Elementor page to builder, plugin of which everybody speech

to elementor-page-builder

When one is to create your webpage, you can decide on a professional group or create it you yourself with the different programs that exist.

But in WordPress everything changes.

You know that they exist plugins that allows you to do something thus but, or are little manageable, or is necessary to pay to use them… and if one existed that was gratuitous and powerful simultaneously?

Then it exists, is called Elementor page to builder and in the today post, we will tell his main characteristics you.

Today you will discover why it is in mouth of all. 😉

What is Elementor page to builder?

First that there is to make clear, it is that Elementor page to builder is plugin as any other of WordPress.

Good, as any other… to all the plugins does not dedicate an entrance exclusively to them. That is because he is special.

What causes that it is thus? Since, for many, one is the best visual maquetador than it has nowadays for the king of the managers of contendos.

But it is that, to raise the bet still more, he is totally gratuitous.

And you can be pregutando, what is a visual maquetador? Then neither the more nor less than a tool with which you will be able to secure the aspect that you want for your webpage, lowering to the minimum the code use.

Some examples that perhaps sound to you are:

  • Thrive Architect.
  • Composer line of vision.
  • Forge Page Builder.
  • Divi Page Builder.
  • Etc.

And now you will have asked yourself, “if there are so many options, what has Elementor of special? What is free”.

Yes and no.

Evidently, that does not cost money is an important trick for many businesses, but since we have seen, already there are options to do the same (and also to cost zero).

What it difference of the rest is everything what offers to that price. It does not exist to day of today, another one plugin of this style that gives so much by so little.

But it is not only amount, but the finished one will be of a quality beyond all doubt.

The advantages to use Elementor

That it offers some professional results to price of gift already is sufficient reason to give an opportunity him, but still there is more:

  • Very intuitive: but much. Is very surprising the easy thing that it turns out to shape the design that you have in the head in your webpage.
  • Thought to be responsive: everything will be seen the thousand wonders without concerning the device from which it is acceded, something indispensable for your strategy SEO.
  • In several languages: Elementor is translated to multiple languages. And yes, among them he is the Spanish.
  • A community behind every greater day: this plugin is growing as the foam and every time is plus the sites that use it. That is translated in which there is much documentation in Internet.

What? You are fallen in love little by little with him? 😉

The elements that you can add with Elementor page to builder

Once it is clear of what it consists, why it is being as much successful and all benefits, arrives the moment for seeing in greater depth all the options than it offers.


1. Columns

A form simple but powerful simultaneously to organize the content that shows your site.

Elementor allows to add so many you as you want but, its main strength, is the simple thing that turns out to give the aspect them that you look for.

For example, for the coarse width with which drags each cell until it is so what you want it. Also you can:

  • To change the basic color
  • To clear the corners.
  • To use an image as bottom.
  • To add shades.
  • Etc.

In addition, it allows you to introduce within a cell, other elements.

2. Headed

The classic titles that serve to separate sections within a same page. It allows customizarlos you with aspects to the maximum as:

  • Aliniación.
  • Color.
  • Separation of characters.
  • And much more.

It thinks that they are one of the places that draw attention more.

3. Images

It could not lack something so indispensable for a webpage. Thanks to him, you will be able to locate one where you want and many more, because also it allows you:

  • To change its size.
  • To add an effect when pass the mouse superficially.
  • To modify its opacity.
  • To put to him embroiders.
  • And much more.

And to end, it includes other modalities that they have to do with the photographies as:

  • Merry-go-round of images.
  • Gallery.
  • Picture of images.

We go that, be that as it may that you want to do, you will be able. 😉


4. Text editor

Elementor page to builder account, although does not seem it, with its own text editor so that you can write what you need where you need it.

To what we talked about with “although not it seems it”? Then to that he is practically identical to the generic one of WordPress. Something that can seem a triviality but, if already is customary to work with him, will cause that everything is simpler.

5. Video

Another option that could not lack, but has gone a step further on. Not only it is that it allows you to inlay a video of YouTube or Vimeo, but leaves you:

  • To choose aspect ratio (16:9, 3:2 and 4:3).
  • That the video reproduces of automatic form.
  • To choose the image that is before initiating.

It even allows you to decide in what devices will be seen or no.

6. Button

Since or you will have imagined, it is not that you can add a button and or… it is that you can modify almost any aspect of them:

  • Color.
  • Source.
  • Edges.
  • Spaced.
  • Animation.
  • Etc.

Everything a world of possibilities!

7. Separator

The classic line that is used to divide spaces in a webpage. Only that here, you can personalize it to your pleasure.

Color, alignment, size… are just a few of the aspect that you can change.

8. Spacer

In order to leave hollow between the different elements you have two options: to increase the margins or to add a spacer.

With both you secure the same effect so you can choose the method that you like more.

9. Google Maps

If your business exists of physical form, he is indispensable that you indicate its direction.

For it, the normal thing is that you use the service of maps of Google, since is the one that the majority of the people we used.

And yes, you can change almost any aspect that you want of him with the same facility that the rest of elements.

10. Icon

You know Font Awesome? One is repositorio of gratuitous icons of high quality and so that you use them in your site.

Elemtenor page to builder is 100% compatible one with him and in addition, it allows you to personalize them everything what you want.

Also it counts on a called option box of icons, a very useful option to emphasize the most important aspects of your Web.

11. Accountant

Wonderful to represent statistics. In fact, certainly already you have seen something of this style in other sites.

One is an animation of a number that is increasing until the number which you want. And yes, as everything in Elementor, you can personalize it to the maximum.

12. Bar of progress

Another way to represent data of more visual form. This has a great advantage, and is that your visitors will understand them far better.

You can be used in many cases but the normal thing, is that it is to show the percentage of abilities that you own.

13. Recommendation

What is called testimonies in many sites.

They are elements in which your clients, count the positive experiences that they have had when working with you, to buy your products, etc.

Essential to give that extra of confidence to all the users who not yet know you.

14. Eyelashes

Very comfortable and attractive a way to organize a part of the content that you want to include.

You can add all that you want and, evidently, to modify them so that they have the aspect that you like more.

15. Accordion

The same concept that the eyelashes, only that in the form of accordion.

Options to the power!

16. To alternate

Another variety of accordion or eyelash, that in this case, the icon that appears is only shoots with an arrow.

17. Social icons

To be able to connect anywhere to your social networks of your webpage, is a great advantage. And if you think that blossoming to classic… the cold cold.

In fact, it allows to add you up to 27 types of different social networks. That is to say, that certainly is all that you use.

18. It alerts

An outstanding text block in a color, ideal to draw attention to the users who visit your site. It includes four modalities:

  • Information
  • Success.
  • Warning.
  • Danger.

In addition, as advantage, it incorporates a cross that allows to close it.

19. SoundCloud

Perhaps it does not sound this social network to you, but every day its use grows a little more. These of Elementor… they have thought about everything! 😀

20. Shortcode

After seeing everything what we have to you counted, what can more be asked to him? What such power to insert plugin in any side?

Thanks to shortcodes to the purest Woocommerce style, you will be able to include a contact form, so that they subscribe to your newsletter and others plugins that short cuts allow.

21. HTML

If you own knowledge on this language of model-making, you can include your own codes that in addition, are integrated almost perfectly.

22. Anchor of menu

You know of those webpages that, when doing click in the different elements from the menu, instead of going to another page lower until some of the sections?

Then indeed this is what this option does.

Thanks to her, if you want to make a site of a single page (called one page), you will be able to take to your visitors to the different parts from simple and nice form. Everything thanks to its smooth transition effect.

23. Lateral bar

If your subject counts on sidebars, this option allows you to place them in the place that you want without the need that they include all the stop of a side.

Become will Elementor page to builder in your new essential one?

After all what we have to you counted, rare it will be if it is not it already! Few plugins will give you as much free…

Then, what you are going to do? You will give an opportunity Him? Or perhaps already you have used it in your website, what so the experience? You recommend It?

Us the accounts in the commentaries? 😉