It discovers how to create sitemap for your Web that secures the best positions to you

to generate-sitemap

In the love and the war all bond and, although here the pinto war little (luckily) the love yes that has capacity… Why? Because today we spoke to you of one of the best ways to obtain than the finders fall in love with your webpage and they treat it as it is deserved.

And how obtained is something thus? Very simple, knowing how to create sitemap, the advantages that it has and which are best plugin than you can install in your WordPress to make sure that it is of the best quality.

Prepare to you because, as of today, Google will do ojitos to you. 😉

What is sitemap?

From a technical point of view (but either much), sitemap is a URL of your website than it points at a file with extension .xml in which they are all the directions of your webpage.

And shelp in a more level language, it is a map of your site (translated of literal form) that helps the finders to sail of more efficient and fast form by all your site.

In order to see it with of an life real example, it is as giving the robots that index your webpage gps that guides to them by the best route, with the consequent advantages that something has thus. 😉

Which are their benefits?

In truth it does not have many benefits… In fact, it only has one but, is so important, that it counts as several.

And it is that, as you have seen in the definition, its main advantage is that helps Google (and to the others, but mainly to this) to read all your webpage of a simpler way. In what that is translated? Exact, in better positions.

If you think it well has sense… You imagine the amount of sites that the great G indexes every day? Million and even thousands of million. For that reason, it awards to all that one that facilitates the task to him and nothing does more than sitemap.

For that reason, to part to realise these keys best SEO and to install plugins to position your WordPress, it is essential that you count on a map of your site if you want to receive organic traffic (although in this post we saw that you do not need to Google to secure visits).

How to create sitemap for your webpage

Reason why we took sight until now, is quite clear that you must count on a map of your site yes or yes… What options you must to create it? Basically two:

  • Of form manual (that we could call Spartan). 😉
  • Of automatic form (much more simple).

For which tenth that of the way manual? Because you must worry to you about:

  • To know its syntax.
  • To write one to one all the directions.
  • To modify when there are changes.
  • To assure to you that he is all correct one.
  • To add the new directions.
  • And much more task.

As you see, one is a task that not only is tedious, but it consumes a great amount to you of time… Really, it is not an option. And it is not it mainly having the possibility of doing it of automatic form thanks to plugins.

1. Best plugin to create sitemap in WordPress: Google XML sitemaps

For the CMS that dominates Internet of unquestionable form, you have infinity of plugins to create sitemap in a moment. In fact, some of most known as Yoast and JetPack include the creation of the map without needing installing nothing (Remember that to install many plugins does that your Web loaded slower).

But in this occasion he is just to add and it is one more than, although those that we have commented to you before not do it bad, cannot compete with the quality that offers Google XML Sitemaps.


And that its name does not take to error! If you are a little to hipster and you want to also appear in Yahoo and Bing, there is no problem… He is compatible with both finders.

Once it is installed and it activated, your webpage will count on sitemap of quality that will cause that the finders are as in their house whenever they accede to your site.

2. How to raise your sitemap Google

You thought that already you had finished? Still you have left a last step and are to tell him to the finder of seeking “takes, you have gps here so that you sail almost by my site with the closed eyes”. Or to put it another way, to send the map to him.

For it, you must create an account in Google Webmaster Tools (well-known also as Search Console) and to verify that you are the administrator of your webpage. Once you find completed this step, the process is very simple.

  1. When returning to enter GWT, you click on the direction of which you want to incorporate the map.
  2. In the column of the left, “Tracking” looks for the option.
  3. Kitchen mhelp exceeds she and, in the menu that unfolds, the option “Sitemaps” chooses.
  4. Now, in the right part, you will see that it appears a great and red button in which it puts “To add or to prove sitemap”.
  5. When kitchen boys she exceeds, he will open a MGP-up in which you must introduce the map direction. If you have not touched anything, it must be enough with writing “sitemap.xml” (without the quotation marks).

And ready! You have already put him to Google a carpet of red color so that it enters by the great door your webpage, indexes it without problems and in return, it awards to you with better positions.

But you do not think that only with this coarse one to reach the first position… Sitemap help (and enough) but to manage to place your site between the first result, is necessary to do much more.

Although of course it is a good start. 😉

How to create sitemap no longer it has secrets for you

Up to here the post exceeds how to create sitemap. There are counted everything to you what you need to know to envelope he and now is called on to you to put to you to work.

But before going to you it would enchant to us that, if you have something to add, to tell, you want us to recommend another one plugin or any other aspect that goes up to around the head to you on this subject, you use the commentaries of more down and you share it with the rest of visitors.

We waited for your commentary! 😉