The 7 better widgets WordPress to do what you want in your webpage

If by something WordPress has become the option more used to create a webpage, it is by the amount of personalisation options that it has.

And within those methods, one of less the most known is widgets… And it is a pain that is thus! Because if you dominate them, you open a window of incredible possibilities. For that reason in this best post we told you what is and which are widgets for WordPress than it has at present.

Your Web will shine better than ever!

What is widget?

Widget is not more than a form to show the content that you want, in the place that you want of your webpage:

  • The lateral bar.
  • The footer.
  • The head.
  • Any other place of your theme.

But, to what type of content we talked about? Then almost whatever you imagine:

  • Text.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Barras search.
  • Connections.
  • Forms.
  • Commentaries.
  • Maps.
  • Publicity.
  • Etc.

, One really is to be able to place what you want where you want.

In what widget is different from plugin?

Much people confuse them and think that they are the same and, although yes that has certain relation, they have more differences than similarities.

As a summary, we can say that plugins gives new functionalities to your webpage and widgets “only” teaches them. For example, you can install plugin to create a presentation of images but, if you want to include it in the lateral menu, you need widget.

That is the main difference but in addition, widgets also is distinguished in:

  • They are simpler to form.
  • Their options more are limited.
  • If you change of subject, the configuration is not conserved.

Much eye with that last point! When having each subject its own design, most normal is than you must return to form widgets.

And speaking of themes, in others posts we have seen best for WordPress the gratuitous ones, of payment and for WooCommerce.

We have even seen what is a subject son. 😉

The 7 better widgets for WordPress than you can install in your webpage

Now that you know clearly what is widget and what he is not widget, is called on to see the best ones than it has for WordPress.

1. Simple Social Icons


If you glide to make money with your webpage, yes or yes you must have several profiles in social networks. Not only because they allow that your content arrives at more people, but because they are a form to secure visits without resorting to the SEO.

Then thanks to this widget, you can place your different profiles in the lateral bar (in the order that you want) and thus your followers grow faster. In addition he allows you to form the color, size of the icons, to clear them, etc…

Unload it here.

2. Black Studio TinyMCE Widget


Since there are counted a little to you arrives more, the options of widgets usually are quite little and to obtain the result that you look for, usually it is necessary to touch code HTML.

But you do not have those knowledge exist alternative as this widget, that allows to add texts you more visual just as if it were a post normal. How? Thanks to the fact that it adds the same visual publisher that you use in WordPress (TinyMCE) but for different widgets which you have.

Unload it here.

3. WordPress Popular Post


When one is to position your webpage, one of the keys is to obtain that the visitors remain the greater possible time in her. And for it, you have several techniques as writing for your ideal client, to use internal liaisons or that visit others posts yours.

Then that last task is simpler if accounts with this widget, there since it allows to insert a list with the last entrances of your blog where you want.

But that already makes WordPress, why I need this widget” Because it gives many more options you as ordering by:

  • Number of visits.
  • Number of commentaries.
  • More popular by time rank (24 hours, week, month, etc).

Also it allows you to include an image in miniature and adds a section of statistics in the panel of administration of WordPress, where to consult posts that better is working.

Unload it here.

4. Image Widget


With widgets that it includes this CMS by defect you can add images where you want, the problem is that he is little intuitive and their options are little.

With Image widget the process is simpler because he is more visual, since it uses the same system that the button “To add object” and in addition, its interface allows to include:

  • Alternative text.
  • Legend.
  • The size of the image.

In summary, it does your simpler work.

Unload it here.

5. Widget CCS Classes


We are giving by seated that you do not have great knowledge on design Web but it is not thus, and you want that different widgets shares style, this is for you.

Thanks to him, you can give a style CSS widgets that you want through a simple text box.

Unload it here.

6. Google Map Widget


If your webpage is on a physical business, he is indispensable that counts on a map indicating where it is. Google Map Widget allows you to include it anywhere (in its version of payment) and to change:

  • The size.
  • The colors.
  • The type (map, relief, satellite or hybrid).
  • Etc.

Unload it here.

7. Amr shortcode any widget


We could catalogue as widget for widgets, already his function is to allow you to anywhere place of your Web widget that you want through shortcode.

This, that can seem a triviality for some, which allows is to jump obstacles that some widgets raise to you as for example, to only be able to add them in the lateral bar. With this you can put it in posts, in the head or where you of the desire.

Unload it here.

You know others widgets that are worth the trouble?

This world is not as ample as the one of plugins, but even so it is possible that we have left something in the inkpot.

If you think that to this ready one on best widgets for WordPress it needs one (or several), it would enchant to us that you told us in the commentaries of more down. And by all means, if you have some doubt or you want to comment any other aspect, also you can do it.

We see ourselves in them!