It discovers what is a domain and all that with this vital concept to have your own webpage


You are just arrived at the world online? Then it is normal that you wonder yourself what is a domain.

And perhaps also you want to know if you must buy one, its advantages and have other many doubts.

If it is thus, in the next lines “we gutted” this concept and we explained everything to you what you need to know to envelope he.

And with surprise in the end. 😉

What is a domain Web?

As we did when eramos small and we did not understand a word, we are going to the dictionary search the meaning of the domain concept:

Denomination that it identifies to a site in the network and that indicates its property to a certain category.

Or shelp with other words, it is the name that is used to identify of unique and exclusive form to a webpage in the network ( in our case).

That is our answer to what it is a domain in computer science. As you see, one is something very simple to understand, truth?

Advantages to have your own domain in Internet

Aside from being a concept very simple to understand, a domain he is something that you must have if accounts with a Web.

And reasons do not lack:

  • It defends your brand: and you avoid that somebody is made happen through you (or your business) in the network.
  • It does to you more credible: because it contributes to much more seriousness and professionalism to count on an own domain.
  • Own accounts of mail: to be able to use the email far better is that to use gmail, yahoo or any other service of e-mail.
  • He is very personalizable: unless it is already taken, you can use the domain that better adapts to your needs.

And those are only the main ones! There are many more so, if you want to buy your own domain, here you have our guide.

In what a domain is different from a direction IP?

Because, they are different concepts or 2 ways to call to the same? No, direction IP and domain are not the same.

In order to understand better what is each, the best thing is to illustrate it with a simple example.

It imagines that you are in your house, without which to do, and you decide to call to a friend to take something. Unless you call it quite often, the normal thing is that you do not know his phone number and you resort to the agenda of your smartphone.

So you look for his name, you press envelope he and the telephone of automatic form dials its number and you begin to speak.

Then in that example, direction IP would be the number of your friend and the domain the name in your agenda.

That is to say, direction IP is a unique number that identifies a webpage, whereas a domain is a name that occurs to an IP so that she is simpler to remember.

You have more information exceeds what is a direction IP in this post.

Are hosting and a domain the same?

No, a domain and hosting (also met as Web server) are 2 concepts that, although maintain relation to each other, are very different.

Hosting is not more than a computer where the webpages are stored and that, thanks to its characteristics, allows that everybody can accede to them through Internet.

Fortune tellers how? Thus she is, writing his domain. 😉

An of life daily example to help to understand the difference between the 2 concepts would be the one of a store.

When purchases in a physical commerce, you move until a direction and you enter the premises. Then in this case, the store is the servant and his direction the domain.

And following with the example and the spoken thing until now, direction IP would be the coordinates of the premises.

You want to know more envelope what is hosting? You we counted it here everything.

Which is the difference between a domain and a URL?

Between these 2 elements it happens something very peculiar and it is that, in spite of being 2 different concepts, one of them could not exist without the other.

Because as already we have seen, a domain is the name by which a Web in Internet is identified and, a URL, is the way to determine an exact place of each site.

In order to see it in a real case, our domain is and the URL of this post is

You understand now why tenth that one cannot exist without the other?

The idea is the same that when you go to a great surface as Ikea, Corte Inglés, FNAC or whatever it has within a same building different departments.

For example, within Ikea you can visit the area of dormitories, to see kitchens or quarters of bathrooms without leaving there.

Then we say that Ikea is the domain and the URL is each one of the sections that it has.

The service life of a domain

Service life is called to each one of the states through which it can pass a domain throughout his existence, which they are:

  • Available: nobody has bought it, so this free one for first that chooses it so, it dates haste if you want it!
  • Registered: now the domain belongs to you and, during a minimum of a year and a maximum of 10, nobody can clear it to you (to greater time of registry, more cheap it leaves).
  • Assets: once finalized the registry, it happens to be operative during the contracted time and you are not in danger to lose it.
  • Period of grace: it is known thus while it happens if you do not renew your domain but in which still you can recover it.
  • Period of punishment: we say that it is one second opportunity not to lose it, but to a greater price.
  • Elimination: you lose the domain and the process can be reinitiated by anyone.

As you will imagine, the ideal is that you do not arrive at the period of grace. 😉

You already know what is a domain

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