What is Gravatar and how it helps you to save time and to strengthen your business online

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When you begin a business in Internet, the normal thing is that you center all efforts in securing visibility, and to obtain it you can choose by:

  • A campaign of Facebook Ads.
  • To write as invited author in other blogs.
  • To take to end a strategy SEO.
  • Etc.

But you do what you do, is indispensable that at any moment appears an image so that everybody relates it to your personal brand. When you comment the news, you write an e-mail, when finalizing your posts… must there be your image (and if you are a freelance one, better if it is a photo yours).

And not to have to be forming one by one all the services that you use, you have Gravatar. Thanks to this tool, you will only have to worry to you to form a profile and she will make the rest.

You want to know how works and how to create a user to you? You only must continue reading.

It thinks about the one of time that you are going to save…;)

What is Gravatar?

Before telling you how to begin to use it, we want that you know what is Gravatar and which are their advantages.

And for that, to know from where it comes its name is helpful. Gravatar world-wide comes from the Globally Recognized Transformation or in our language “recognized transformation”.

In case there is somebody confused one in the world of Internet and it does not know what is a transformation, we are going to see the definition that makes Wikipedia:

Transformation to a graphical representation is denominated, that is associated to a user for its identification.

Basically one is the image that you see next to the name in commentaries, articles and other content of Internet.

Then thanks to api of Gravatar, your transformation will appear of automatic form whenever you create a new user in a platform online. How it does? Associating that image to your e-mail.

This is very important, since if registers you with another direction of email different from that you use for Gravatar, it will not appear.

Advantages of Gravatar

If you do not know clearly how this tool helps you at the time of working your business online, let tell you all the benefits to us that contribute:

  • Visibility: does test to enter any digital newspaper, blog or page that allow the commentaries, see them and throws a fast look… you have not gone away the eyes to reason why they use customized ups and downs? That means that they are those that you will read first.
  • It saves time: sincere… often laziness occurs you only to register to you, truth? As putting to you to fill up the profile. If you have an account in Gravatar, that last step you save it to you.
  • It reinforces your personal brand: if you participate regularly in the pages related to your business, people will begin to know you by your image and they will associate it to your business of unconscious form.

Doubt that does not fit benefits than more interesting are some, no?

How to create your profile in Gravatar

The moment arrives for leaving all the theory to a side and to happen to the action. If you want began to enjoy the advantages of Gravatar, you only must follow these steps to create an account to you.

First of everything, it is to go to the official page and to create a user.


As you can see in the image of above, you have two options:

  1. To use your user of wordpress.com.
  2. To create one new one in Gravatar.

If you choose to use your account of wordpress.com, it is enough with making login with your user and password to enter the administrative panel of Gravatar.

In case of creating a user in the platform, it is very important that you use the email address that you use for the rest of services. It remembers that the association becomes through email.

1. Once created the user in Gravatar

You decide on the option that you choose, the screen that you will see will be the following one:


As you see, it is simply a warning indicating to you that you do not have any associate image. In order to solve it, it punctures in “Adding to an image doing click here”.

2. To choose an image

You already are in the panel where you will choose the image with which you want that they associate your business. The options that they give you are:

  • Upload new: in order to raise a file from your computer.
  • From URL: if it is an image that already is online, with indicating its coarse direction to use it.
  • Past uploads: now he will be empty, but you will be able there to choose raised archives previously.
  • From webcam: in case of counting on camera, you can do the photo to you from the own Gravatar.

Once chosen one of the options, the moment arrives for trimming the photography so that the part is only seen that interests. That you will do it in the screen that comes, where in addition, you will be able to see how they are the miniatures.



When you have it as you like, she beats in the button “Crop Image” to happen to the following step, in which she asks to you that you classify your image based on which samples:

  • G: apt for all the public.
  • PG: it shows something that can be offensive (profanities, lack of respect,…).
  • R: if it teaches naked, intense violence, drug use, blasphemies and aspects of that type.
  • X: extreme violence.

Surplus to say that your transformation must be within group G. In order to finalize, you do click on the button “Set Rating “.

Ready! You already have an image of profile associated to your email address. Now you test.

It enters the different webpages in which you have a user with that mail. You will see as the photography that you have chosen appears as by magic art.

And by all means, it has where you create a new user, your transformation will be formed of automatic form.

3. To add emails more

If you are of that it uses several accounts of mail and you want to use the same transformation, you can add them without needing creating several profiles in Gravatar.

It is enough with which you enter your panel of administration, and you make click in “Add email address “. It will request you that you introduce the direction that you want to associate, of that will send a mail with a link to confirm.

What has seemed you Gravatar?

As you see, Gravatar is a tool very simple to use and that will save long time… two essential advantages to you for any business.

Before going, gave us to you in the commentaries what is similarity to you, if you knew it, if you are going to begin to from now on use it or any other thought that you have…

What we do not want, is that you go away without commenting. 😉