How the URL friendly helps your business online to secure to major visibility


The Internet addresses are as of the life real one: at the most simple to remember better. By that reason, they were created the URL friendly.

You don't know of what we spoke? Heard has something exceeds they but you don't know which are all advantages? How formed is WordPress so that all directions are thus? All those questions we solve them in the today post.

So… we began?

What is a direction URL?

According to Wikipedia, one is:

A Uniform Localizer of Resources (LUR, more known by abbreviation URL, of the English Uniform Resource Locator) is a uniform identifier of resources (Uniform Resource Identifier, URI) whose referred resources can change, that is to say, the direction can aim at variable resources in the time.

A a little muddied definition, truth? If we had to use our own words to define what is a URL, we would say:

A series of characters that serve to arrive at any resource (page, image, video, etc…) that there is in Internet.

, It really is what one reads in the bar directions whenever you sail by the network.

Which is the difference with a friendly URL?

In spite of its name, a URL is not friendly because there it is always arranged to help you when you need it. 😉

It is known as semantic friendly URL, or URL, to all those directions that, until certain point, are written so that the users understand them. With an example it is seen better.

It imagines that you have a blog of the news with different categories. If you do not use URL friendly, the direction of a post could be:


Nevertheless, if you choose to use “the amiable” form, he will be something similar to the following thing:


You see the difference and, mainly, why are called friendly? It jumps at sight.

Perhaps and now you are asking yourself “what concerns something thus? … More than you create and we demonstrated it to you next.

Friendly advantages to use URL

Now it is when we told all the benefits you that it has to use them in your webpage and creates to us, we would not dedicate a post to him whole if we did not think that it is worth the trouble:

  • They help the SEO: the main reason. It is not that they are going to give the best positions you to only use them, but of course are a good extra next to other keys and plugins for SEO.
  • They attract the users: the simple thing is beautiful and generates attention. By that reason, it is demonstrated that this type of directions calls plus the attention.
  • Easier to remember: it thinks about the example of more above. If you wanted to return to accede to the page, which you think that you will remember better?

In summary, and without sort of doubts, the URL friendly is the best option.

How to create a perfect friendly URL

The importance has been quite clear that your URLs is friendly. The following step is to know how it must be a direction so that, to part of friendly, it favors other aspects of your webpage.

1. The keyword writes

And only the keyword. The reasons to do this are the following:

  • You are saying to him to the user what is going to find within that direction. For example, to what you would know to tell us what subject we tried in this other entrance whose direction is
  • The same happens with the robots of the finders. It thinks that, although they are machines, they are programmed to understand what they are and everything what is to facilitate the work to them, thanks for it with better positions.

And taking advantage of the example that we have put, in other sites you have perhaps read that are better to eliminate the words than they do not contribute information and, in this case, that the URL was “/crear-sitemap”.

They are right or no? Nobody knows it… But our advice is that you always use the most natural form and thinking about the people as much in your posts as in the directions. After all, you write for them. 😉

2. The size yes that it matters

This goes a little the hand with the previous point and what we commented to only write the keyword.

It is demonstrated that, whichever minor is the URL, more people enters her reason why, if you are of that writes the whole title of the post, is better than you only leave the keyword.

3. The structure chooses according to your type of page

At the time of choosing URLs friendly, you have everything a fan of possibilities. Returning to the example of the blog of the news, after the domain that you chose, you can put:

  • /lapalabraclave
  • /categoria/lapalabraclave
  • /a ño/mes/lapalabraclave
  • /autor/lapalabraclave
  • And any other combination that is happened to you.

Which of them is the best option? We know it clearly. If your site is a store online, we showed preference for second and, for the rest, first.

But that is our opinion! Perhaps, by the characteristics of your webpage, some is better from the other… The only thing that you must remember is that she is simplest to read possible.

It forms your WordPress for the URL friendly

In this CMS you can cause that all the URLs has this format of automatic form. The form to form it is very simple since it is enough with:

  1. To go to your panel of administration.
  2. In the bar of the left, it punctures on “Adjustments”.
  3. Next, you click in “permanent Connections”.

Now in the screen you will see several of the most common structures so that you choose.


That simple it is! That yes, you have you must know that to change the URL of a page that already is online causes that it loses his position in the finders.

But calm, you can modify it without losing all the work done in SEO thanks to redirections 301.

URL friendly, makes honor to their name

We nothing else do not have to add on URLs friendly, although that does not mean that it is not necessary to count more… We have opened the door to a world of possibilities, now he is called on to you to enter and to investigate it.

And when you do it, it would enchant to us that you returned here and you told us what so has been the experience, if there are shortage something that is past to us, what structures you have chosen for your page, etc.

It takes advantage of and gives visibility to your business online. 😉