The 9 better hostings free to initiate you in the world of the webpages without risk to lose your money


The businesses online are fashionable because, in principle, the investment is not very great if it is compared with the benefits that can get to generate.

But in spite of that little investment, there is people who cannot (or she does not want) pay a lodging and look for hosting free… It is good idea to lodge your webpage in this type of servers? Which are the best options? Really he is recommendable to choose by them?

If you want to know the answer to those questions, you only must continue reading the post that there are preparation. We will tell you when if and when not to use a lodging Web of this type.

Advantages and disadvantages to lodge your Web in hosting gratuitous

As everything in this life, the lodging gratuitous Web has a positive side and another negative and so that you know them, we told them to you next.


  • It does not have any cost: obvious, but as it is still its main virtue (and almost the only one) is impossible not to say it.
  • Perfect to test: or for projects amateurs that does not have any aspiration.


  • Just a short time online: it is not that the service lasts little and you must change of supplier of constant form, but the servers are more unstable and therefore, your Web is less time online.
  • Very high limitations: as much of bandwidth as of space Web, which is translated in which before any mini tip of visits, your site falls.
  • Little help before problems: since in some hostings not even counts on technical service and those that have it, of course that does not emphasize by their quality.
  • Speed of slow load: you must forget to you that your site loaded fast if the metheglins in hosting gratuitous. And therefore, of which Google you of better positions (you have a post here on the speed of load and another one with the keys to position your Web in Google).
  • Without domain: not as in the majority of payment lodgings, where the purchase includes the registry of a domain. Here you will have to pay by him (you can read our guide exceeds how to buy a domain).

Then, when he is recommendable to decide on a lodging gratuitous Web?

If you look for a sincere answer that question, it is never. Mainly because nowadays you can find excellent professional companies of hosting to very good prices. In fact, in our page of beginning we have them classified in a ranking.

There you have everything what you need to know on the great ones of the sector as Webempresa, Raiola Networks or CubeNode (all of them with coupons of discount so that you still pay less).

But even so you want to decide on the lodging free of your webpage we we know it clearly, only is worth the trouble in the following cases:

  • An precise event: in order to create a site that only work during a time, as a celebration, a wedding, etc.
  • As laboratory: in simple pages, they can serve as proving stand.

For everything what is to leave that, doubt does not fit that is worth the trouble to invest a few Euros in hosting of resisted quality.

Another option that you have is to free create a webpage with some of the met constructors more as Wix for example, but you have to consider that in this case, if you want to decide on the gratuitous version, announcements in your Web will show to you and you will not count on an own domain unless you pay to the version superior.

The 9 better hosting free than you can use to day of today

We don't convince to you and you are pawned on lodging your gratuitous Web in hosting? With the simple thing that turns out to choose one of quality… But even so you are determined, at least chooses one of that we told you next that, although never it will be able to be equipped to one of payment, have certain quality at least.

1. LucusHost

Gratuitous Hosting

The first company is right one that disassembles several of the gratuitous arguments against that we have put to hostings, and is that it enters his characteristics emphasize:

  • Technical support 24 hours.
  • Possibility of using coding SSL with Let's Encrypt.
  • Installer of WordPress in 1 click.

To all that adds to him:

  • 1Gb of storage.
  • 5Gb of monthly transference.
  • cPanel.
  • Compatible with PHP and MySQL.

So we know it clearly, LucusHost is the best option of gratuitous lodging. In addition, they are a Spanish company, reason why all the process and the technical support are in our language.

More information here.

2. Dinahosting


This is one more of the companies of hosting Web known in Spain, and his more than 100 workers it makes give us account us that is not a small business.

The subject is in that, in spite of offering professional plans, also it has a version with “zero cost” for very small projects. In fact, they are so small that:

  • It only offers 10Megabyte (that nonGb) of space.
  • You cannot install a CMS (if you do not know what is, visits this connection).
  • The limit of monthly transference is of 1,5GB.

As you see, one is unthinkable characteristics if you glide to gain the life to you with a webpage, but sufficient for a static site and which it is not going to be operative for a long time.

More information here.

3. Freehostia


We arrive at which can more be one of the companies of gratuitous lodging known world-wide level, almost surely by everything what they offer without no cost:

  • 250Megabyte of storage.
  • A data base of until 10Megabyte.
  • Possibility of installing WordPress.
  • To store 5 domains.
  • 3 accounts of e-mail.
  • 6Gb of monthly traffic (that you can increase paying).

It is clear that, clearing the space of hard disk, this American company offers very interesting characteristics that can incline the balance towards her.

More information here.

4. X10Hosting


It is clear that few words attract more than “free” but, if exists one that can compete to him is “limitless” and right that is the trick of this company, since it is of the few that offer hosting gratuitous and without limits.

You have read well. Without paying nothing you can have a servant who allows you to lodge 2 webpages without concerning the size which they have nor the number of visits that receive. And it gives just as it is WordPress or any other manager of contents.

Where it is the trick? Since as we told you at the beginning of this product type, its stability lets enough wish and the speed of load of your Web is not the best one. But you are arranged to sacrifice those aspects, is an option than interesting.

More information here.

5. 000Webhost


This Cypriot company is also very well-known in vps hosting with ssd which to lodging gratuitous Web it talks about and it is that, without no type of cost, you obtain hosting with some characteristic than more remarkable:

  • 10Gb of traffic to the month.
  • 1Gb of storage.
  • Car CMS installer (WordPress, Joomla, etc…).
  • cPanel to administer your hosting.
  • Without announcements.

As you see, you have everything what you need to mount a site online without paying nothing… Where it is “but”? In which every day they send your site “to sleep” 1 hour.

Or what is the same, during 60 minutes they deactivate your webpage and it cannot be visited by anybody. The truth that as solution is original and, if does not need that it is the 24 hours online, is a quite low price to pay by some good characteristics.

More information here.

6. Awardspace


If for you he is indispensable who the servant is more close possible, perhaps but the Spanish alternatives that we have to you counted do not satisfy you, this German company yes does it.

And, what offers so that I mount your business online with them?

Yes, you have read well… your webpage is stored in a disc SSD! That means that, whenever you worry to optimize it well, the time of load will not be a problem for you.

More information here.

7. 5gbFree


To little that you dominate the language of Shakespeare, already you will know how much space offers or web hosting with unlimited storage this company to you of hosting gratuitous but, in case litters confused, are 5Gb. 😉

If that amount seems to you a past one for a service that does not cost money, when you find out that you are 20Gb of transference every day old, possibility of installing 3 webpages and that you can install almost any CMS you are going to hallucinate.

We have done it at least.

More information here.

8. Batcave


No, it is not that the things go to him bad to Batman and has had to rent his batcueva as center of cheap dedicated server linux hosting. Or perhaps yes…

The subject is that, although this company is oriented the English, German public and of the United States, you will not have any problem in using it from another country and benefitting to you from its characteristics:

  • 1Gb of storage.
  • 5Gb of monthly traffic.
  • 30Megabyte for a data base.
  • 1 Cuenta of mail.
  • Support 24/7 (although limited).

You imagine to lodge your Web in the mansion of Bruce Wayne? 😉

More information here.

9. Runhosting


We follow with the germanic companies and in this case, with which nowadays it gives service more than half million users whom they look for to save some Euros in lodging Web.

And as far as the characteristics, they are the normal ones in these services:

  • 1Gb of hard disk.
  • 5Gb of traffic every month.
  • 30Megabyte for a data base.
  • 1 Cuenta of mail.
  • Support 24/7 (limited).

The advantage is that if your Web grows, you can happen to payment plans with better characteristics.

More information here.

These are best hosting free, you know other that is worth the trouble?

Anyone of these hostings gratuitous is an option valid to mount your webpage, but there is more. If you know other that is worth the trouble, you do not doubt in telling it to us in the commentaries.

We see ourselves in them!