7 groups of Wix to give to your Web the perfect appearance and to enamor to your users from the first visit

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Your webpage can be the first contact that somebody has with you and for that reason, must always shine with a perfect design.

To obtain something thus, that seems very complicated, is not it if you know the tools adapted as for example Wix, one of the most known in the world of the webpages that offers subjects of quality for your designs

You want to discover it everything on the groups of Wix? You only must continue reading. 😉

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Advantages and disadvantages to use groups for Wix

In case you do not know it, here we have an article in which we explained to you what is Wix and we give our opinion you, in addition, we recommended to you that you throw a look to him to this post in which we told everything you what you need to know how on programs to create webpages.

Although as a summary, we will tell you that an alternative to WordPress treats so that you make your own site of easy and simple way. 

And it leaves from his success is in the groups that offer but that, as everything, they have advantages and disadvantages that we told you next so that you know them.


  • Simple to use: it is enough with which selections the one that you more like of all their repositorio so that your Web has the same aspect. And soon to personalize them to your taste is super easy.
  • They use technology end: and they update them of form constant so that thus it is throughout the time.
  • Designs of quality: modern and present so that the visits see that it is a great Web.
  • App market: that it is as its store of applications is called, that allow you to extend their functionalities in function to your needs.


  • Limited: because you only can arrive to where Wix lets to you arrive. (to make your design you have the groups in target to design from zero)
  • You cannot undo the election: since once you have put one, if you are decided to change you will lose it all the created content.
  • Your page is of Wix: although this is plus an associated problem to use this platform, is so important that we could not “happen” of him.

The best groups in Wix by categories

One of the aspects that we more like of the groups of Wix, to part of the amount, is that they are specific for each type of Web:

  • Businesses.
  • Store online.
  • Photography.
  • Video.
  • Music.
  • Design.
  • Restaurants and food.
  • Trips and tourism.
  • Events.
  • Portfolios and CB.
  • Blogs and forums.
  • Well-being and health.
  • Fashion and beauty.
  • Community and education.
  • Creative arts.
  • Landing page.

The best thing of everything? The Wix groups are free.

And as to speak of each of them it would take long time to us, we will show “only” the best ones to you in the demanded categories more. You can see all the groups of Wix here.

1. Wix groups for photography

Whether you are a professional photographer that it needs portfolio online to show his work, or are only a fan to the photography to which it likes to teach its talent in its own Web, Wix makes your available different themes in function from which you look for.

A. urban Photography


If you look for to create a site in which the photographies are the protagonists, he is complicated who you find better subject than this.

Basically it is a gallery of images in which to hang your works, with a menu that consists of:

  • Welcome.
  • Portfolio.
  • Clients.
  • On my.
  • Contact.

It goes, everything what a photographer needs to teach his snapshots.

To see demo.

B. Photography of Weddings


As its own name indicates, it is the ideal group if you dedicate yourself to photograph this type of events.

It combines an elegant and modern design, with examples of your work, a section to speak on you and a form of contact so that the potential clients come.

What can more be asked?

To see demo.

C. Photographer and director of art

photograph-director-ar you

This group is perfect for all those photographers who know that they are different from the rest, more creative and need that everybody knows it.

Its design is much more modern that the rest and, as demo is seen in his, combines perfectly with a type of less conventional photography so, if that is your style, you will not be mistaken when choosing it.

To see demo.

2. Wix groups for store online

If yours he is ecommerce, you have these Wix groups to unload.

A. Store online for children

You do not let yourself deceive by its name, because one is a clean and modern subject where the products have all the protagonism.

So it does not matter what bandage, certainly it serves to you.

To see demo.

B. Store of fabric bags

stock market-fabric

Once again, you do not let yourself confuse by the name and is that, like it happens with the previous one, this theme gives all the importance to the products that you sell thus and, avoids distractions to the clients.

To see demo.

3. Wix groups for bloggers

You look for Wix groups for your blog? Then these are our recommendations.

A. Blog of the entrepreneur


A subject with the classic structure of blog, that consists of a list with the last published entrances.

What we like more? That in the part superior it counts on an outstanding connection so that the visits subscribe, something essential if you want to make money with him.

To see demo.

B. Blog of life of a mother

blog-it sucks

You With the design of this group happen of the name and have left, that is what it has captivated to us.

, That the elements of the menu also appear right before the list of entrances published in the form of image, which especially does more attractive and “clicables” by the visits.

To see demo.

3. Wix groups in target


This more than groups, is skeletons that Wix offers you to design almost from zero your own webpage. The designs that you have are:

  • From zero.
  • Classic.
  • With headed strip of.
  • Minimalist.
  • Of a page.
  • Mosaic style.
  • Portfolio of exhibition.

An alternative if it does not convince any prefabricated design to you.

To see designs.

This is everything on the groups of Wix

We nothing else do not have to tell you on the groups of Wix. As you see, they are an option to consider very.

But in case it turns out to be what you look for, we did not remember to you that in our Web you have coupons discount of the best companies of hosting. 

Only just in case. 😉