Guide step by step of how installing WordPress in your hosting of automatic form and saving many headaches to you


Everybody speech about its kindness and of the simple thing that is to use but, you know how to install WordPress in your hosting? Then the basic step to begin to enjoy all the good one that it must to offer this manager to you of contents…

Luckily, you have to us that next, we told everything you what you need to know how to count more on the used CMS in the world in your servant. In addition, we taught the option to you simpler than it exists to obtain it.

And to all that, add coupons to him discount so that you save a few Euros… What could more be asked? 😉

First of all, contract hosting

That yes, that this step is very obvious and us we could have jumped because, if you are looking for how to install WordPress in a servant, it assumes that it is because you have already contracted one (although perhaps you want to use it in the premises with XAMPP).

But by the reason that is not thus, we showed to you of summarized form how to contract hosting in RaiolaNetworks, one of the best companies of lodging Web that you can use to day of today.

  1. It enters its webpage.
  2. In its main menu, “hosting WordPress” chooses the option.
  3. Kitchen mhelp in the button “I want it” of the plan that better adapts to your needs.
  4. If you do not have domain, here you can register it and if you already bought it, also you can transfer it (we taught to you here how to buy a domain here and, as choosing it).
  5. It beats in continuing.
  6. Another one sees in continuing.
  7. Stuffed the data that ask to you.

And now that you are in the last step, take advantage of a discount of 20% thanks to our coupon discount to you! He is as simple as to introduce it where it puts “It introduces the promotional code if you have it” and to click in validating code.


In order to finalize the purchase process, it punctures in “paying now”.

Guide step by step on how installing WordPress in your servant of automatic form

Before following, and since already there are saying, we are going to show to you how to install WordPress of automatic form. Why? Because although much people prefer the option manual, for the people with knowledge limited in this “world” he is simpler to decide on the automated method.

In addition, nowadays the software that is in charge of this is very advanced, and almost there are no differences between doing it of a form or another one.

1. She accedes to client area

If the purchase process has gone well, from form immediate they will almost arrive to your account of mail an email with the user and the password of your area of client. There it is where you must accede and for it, returns to the main page of Raiola and, in the right corner superior, you will see it.


He is tiny but it is there. 😉

2. It enters cPanel

Once completed the previous step, you will have in the screen your area of client. It is important that you become familiar everything what you can, because of being here where you can conduct any battle and/or management related to your hosting:

  • To see the invoices.
  • To send a support ticket.
  • To manage your domains.
  • Etc.

But the part that interests to us now is the one of “active Products and services”. In particular, you must click on the domain that you finish buying.



This takes you to the page of management of the product and in this, you must lower a little and puncture where it puts “cPanel”.



3. Applications Installer looks for installatron

Now you are within cPanel but, what demons are cPanel? According to Wikipedia he is the following thing:

cPanel (control acronym Panel or ‘Control Panel’) is a Control Panel to administer to lodging servers Web who provide tools with automatization and a graphical interface based on webpages.

That is to say, that is not plus a tool that allows you to manage your hosting of a more visual form, and thus shines:


As you see, the amount of options that allows to take you to end is many and very varied, it is worth the trouble to know them all? The truth is that no, because most probable is than many of them you do not use them in your life.

And almost better because, to touch here without having nor idea, it only brings headaches. 😉

Shelp that, now it is called on search the program that is in charge to install of automatic form WordPress in your servant and for that you have 2 options:

  • To downwards do scroll until the section of “software” where it is the “Installatron Applications Installer” (that is as it is called).
  • To put that name in anyone of the 2 finders of above.

Once you locate it, you click in him.


4. Stuffed the data that ask to you

Now the screen shows an enormous amount of applications that you can install with him, organized by categories:

  • Communities.
  • Administration of contents (what is a CMS).
  • Commerce and businesses.
  • Images and archives.
  • Surveys and statistics.
  • Varied.

It looks for and it punctures in WordPress in the section of “administration of contents (or it uses the finder). It will leave a small summary to you on the manager contents and a button that it indicates “To install this application”.


Kitchen mhelp in him and the screen that appears now, you only must fill up all the fields that ask to you. If you have doubt in some, our advice is that you leave them as they are and if you do not know clearly that it is the best option, you put yourself in touch with the technical service (you can clearly change the name of user and password by which you remember,).


You do not worry much in case something does not finish as you want, because with the same program you can desinstalar and return to install WordPress so many times as you want.

You already know how to install WordPress in your hosting, you only have left to begin to work in him

For it, the only thing that you must do is to accede with the user and password that you in the last chose point of how to install WordPress in your servant. If you do not know by where to begin, you can visit ours posts with the best groups for WordPress of payment, best themes gratuitous, etc…

And you do not forget that in our main page we have a pile of coupons discount for the best companies of lodging Web.

Take advantage of them! 😉