Hosting with SSL free of Let's Encrypt

SSL free with lets encrypt

Certificate SSL is a system by means of which we equipped to our webpage of greater security. What really does is to equip with greater security our visitor since bases the information that they can give in our webpage of such form that is much more difficult to see this information peculiar eyes.

The Secure Socket Layer certificate (SSL) what does is that the data safely travel between the computer of your visitor and your servant.

Until good ago little it was normal to be this certificate type in webpages that were destined to interchange data between user and the own website. For example, any store online that boasts must have a certificate of security of this type who assures our transactions.

Nowadays, it turns out habitual to see the typical green padlock closed next to many urls or directions Web of simple blogs or webpages in which it is not necessary to introduce any de dato personal type. It has been put of “fashion” to have your Web under SSL because for a long time one says that it can be a factor SEO that favors the positioning Web of your page in Google. Ever since it left that news, many SEOs and webmasters have been sent to migrate their Web from HTTP to https, that it is as is your direction in the navigator.

An important factor that the security protocol has favored this mass migration of webpages to a that to is appeared a foundation that free offers certificate SSL to any webpage that wants to implement it. This gratuitous certificate is Let's Encrypt, and with him we will be able to have our protected Web of totally gratuitous form without having to pay a monthly payment as it happened until now. Evidently, the security of this certificate is limited but it is than sufficient more for many webpages and stores online of nowadays.

How to install Let's Encrypt in your hosting

The problem usually comes when you say, is worth, me intention, I am going to install SSL in my hosting… and you do not know to do it.

If you want to put SSL free to your webpage the best thing is than you contract a company of hosting that offers Let's to you Encrypt settled in its servers, of this form, you will not have to worry don't mention it, simply you will have to activate it with a button from your Control Panel and ready, already you will be able to use it.

It remembers that if your website is not new and it already comes from an installation in normal HTTP you must make a redirection of HTTP to https of all pages, change all the internal liaisons of your website and indicate to him to Google from Google Search Console of the change that you have realised.

Also, they ten in account that this certificate must renew every 3 months. Of this your company of hosting is in charge but it is not of having it in account more in case in some occasion it happens some unforeseen circumstance and the certificate does not renew automatically. In this case you would have to contact with your supplier of hosting and to explain the happened one to them.

Better companies of hosting than offer SSL free

To day of today all the companies do not offer the certificate settled in their servers, reason why it agrees to inquire before contracting a pack if it interests this aspect to you.

Next you can see the companies that we recommended that they offer Let's to you Encrypt free:



He is one of favorite ours hosting and one of which first it began to offer it. To activate it is very simple and it becomes from your panel of client of Webempresa, in the section “hosting” of the menu of your panel where it puts “certificates”.

certificate SSL free


Raiola Networks

In order to activate it in Raiola Networks you do not have to make nothing since it comes activated by defect in all the plans from hosting shared that commercialize. Therefore, you only must put your ready Web in https and, having as always taken care of with the subject of the rediecciones and other aspects to consider if you already had the Web previously in HTTP.



Siteground also offers the gratuitous certificate but in this occasion it is necessary to activate it. For it you must go to the option that there is available in your cPanel. From it there active for the domain that interests to you and ready, already you can begin to use it.


Hosting professional

Another one of hostins that to us this service offers is Professional Hosting. In the lodging plans Web shared already it comes installed. We only must enter our Plesk panel and activate it from the option “subscriptions” and press “Let's Encrypt”.

Professional Lets encrypt hosting



Hostinet also offers this service of gratuitous form totally and already presinstalada in ours hosting. We do not have to make absolutely nothing to activate it. Like Raiola, in already comes activated by defect for all plans.


As you can see, if contracts hosting that already has the installed extension, turns out very simple to protect your webpage and the information that in her is provided.

If you have one of these lodgings Web and not yet you have activated the SSL free you do not doubt it and do it right now, the security of your site will improve and perhaps its positioning also does it.