The importance of having hosting fast

At the time of contracting ours hosting, it is fundamental that Web is a lodging that is fast and it does not make hope more of the account to our visits. This, that until now was something fundamental, every time acquires more force before the steps that Google in this aspect is taking.

By all it is known that google, between more than 200 factors than considers at the time of classifying its results in the web search engine, the speed of load of a webpage is one of which more importance has lately been receiving.

It will do about 4 years, google began to warn that the more fast it loaded your Web, the more possibilities of obtaining a better positioning you will have with your page. Nowadays, this continues being a very important factor to such an extent that lately, according to we have been able to know, google is testing and experiments, as always does before officially sending something, in which a red label with the word “Slow” in those sites in which can be seen the Web load of slower form of the normal thing. This label would serve to warn the users who have intention to click in that result of which that Web can undergo some times of load superiors to the normal thing, inviting of this form the users to more down click in a later or classified result in the own finder.

Slow load “slow”

This, that can seem something complex, which would do in our opinion is to improve the CTR of the pages classified below the other result and with time they would be improving his positioning since according to the last realised tests, to better CTR obtained better will be positioning your webpage.

This what would do would be that google would not penalize your page directly to load of slower form, but than would invite its users to click in other results and indirectly it would be able over the years to lower to your result when improving the answer of usuary on the rest of webpages.

At the moment, all this that we are explaining to you is not more than tests, but as everything what google with its tests does, more likely it finishes being something that we will see within very little in our searches.

Something similar we can experiment nowadays from the searches that we realised from our mobile phone. If you pay attention well, at the time of realising a search from your Smartphone in google, you will see that google indicates us that pages are optimized to be shown in mobile phones and as no, warning its users of as they will be better in our mobile phones.

movable Web labels google

Therefore, if google follows the steps taken with its warnings for movable devices, all it makes indicate that the label of slow page will arrive sooner or later at our screens if or yes.

One of the factors that do that your Web loaded more or less fast is the technology that uses your hosting to lodge your pages. Ours hosting recommended of Webempresa uses the discs SSD that cause that the pages load up to 6 times faster than traditional discs. If still you have your Web lodged in hosting that uses normal discs we invited to you to that you prove those of Webempresa and you see the results obtained with its fast discs of hosting.