5 tools for entrepreneurs who will do everything simple much more


Every day they are plus the people who send themselves to the undertaking, attracted by the idea of not working for others. It is clear that is one of the great advantages that it has (along with choosing your schedule) but we are not going to you to deceive, also is a full way of difficulties. 

For that reason, so that this adventure that you initiate is simpler, there are preparation this post where we told you which are the best tools for entrepreneurs.

As a famous video-game is shelp: “he is dangerous to only go, takes this”. 😉

The 5 tools for entrepreneurs online

Before beginning telling which are the best tools you for entrepreneurs than it has in the network, you must know something very important clearly: no of them will do the work by you.

This, that seems obvious, it tenth because if you are looking for the magic wand that causes that to initiate your own business online it is to sew and to sing, here you will not find it… Mainly because it does not exist.

That yes, we assured to you that they help you to that everything is simpler. 😉

1. Toggl

When you are your own head (and more in a business online), one assumes that you are the owner of your own time and work when you want. Or at least that says everybody to you, truth?

Unfortunately that not is thus and in the end, if you do not take a good control of the hours that you work, you are yourself immersed in a day of work of more than 10 hours and where there are no week ends.

In order to solve that problem, you must be conscious of how long you dedicate to him to each aspect of your business and for it, you have Toggl.

Thanks to this tool, that of basic form consists of a time accountant, you will know to what you spend all the hours which you invest thus throughout the day and, to be able to manage it better. In addition it counts on functionalities as:

  • To register the time according to projects or tasks (to respond emails, to take care of social networks, to speak with clients, etc.).
  • Information with the picked up data.
  • Etc.

And the best thing of everything, is that it is free.


2. Trello

We bet with you what you want to that Trello will become indispensable as of today… if it is not it already!

One is one of the best tools than they exist to organize all the tasks that you must only do so much or in equipment. In addition, its operation could not be simpler.

You can create so many panels as you want and, within each, to add cards with the different assignments that you must realise, all this with the value of being able to add:

  • Labels.
  • Dates of victory.
  • Attached archives.
  • Checklist.
  • And much more.

In order to end, within each card there is a chat where you can be commenting with your companions which you want. As we told you, an indispensable one for any entrepreneur.


And we have left the best thing for the end, does not cost not one Euro.


3. All the suite of Google

The relation with the great G usually is complicated. You hate it when it does not give the best positions you in the finder (you have a post with best plugins here SEO for WordPress and another one with useful advice to position more stop here) but soon you think about everything what the offers by phase and the climb is smaller. 😉

And, if you use his tools of the cloud for your business, until you already see it with other eyes:

  • Keep: the classic sticky notes but in version “pro”. You can create them style checklist, photographs, audio, etc… All this with the advantage to take notes from any device and that appear in the rest.
  • Drive: if you have undertaken online to have freedom of movement, you will want to be able to accede to the archives that you need from any site. Thanks to Drive and its 15 gigas (shared with the rest of the ecosystem) will be as if you took your computer to all sides.
  • Calendar: the calendar of Google is one of most powerful than they exist.
  • Translator: in order to be to the last one in your terrerno, it is essential to visit page foreign and, of all the translators online, this he is of whom better results give. In addition, with his app of the mobile you can translate images and sounds.
  • Analytics: perfect to take an exhaustive control of how the people when entering your Web interact.

In the end she is, that Google is one of your great allies.

4. Pixlr

Any business online needs images, since they help to transmit much more that the simple text. For that reason, to part to know the best banks gratuitous images, to count on a photographic edition tool he is indispensable.

As you know, options in the market it has to kicks, in fact we made this other post on the best publishers of images online, but we must choose one, we remained with Pixlr.

Not only because it counts on the most basic functions as trimming, brush and others, but because it counts on characteristics of Photoshop as:

  • Layers.
  • Filters.
  • Magic wand.
  • And many more.

All this, with the advantage of being able to accede to him from any site.



5. Feedly

As we have to you before counted, part of your work when you undertake is to be to the last one in the new features that appear in your sector. And that implies to have to read many specialized blogs.

But as soon as your business begins to grow, the hours that you can dedicate to document to you fall. In order just a short time to take advantage of that you arrange, it is Feedly.

Thanks to this tool, that consists of a RSS reader, you will have in an only site all the new content that your favorite sites have published, which allows you to be to the current of the last new features.

In addition, from the own Feedly you can share posts in your social networks.


You know other tools for entrepreneurs?

You are the tools for entrepreneurs who we recommended but, evidently, exist many more. And certainly you know some that we have not put in the post.

For that reason, now we asked to you that you share it with us in the commentaries. Tell us which is your favorite, which you consider or any other aspect indispensable that is happened to you.

To undertake already is complicated, and if we helped ourselves between all?