7 keys to choose the perfect group of WordPress for your webpage without possibility of mistaking to you


What would be of a webpage without a group? Then as a garden without flowers, truth? Doubt does not fit that is one of the most important parts of your business online and for that reason, today we taught the 7 secrets to you to choose the best group of WordPress.

The subject that you choose for your site is the one that gives the first impression to your visits… and you only have an opportunity so that this is good. 😉

The 7 keys to choose the perfect group of WordPress for your business

In this blog already we have taught to you which are the best groups:

We even have to you counted what is a subject son! But as this world evolves so fast, we think that the best option is to explain to you how to choose the best group for WordPress by same you.

Thus, for a long time that pass, always you will be able to choose the best option.

1. Of payment (almost) always

Only there is a case in which a gratuitous group is an option: that you take your site as a hobby.

If you have intention to make money with your webpage, yes or yes you must choose reason why it is known as a premium group. If right now you cannot allow something thus you, theme gratuitous can be a temporary solution but in the long run (and with your first benefits) you must buy a professional subject.

Create to us, you will not regret. 😉

2. Focused your public

In particular, you must look for a group that adapts which your ideal client looks for.

We talked about to that, for example, if your webpage is a store online where to buy equipment to practice adventure sports, the subject that you choose cannot be one with neutral colors and extinguished.

The ideal is that it uses a trowel with combinations energetics and that their structure is dynamic. If you think it, it is just like it happens with a physical store, the decoration is not the same if they sell suits that if they sell sport clothes.

Then with your group it happens the same.

3. Very personalizable

In Internet there are thousand (if nonmillion) of groups, reason why it can seem impossible that your webpage looks like the others, truth? Then it is not thus absolutely…

Ten in account that in the end, the majority of the people chooses by the most unloaded and that causes that many sites seem identical and the visitors do not remember if they visited one of them.

So if you want to emphasize against your competition, the best thing is than you decide on a group that allows you to personalize it the possible maximum. Thus you will only be able to give a unique aspect and to stop him being one more between so many options.

The ideal is that it allows you:

  • To change the typography.
  • To choose the colors.
  • To modify the CSS.
  • To change the distribution.
  • Etc.

If you can obtain that it is not looked like the rest, it is a good signal.

4. With design “responsive”

Or what is the same, that is seen of the best possible way without concerning the device that is used.

Ten in account that according to the last studies, every day is plus the users who use the mobile phone to sail by Internet. To that adds the great variety to him of devices that exist, each with a different size and resolution.



Now it thinks, what will happen if your webpage is not correctly in them? It is not aerospace science… you are losing visits.

5. With an active support

For us, he is one of the most important points and than much people it ignores… And that marks the difference between choosing a good group and choosing the best one.

And if no, stop to think it a little while to you, you imagine that a problem with your group arises and you do not have to whom to ask to him? Or you want to change something and you must discover how to do it by your account? Not only it is that you need the knowledge, it is that you must spend time that you perhaps do not have!

For that reason, you must pay attention to which the subject owns a technical support that responds when you need it, and if it has a forum where the rest of users is helped among them better than better. But it is not only the important thing.

The hackers are of constant form looking for vulnerabilities in the groups, reason why also he is vital that update time every so often so that your Web continues being safe.

6. Optimized for SEO

All we want that our site appears in the first result of Google. For that reason, you strive in following the best advice to reach them and install plugins that helps to obtain it you.

But, you know what? Nothing of that serves if the group that you choose not is made to enamor to the great G (and to the other finders). , If one is a heavy subject and that it slows down the speed of load, it is especially dragging your site to the depths of the results.

Another aspect to take care of is how it has been programmed. You can thus know something without having nor idea of HTML and CSS? Yes, visiting this validador of HTML and this other of CSS where they tell you how many errors contain the URL that you introduce (in this case, demo of the group that interests to you).

That yes, ten in account that is normal that they appear. The key is in choosing the one that has the smaller number.

7. In agreement with your webpage

We talked about that if your Web is of a restaurant, you look for one specialized for that intention. Just as if one is a blog, a store online or of your portfolio professional.

In summary, are groups specialized for each type of page and usually they are the best options.

And you, how to make to choose group in WordPress?

You pay attention to other details at the time of choosing group for WordPress? Him DAS more importance to something concrete? You think that us something important has escaped? If it is thus, háznoslo to know writing in the commentaries of more down.

Or if you mean any other thing to us, also it seems to us brilliant… While they do not remain in target, happy we. 😉