What is and which are best VPN to sail of safer form by the network

Better VPN of the moment

When one is the security in Internet, all precaution is little.

For that reason, today we spoke to you of one of the best systems to sail without danger by the network of networks and answered as important questions as what is a VPN? Why it serves? Which are their advantages? In what situations it is used? Which are the best services?

So if it interests to you to be out of danger in Internet, you cannot lose this post to you.

What is a network VPN

Before giving our own definition, we see you how Wikipedia defines it:

A virtual private network (RPV), in English: Virtual Private Network (VPN), is a technology of network of computers that allows a safe extension of the local area network (LAN) on a public or not controlled network as Internet. It allows that the computer in the network sends and receives data on shared or public networks as if outside a network deprived with all the functionality, security and policies of management of a private network.

A little muddied, truth? Shelp with other more normal words, a VPN it consists of being able to connect you to a network that is not in your local network as if thus it was. We told an example you so that it is understood better.

It imagines that you have a friend who lives in Scotland and he sends to an incredible video that unsecured envelope to you how to update WordPress. Evidently, you run to see it because you know that he is something essential to have a site more surely.

But when you accede to the connection, it appears a message that this video says to you “is not available for your geographic zone” or something similar. Then thanks to a VPN, you can be connected to a Scottish network and then, yes you can accede to the content because the navigator receives the signal from that country.

Examples of how removing benefit to a good service of VPN

Nothing better to understand a as abstract concept as this that with some good examples. Thanks to them, you will know why a VPN is used and why they are a so good tool:

  • To skip geographic restrictions: right what we finished counting you in the example and one of the most common uses.
  • To avoid the censorship: we hope that you are not in this situation but, if the government of your country blocks the connections to sites or services online, can avoid it with a VPN.
  • In telework: since it allows you to enter the network of your office without being of physical form in her.

You understand now better what means VPN? It is not more than a way to unite you to a network without being of physical form in her.

Advantages to use a VPN

And now that already you understand what is a VPN, the moment arrives from which you know all the benefits that it has to use it:

  • Your navigation is more private: since the “spies” of the network do not accede to your device of real form, but to the one of VPN.
  • He is safer: by the same reason for before. If they try to attack your computer or mobile, VPN does of short fires.
  • Perfect for public networks: our advice is that never you connect yourself to a network without password but you do not have left more remedy, to use a VPN reduces the risks.

As you see, everything is transformed to that you sail by the network with a security extra.

The 5 better VPN than you can use

Arrived at this point, there are no doubts that sailing through a VPN it is a good idea if your privacy and security worry to you. The subject is that in Internet there is a pile of companies that offer this service… Which to choose then?

In order to respond to that question, we presented those to you that stop we are best the 5 options.


Better VPN Spain

For many, the best service of VPN than you can contract thanks to as interesting characteristics as the following:

  • Count with more than 2,000 VPN servers.
  • It has applications for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, routers and Linux.
  • It owns a encryption AES of 256 bits and technology SSL.
  • It offers limitless speed for each client.
  • You can choose between 148 cities of 94 countries.

And to that adds service to him to 24/7 client and guarantee of return the 30 first days.

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2. NordVPN

VPN of Nordvpn quality

The great rival of ExpressVPN and an option also very to consider, since he offers as important aspects as:

  • Encryption at military level.
  • Double privacy with the VPN.
  • Blockade of announcements and suspicious sites with CyberSec.
  • Protection of direction IP.

Another great advantage is that NordVPN allows you to protect 6 devices with a single account, in addition to counting on apps and extensions for navigators.

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3. CyberghostVPN


This service of VPN offers characteristics very similar to which already we have seen, in what it emphasizes then? In these so interesting points:

  • It has policy of zero registries. Nor they know where they are in line his servers.
  • He is compatible with different protocols from security.
  • Before any problem, he only deactivates himself.

That, next to his more than 3,000 servers in more than 60 countries, their technical service by 24/7 chat and its guarantee of 45 days makes an option consider very.

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4. Goldenfrog


Goldenfrog is a company that offers VyprVPN, almost surely the most professional option in which to VPN it talks about, and that note in the different plans that offers:

  • Basic.
  • Premium.
  • For businesses.
  • VyprVPN Business (that is a service in the cloud).

Each is focused to the different needs that you can have (as much you as your business) and, according to the plan, offer:

  • More than 200,000 directions IP.
  • Equipment of help 24h.
  • Limitless unloadings.
  • Selection of servers in a single click.
  • And much more.

Really, a perfect service for your business.

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5. Hidemyass


In spite of being the last one of the options that we propose to you, HideMyAss is a quite complete service of VPN and is that, you decide on the plan that you choose, you obtain the following characteristics:

  • Up to 5 devices by each license.
  • More than 760 servers in more than 190 countries.
  • Limitless unloadings.
  • Applications for iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Expert attention every day of the year.
  • Easy to use.

So as you see, it does not have anything to envy to the rest of alternatives.

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