How to form Yoast, best plugin SEO

When we wrote a blog, it interests to us that this it is positioned as well as possible in google and in other web search engines since if we wrote is because we would like that people read to us no. WordPress is a fantastic manager of contents that by itself already it positions rather well, mainly if you have it lodged in good hosting as Webempresa. If in addition, we add framework to him as the Genesis, will still have it if it fits more optimized.

In addition to all this, if we want to pass another level and to optimize our site to the maximum we need plugin SEO that helps us to form our site as well as possible so that people find us. For it, best plugin SEO than you can find nowadays is the YOAST.

With this plugin you can form the title of your main page, the one of posts, indicate to him to google what to index and that… we do not go, a wonder that will help you to position your site far better and to avoid duplicated contents that as much google penalizes nowadays.

Plugin has several parts, so we go little by little.

How to form Yoast

as forming yoast

1. Titles and Meta Labels

– General

Here there is a fundamental option that you must indicate: Nonindex subpages of archives

With this we will avoid that google indexes subpages of our main site, of categories, labels… All those subpages usually take the same title and create duplicated content. With which it indexes to us first will be sufficient, it does not interest to us that it indexes

The rest of options is voluntary.

– Cover

One of the fundamental parts of plugin. Here we will be able to determine what will be the title and description of our main page, the one that will leave in google when it appears our page indexed in the finder.

If we have decided on a static page, we will have to put the name and description in the option that each page and post it has reserved for it thanks to plugin Yoast, as you can see in the image.

to form yoast

You will have to give to a title to the page (or post) and a description.

– Type of entrance

These options I would leave them all in target since later, since we have indicated to you above, to each page and each post you will be able to manually give to the title and description him that really you want to give to him.

– Taxonomies

Here, also, you can leave them in target since also him you can put soon the title manually that you want to each of them.

But what it interests to us more of this option it is a possibility of indicating to google the Noindex to him of “Categories”, “labels” or “format”. Following how you organize your site, it can interest to you not to index some of these options. Often we created categories, and mainly labels, to the free will, creating equal or very similar labels and categories. I, for a long time, do not index the labels and try to organize everything in categories vice versa… or, but I do not index the two. With this you will avoid to have duplicated content, although as already I say, everything depends on the organized thing that you are and as you decide to structure your site.

– Another one

Here, if you are the only author of the site, the best thing is than you put “noindex” to author, since but, the author page will be identical to the blog of the site since you only write. If you are several authors, you can value indexing them… although personally I do not see utility him.

With the option “archives per dates”, more of the same.

2. Social

This option we will have to fill up it with the data of our social networks (those of the page). Of this form, when somebody shares our content, this it will appear of the possible most beautiful form. 🙂

3. Sitemap XML

If we activated this eyelash, we will create sitemap of our website. With this sitemap, we indicated to google the structure to him of our site, urls that tenmos published and will index them better. If we have account in Google Webmasters tools, we will have to raise this sitemap our account.

4. Permanent connections or permalinks

In this section we can indicate to google several things to him as for example, if we like that urls of our site is “beautiful more”, all of them with the bar finish in the end “/”. In addition to this, there are other options that in principle we would not touch, we would leave them as they are.

5. Enaces I commit

In this section we have the famous “crumbs of bread” or “breadcrumbs”, that are the connections that usually we see in the head of each article and that indicates the route to us of pages that we have followed (or on that they depend) the page in which we are at the moment. They serve to improve the user experience and also, for the SEO, since of this form, in each one of the pages, we will have some I connect equipment towards related pages.

6. RSS

In this option we can fill up a small text in which we must also put the name of our site and a connection towards our site. In this way, in case some robot robs our content to us for publiarlo elsewhere, at the outset or at the end of this robbed content (following where we have decided to put it) will appear the text that we have added with a connection towards our site. Since it robs the content to us, at least that connects to us. 🙂

7. To import and To export

Previously if we have been using another one plugin, plugin SEO de Yoast offers the option to us to easily concern the options SEO that we had pre-established in the other pluins not to have to do everything manually again. This step is very imporatnte if we changed from one to another one plugin.

8. Bulk title publisher

This is one of last the new features that have incorporated to this plugin. With this option, we can publish the title of several simultaneously posts without having to be opening one by one each post. A very comfortable option if we must change of massive form the title of several pages.

9. Bulk description publisher

It is exactly just like the previous option but to publish the description of posts.

10. To publish archives

From this option we will be able for example, to publish our file manually .htaccess without having to use the FTP, without a doubt a very comfortable option also.

As véis, he is relatively simple to form plugin Yoast. It is only necessary step by step to follow the indications that I have been to you putting and your Web will be still if it fits more optimized to occupy the first positions of the finders.

Also, to have in account that this configuration of the Yoast is basic and the one that I usually use, but following each, of the type of site whom it has, objectives and structure of the Web, will be necessary to apply some changes to optimize it still better if it fits.