Genesis Framework pack

If you have arrived until this article probably is because you have already used sometimes wordpress and you want to happen to a new level.

If you have never used it you do not worry, if you are looking for information on the pack Genesis Framework de Webempresa is that you want to mount a blog and you want to do it well from the beginning.

Why I say all this to you? Simple, mounting your blog or webpage with wordpress and genesis framework you will be joining the best manager of contents with the best platform of themes to give to your blog the aspect that your you wish.

(Cupon20” at the time of contracting it Remembers to introduce the coupon “and you will obtain a 20% of discount)

Why it is so good Genesis?

Genesis framework

Bond, you have heard speak of this framework but you do not know nor what is nor why is so good.

Framework we say that it is the technical part of the design of your blog, the one that causes that everything works correctly and that is in charge of “the mechanical” part of the site. Then, to that framework you must to him put a “t-shirt”, a design that your you choose so that the aspect of the site is as you like.

At the time of making aesthetic modifications of the site, you will do them on that “t-shirt” (theme Genesisi that you have chosen) and not on framework. In this way, you avoid to touch nothing that can spoil your site and that does not have return back. Interesting no?

It is really good or he is only fashionable? With this framework and his themes you almost secure some spectacular designs without effort. They are easily configurable even for that they hardly do not have technical knowledge.

To it we must add its perfectly optimized clean code to him and, which causes that the Web flows fast and loaded quickest possible, aspect that likes not only to users but also to google. Not in vain, genesis framework is being used by main and the more prestigious SEO's of the world. If they use it in their blogs… It will be by something no?

Pack Genesis Framework de Webempresa

At the time of installing genesis in wordpress you can do it of two forms:

  1. You can contract hosting wordpress of Webempresa and as much settle your by your account wordpress as Genesis Framework (you can buy it here).
  2. You can contract the Genesis Webempresa pack and have it everything installed in 1 minutes.

Advantages to contract the Webempresa pack

  •  Fast and easy: You do not have yourself to worry don't mention it, only him DAS to a button and so much settles wordpress as the genesis framwork.
  • The design chooses that you want: Once you have installed it, you choose the payment group that you want (the group already is including in the price of the pack, reason why you save 99$ that costs).
  • It comes with plugins more important and useful settled, so that you do not have yourself to worry don't mention it!

In summary, you will save long time in the installation of your site so that you can be centered from the beginning in doing what you like, that is to say, writing. You do not worry don't mention it more.

Themes for Genesis

Steps to follow for the installation of the Pack

  • It enters your cPanel of Webempresa with your user and password.
  • It vetoes to the option that puts “Packs Webempresa”
  • Among that they leave to you, you will have activated one that puts “Pack Genesis”
  • Beams click in that and him DAS to the button to install.
  • Stuffed the options that leave to you (domain in that you want it to install, if you want it to install in the root of I dominate elsewhere or…)
  • You leave the rest of options as they come by defect and him DAS “To install”.

In some seconds you will hardly have preparation your blog with ready Genesis to use. In “Appearance” and “subjects” of your panel of administration of wordpress you will be able to choose the group that you want to him to put to your blog.

Those groups in theory are of payment, but Webempresa includes them in its promotion, reason why you will be able to choose theme that you want totally of gratuitous form.

To what delays to prove it? It takes advantage of our webempresa coupon with 25% discount and begins your website already.