How the internal liaisons help you to position your webpage in the highest positions of the finders


You want that your webpage reaches the first position in Google, truth? And to obtain you have read it several techniques of SEO and among them, one of most outstanding is the internal liaisons.

But, of what it consists of exact form? Really that helps to rankear in the great G? What you must consider at the time of beginning to use them? To know the answer those questions is basic so that your work comes out well… And you have them just underneath.

You will go away without them? 😉

What are the internal liaisons?

Something very simple: the internal links (as they are known in groins) are the hyperbonds that aim at another place within your webpage, as they can be:

  • Categories.
  • Others posts.
  • The beginning page.
  • Etc.

For example, if we connected to our main page where you have the great discounts for the best companies of hosting, is an internal liaison.

So that it is clear, as long as one does not leave the domain, is a internal link.

Why it is important that you make a strategy of internal liaisons?

Because you want that your webpage secures the best positions. It is not that you are going to appear of automatic form in the first position of Google, but of course help thanks to his benefits:

  • They reduce the rate by ricochet: because they facilitate that the user remains more time within your site, that Google interprets because your content is of quality and it awards to you with better positions.
  • It facilitates the indexing: and since we have seen in others posts, everything what is to only help the great G brings positive aspects to your site.
  • They help to position the new content: if your home has sufficient authority and from her you connect to your new contents, they will raise better positions before.
  • It reinforces the old man: although already it has a good position, if they continue to him arriving visits from present content, will not lose it easily.

In summary, they are essential to improve your SEO. * (more ahead we explained why this asterisk to you 😉).

The types of internal links that you can use

At the time of connecting several forms exist to do it, all of them based on the anchor text that you use. What is the anchor text? The text that forms the hyperbond.

You do not worry if it is not to you clear absolutely, with the examples about now is understood perfectly.

1. With the keyword to position

This is when you use to only create the connection the text that contains the keyword that you want that to harness in the finders. She is one of the used options more, mainly by the simple thing that turn out to include it anywhere.

For example, if we want to position “plugins of commentaries for WordPress” from this text we used a connection of the best type “discovers plugins of commentaries for WordPress in this post “.

2. Articles that have relation

Another type of most common, and than is to recommend to the reader other contents that you have created and that have relation with which it is reading now.

You remember the asterisk of a little arrives more? Then that is an internal liaison of this type.

3. Articles that do not have relation

They come to be just like those of the previous point… That Only much more simple! Because you do not have to break the head to you thinking if they have relation or not with the subject that you are trying.

That characteristic causes that they also are of most common since you almost can use them anywhere.

As for example, speaking on creating a strategy of internal liaisons first it is to count on a domain, truth? Then we left this connection you where we guided you in its purchase.

4. Connections name brand

When we spoke name brand we do it of the name of your business online and therefore, this type of connection is those that take it in their anchor text and there is their great difficulty: to much people he costs to him to include it of natural form.

How you can do it? For example thus: it consults all the entrances of the blog of HostingGuideBook here.

5. With the complete direction

Here one is something very simple, that is to use as text of the connection the URL.

Although its use usually is in external liaisons, can be used without problems to connect within your webpage. It is certain that they are not nicest in view, but they do not require of naturalness and they call much the attention.

An example would be

6. Phrase + keyword

Perhaps the used option more because they combine naturalness and yield perfectly.

Text with a phrase consists of creating the anchor in includes the keyword that you want to position. There is no restriction as far as length or short it is the connection, the only thing that matters is to include keyword.

For example, it learns how to measure the speed of load of your site where the keyword that we try to harness is “to measure the speed of load”.

7. Phrase next to keyword

The opposite is right who the previous point, since he consists of connecting using as text which is before or after the keyword, but without using this.

An example to position “tools for entrepreneurs” with this type would be: it saves long time with these tools for entrepreneurs.

8. Variations of the keyword

The robots of Google are readier every day than it happens, and that means that they are able to understand synonymous of keywords that you use so, you can them you can use as anchor text for your connections without problems.

For example, if you want to rankear “how to choose group in WordPress” you can create an internal liaison that is “how to choose theme in WordPress “.

What internal liaisons you use?

As you see, the internal liaisons are not nothing “of the other Thursday” and certainly already you use them in your webpage. For that reason we would like to know which you use, if you have detected that some gives better results or if you have a favorite.

In order to do it, you only must continue lowering until the commentaries. And by all means, also you can ask any doubt to us that you must or tell us what you want referring to this subject.

You lie you comment, is worth to us. 😉