The best gratuitous subjects for WordPress with which to secure a professional aspect



You have seen it. There is people who lives (and well) on a webpage and you would like to be of those. Sure, you begin to investigate and you see that they are all expenses:

You would even have to buy a group for your site… Perhaps good, you can save that cost if you know the best gratuitous subjects for WordPress that they exist, subject that we approached in the today post.

So it keeps your portfolio, today it is out of danger. 😉

It is good idea to use a gratuitous subject for WordPress?

In principle, no. and much less if your idea is to send a webpage with which to make money. Why? By a very simple subject: they are groups with the functions very limited.

To what we talked about with “limited functions”? To that it is very probable that, in your own site, you cannot:

  • To use the text source that you want.
  • To change the combination of colors.
  • To modify the position of some sections.
  • And other aspects of this type.

Perhaps but you are thinking that she compensates that lack to you of freedom if, in return, you are able to save money (mainly at the beginning of the project). She is one devises logic, but erroneous and dangerous.

He imagines that lances a blog on the subject that is excited with a group Web free. With time, you begin to position itself as referring in the sector and want to give a return of nut to the design, so that he is more professional.

Forget to you to do something with theme thus gratuitous.

So there you are, with a webpage with certain volume of visits perhaps (that you could turn into clients) but that you cannot modify. And if you want to add a button of sale in a more visible place? Or the form to score when newsletter? You must grasp to you with as it is.

For that reason our advice is that, if the use that you will give him is professional, you bet from the beginning by one of the subjects of WordPress of payment that we recommended to you in this post.

What you must look for free in your subject for WordPress?

But the purpose of your site will not be so professional, or simply you cannot allow right now to pay you by a subject, the option of a gratuitous group is better than nothing.

And so that you choose the best option, we told you that one in which you must pay attention at the time of choosing:

  • Responsive: , nowadays rare it will be that you find one that does not adapt to any device. But even so there are them so, they ten much well-taken care of and you never choose one that is not it.
  • SEO: there is people who begin to give by dead the SEO. Nobody knows with certainty if it is thus or no, but just in case, our advice is that you choose one that is adapted to its rules: speed of load, clean code, etc… That, next to best plugins and the basic keys to position will do easier that you scale positions in Google.
  • Support: you do not confuse that she is gratuitous with which you will not have help before the problems that arise. At the time of choosing one, knowledge that will be people behind to make use to you is a factor differential.

If a gratuitous subject for WordPress satisfies those three requirements, it follows without being a valid option for a professional site. But at least, he will not be the worse one of all. 😉

The 4 better gratuitous subjects for WordPress

If after all what we have to you counted, you follow with the idea to use theme by which not to pay, next we showed those to you that stop we, are the best gratuitous subjects for WordPress.

1. OnePress

With more than 60,000 active facilities and one score of 4.5 stars on 5, doubt does not fit that we are before a quality product.


In fact, and like it happens with other many gratuitous subjects, one is a version with functions limited of theme of payment. That is to say, that you can see the aspect that will have your site, “trastear” with him a little and, if it convinces to you, pay by the complete package.

As far as the group, it is of the type who knows as “one page”, in which all the information is in the beginning page and, with forms lowers, is. Account with a very well-taken care of and modern design, reason why is ideal stops:

  • Companies.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Portfolio.
  • Etc.

In addition, he is compatible with the last version of Woocommerce (of which we spoke of his shortcodes here to you)

>> You can unload it here <<

2. Gridsby

You are fan of Pinterest and would you like his appearance for your site? Then this group is for you.


Perhaps to some it seems to them that its aesthetic one is too simple, but is just there where is its force, since it gives all the protagonism to the images. For that reason, if you are a professional photographer, rare it will be that you find one better gratuitous group for WordPress.

>> You can unload it here <<

3. Flash

An unicorn in the world of the gratuitous groups for WordPress.


Not it tenth because their score is of 5 on 5, but because it incorporates functions that only usually are in themes premium:

  • A construction type drag & drops.
  • Ready predefined groups to matter.

You can choose if you want that he is of the type “one page” or with a more classic style and, like it happens with OnePress, counts on a payment version to extend his functionalities still more.

>> You can unload it here <<

4. Sidney

Like the previous one, this theme also counts on the honor to have the maximum score that grants the users. Something to consider knowing that he is activated in more than 200,000 pages.


How obtained is something thus? Giving to free the user it stops:

  • To add any source of Google Font.
  • To be able to change the color of free form.
  • Leaving its logo raises.
  • With sliding controls to all screen.
  • And much more.

Of course, one of the best options than you can choose.

>> You can unload it here <<

These are the best gratuitous subjects for WordPress

Or at least those that, to our opinion, better result offer free.

You know some group without cost that is worth the trouble? You think that a business can have a Web of quality without investing in theme? It is a very interesting subject to debate in the commentaries.

It desires to You that we speak it in them? 😉