Hosting SSD

Discs SSD Webempresa

After the last changes of the algorithm of google, every time it is more important that a Web carge of fast and stable form. To google it behind schedule does not like a webpage that too much time in loading, and when tenth too much it is not necessary that many seconds pass so that the great G takes us eats slow and it relegates to us to rear positions.

Also, to the user who visits our site it likes that this fast loading and without stoppages. It is what google calls user experience, who everything flows of quick form. Of this form we will obtain that the experience of the person who is visiting our page is good, pass in her greater time and does not become bored to hope and it is ended up marching.

And you will be asking yourself, To what all this comes. Then, nowadays, to obtain that your Web loading of fast form is essential good hosting. If you have hosting SSD you will go a step already ahead. These discs far better favor the fast access to the data lodged in him securing a speed of load of the Webs to traditional discs HDD.

The SSD are solid state disks that favor the security and rapidity. In addition, they are much more safe that a disc HDD and consume much less energy. They are compound of microchips storing the information in a stable memory chip without movable parts.

Speed Web

Hosting of Webempresa is ideal by which we mentioned previously. In our opinion his hosting SSD does it perfect so that your Web carge at the maximum possible speed. The capacity disc SSD will vary based on your needs and than you decide to contract, but in webempresa it begins in the 500MEGABYTE and it goes until the 10GB. In any case, if for some reason you needed more space, you can speak with them and always evaluate options to have a SSD hosting done to your measurement.

Advantages of hosting with discs SSD:

  • Economic: They are hostings cheap that we can contract without needing realising a great investment. If for example we contracted a private servant would cost to us much more.
  • Adaptable: We can begin by a simple or intermediate plan and be increasing it as we are it needing if our project Web is growing.
  • Security first of all: Hosting SSD of Webempresa is optimized to the maximum to cover all needs with security and to avoid to have some misfortune.
  • Specialization: With this SSD hosting you can contract to a lodging Web specialized in wordpress, joomla or prestashop, following the platform that you want to use to manage your Web or lies down online.
  • Support: If there are leido the main page of this site already you will have occurred counts the importance that we give the support. In this case, the company that we are recommending, Webempresa, offers a recommended support 100%, solving all doubts almost right away. In addition, if you want to move your page from another one hosting that you had previously contracted, they themselves migrate it to you to your new hosting of totally gratuitous form, so that your you do not have to do nothing.
  • Speed: We have shelp it to you and you we return it to repeat; with a disc SSD yours hosting will be much more quick and your webpages will load much more fast certainly.

In summary, if you have a project which has many visits, many images and a great amount of data, we recommended this type to you of hosting, it will help you to let grow your business and to make fly it. Also, if you have a smaller site but you aspire to let it grow, we recommended to you that you begin with hosting of this type, you will begin with the right foot and you will already have good part of the route of your realised project. To google it will like more and you will like than google you quira more 😉