How to make a blog from zero without having knowledge nor formation on creating webpages


Every day that you rise, you read as more and more people have a life of success thanks to Internet. And you also want that piece of pie, but you think that you need technical knowledge to obtain it.

Then we have the good news, anyone can have a webpage. Yes, even you who when they request you that lame the mouse you go to by cheese to the refrigerator. 😉

And so that you see that really it is possible, we have created this guide exceeds how to make a blog from zero without hardly having knowledge. Because you can also be the successful that has those people if you propose it to you.

To the mess!

How to make a blog from zero

You are preparation to take the step and to create a blog in spite of not having nor idea of webpages, Internet or digital marketing? That is the attitude! If the others have been able, nothing prevents that you can have a Web created by same you. 😉

And to help you in this new adventure, these are the steps to follow.

1. What you want to obtain with your blog?

Before putting hands to you to the work the process to create a blog yet from zero, the first step (and perhaps most important) is to ask to you what objective you want to obtain. It can be:

And why so is important to know clearly this? Because based on your goal, there will be aspects to which you will have to pay more attention than others. 

For example, if you want to create a blog to present your personal brand, you must concentrate more in than it has a professional aspect and that it likes your potential clients, whereas if you speak of a hobby, that can happen to a secondary plane.

It even changes the structure of your webpage! Because the design is not equal for a photographer who wants to show his work, that for which he sells infoproductos.

For that reason it is important that you know clearly what you want to obtain with your blog, because even before you begin, already it marks the way to you.

2. The correct one chooses thematic

Once you know clearly why you create a blog, it is hour to choose envelope what subjects you will try.

This is especially important if you glide to speak on some liking that you have because, by very expert that you are in something, if you are to the only one that it interests to him you will not have hearing.

That is to say, no matter how much you dominate how one behaves in awkward person of nose starred in high latitudeses, is little probable that to somebody it interests to him more.

What we mean to you, is that you must find the balance between which it is excited and that has public. And both points are equal of important, because if you treat a subject that do not interest to you but with many searches, is probable that it ends up to you tiring and you leave it.

And the same happens with the rest of types of blogs, because if you are a photographer of weddings, you do not have to speak on the photography of mascots because you will attract the incorrect public.

3. It secures your domain

The domain is that you write in the bar of directions of the navigator to accede to home of a webpage (ours it is

That is to say, that is the name of your site and as so, it is important that you choose best the possible one. The problem is that there is no one formulates exact to obtain something thus.

Because there is one who defends that always she must include the keyword by that you want to position itself, and others assure that the important thing is that it is easy to remember and with hook so that it remains in the mind of your visits.

Who is right? Nobody knows it, because cases of success with both formulas exist. Now, which yes we can recommend to you is that you try to always decide on the .com extension, unless you very look for something geolocalizado, for example, a webpage or blog that you know that only they are going it to read visitors of Spain or to only interests this public you. Then you could choose the extension .es in this case. If outside a public of Mexico, you would choose .mx or

It thinks that in the Network they can find people you worldwide and to use the international extension help to that thus is and you do not close yourself to an only country.

If you want to deepen more on this subject, we recommended this other post to you.

In order to register a domain, the best option is than you use the supplies that have the majority of hostings when contracting a plan. By general norm, if payments your plan annually, give the domain name to you, which is not nothing bad to begin spending the possible minimum.

Name of domain for blog

4. Contract hosting of quality

Here we must plant to us and tell you that, if you go in serious with your webpage, you do not have to scrimp in the servant (this discards hosting gratuitous, by all means).

The problem is that there are many companies that are dedicated to this, how you can know which is the best one? Although this goes based on tastes, for us better options do not exist than Webempresa and Raiola Networks.

Choosing anyone of them, we assured that not you to you equivocations.

Shelp that, to which you must pay attention is that one is a service of hosting that covers your needs and, mainly, that it responds of fast and effective form before the problems that arise (and create to us, will arise).

And to all this, if you do not know what is a servant, we told it here to you.

5. What platform is the best one to create a blog?

Bond, already you have your domain and the servant, the following step is to begin to create your blog as so… How it beams? Because if you have already inquired on this subject, you will see that several different platforms exist.

Then in this point, and like in previous, we know clearly that the best option is WordPress by as important aspects as:

  • Ease of use.
  • Community behind.
  • Versatility.
  • Variety of groups and plugins.

By all those reasons and many more, we can assure than WordPress is the ideal solution to create a blog.

Now, or Doubtless the .org version. The reason is that .com is a species of WordPress managed, that is very well for the people who do not dominate it but in the long run, its limitations cause that it is not an option.

It thinks that by very complicated that it seems to you now, more soon than behind schedule you will end up taking the trick to him to WordPress and will want to make things that the .com version will not leave you, reason why you will be forced to make a migration (with the risks that entails).

For that reason, it is worth the trouble to begin from the beginning with .org although of first it seems more complicated to you.

6. How to install WordPress in your servant

Once it has been clear that this manager of contents is the best option to mount your blog, next we told you how to install it in your hosting.

In principle, you have 2 ways to choose:

  • The installation manual.
  • The automatic installation.

First we discarded it because, although for many it is the ideal (you have the total control of all the process), also she is most complicated and being a simpler process and than it works very well, does not have sense to be complicated the life.

That yes, to decide on the automatic installation is indispensable that the servant that you have contracted counts on the technology that allows to do this. Although in principle, enough standard is something.

Once you have verified that counts on the Installatron (the name common of the program to install WordPress and other applications), the steps to follow are:

  1. It accedes to your area of client.
  2. Now it looks for the option to enter to cPanel.
  3. Once inside, it locates the icon that puts “Installatron Applications Installer” or “Applications” and punctures in him.
  4. Among all the options, it looks for and you click in WordPress.
  5. Kitchen mhelp in the button “To install this application”.
  6. She modifies the fields in function to your needs.
  7. The button beats “To install” that there is at heart.

And ready! When the process finishes, when acceding to your domain, you will have par excellence installed the CMS.

Advice: if you want to make sure that the servant who contracts counts on Instalatron, we recommended best hosting to you for WordPress.

How to install a blog in WordPress

7. The appearance of your blog

Since we have already shelp more above, one of the main advantages of WordPress is the amount of material (in the form of plugins, groups, etc,…) that you must to secure the Web that you want.

That, that in principle nobody doubt that is an advantage, can also become a problem sometimes because as much volume makes difficult to make the correct decision.

And in the groups this problem multiplies of exponential form because not only it is that there are many, is that sometimes they are very similar. Then, what must have theme to be worthy of your site? As minimum it must satisfy these requirements:

  • Adaptable to mobiles and tablets.
  • Speed of fast load.
  • Technical support and constant updates.
  • Easy to form.
  • Clean and nice design.
  • Thought to make good SEO.

By all means, also you must consider the type of blog that you have mounted, since the subjects for a site of the news are not equal that those of portfolio. But whatever, those characteristics are indispensable.

You want to know which are the best subjects for WordPress? Then it enters here. In addition, many of them are gratuitous.

To choose a group for the blog

8. Plugins indispensable

This it is a subject that by itself, it would give to write a post quite long and is that, almost for any task which you want to do in your webpage, certainly exists plugin of WordPress.

We go, that we did not exaggerate if tenth that in his repositorio official are tens of thousands.

For that reason we will concentrate in that they are really indispensable, those that all webpage must install yes or yes without concerning its thematic, objective one, hearing or any other aspect. If you create a site with WordPress, you must have them.

  • Yoast SEO: in order to have the certainty that any page or post of your site it fulfills the minimum parameters of quality of SEO.
  • Super WP Breaks: in order to reduce the time that takes your webpage in loading, something in which Google pays attention to position your site (here we spoke of this in greater depth).
  • BackWPup: it creates backup copies of your page outside your servant.
  • Cookie for Notice GDPR: it allows to inform to the users who you use cookies in your Web (something that the law forces to do).
  • Simple Really SSL: force to that always it is acceded to the safe version of your webpage.
  • Social AccessPress Share: it adds to your contents bellboys so that they share in the main social networks.

By assumptions, these are those that we to you propose, but you can read that there are others do the same and better. It is normal, because each person values different aspects.

We have looked for plugins with balance between power and simplicity of use.

Final advice so that your blog grows faster

Up to here the theoretical part arrives so to speak, now it is called on to take the bull to you by the horns and to create your blog.

But before putting hands to you to the work, let give you these advice to us for once he is online:

  • He studies your competition: and you do not see it as the enemy, but as anybody of that to learn and to extract powerful ideas.
  • Not you obsessions with the visits: it is essential that you monitor everything what it happens in your blog, but that does not have to make you lose the center of the important thing, that it is to create quality content.
  • It writes thinking about your ideal client: that it is the profile of the people who visit your page. It thinks how you can help him, which are their main problems and helps him to solve them.
  • It connects with Search Console: this tool of Google is indispensable so that the great G deals your site with more affection.
  • Bet always by the quality: and not by the amount. Better it publishes a post every 2 weeks good that not one weekly but that value does not contribute.
  • Prepare you to work: because if somebody says to you that it is obtained with little effort, it is lying to you.

And by all means, it enjoys this experience! Although it does not come out well, you will learn knowledge and acquire very valid abilities. 😉

How to create a blog step by step. It remembers, the servant is very important

You can “racanear” in everything, but to do it in hosting is to throw stones to you on your own tile roof.

And as we are conscious that you want to lodge your Web in the best site, but your economy can not be the best one, you have coupons here discount of the best companies of hosting.

Thus you do not have excuse, and all your work will be sustained in quality foundations.