brilliant thing of this is that you can be spent what you want so you continue controlling your investment.

7. Information to know what it has happened

We speak for example, of Facebook where when creating an enterprise profile, you have to your disposition a pile of information in the form of graphs where you can see:

  • The number “I like”.
  • How many times your contents have shared.
  • The hour and the day that generates more interactions.
  • Etc.

Generally, of a look you can control everything what it has happened and to see in what you have been mistaken (and what has worked) so that the next time everything leaves better.

You knew the importance the social networks for your business online?

Since you have seen, the importance of the social networks for your blog (or any other type of site) is incredible… So, if your business does not have profiles in them, to what you are hoping?

But before going to you it would enchant to us that, if you have something to add on this subject, you used the commentaries to do it. For example if…:

  • You know forms to obtain more followers.
  • to make your viral contents.
  • The best days and hours to publish.
  • Etc.

We propose you that subjects but, if you want to count any other aspect that is happened to you, also is worth to us. 😀