Subject son: what is, why it serves and how you can create one for your WordPress


Not to have a webpage with the aspect that you want, can get to be very frustrating… But still she can be more if, after spending hours to leave it to him as you want, all those changes are lost when the subject is updated.

In order to avoid this kind of problems, you can decide on a subject hiho. You don't know in what consist? You do not worry, in the today post we told all you exceeds they: what are, which are their inconvenient advantages and but, mainly, the steps to follow to create the yours own one.

You will see the simple thing that it is and how many worries saves to you. 😉

What is a subject son?

A subject son (also known as child theme in English) is not more than a subject for WordPress just as another anyone, with the only difference of which in this case, it is generated dividing of another one theme that meets as subject father.

This is due to that its main use is the one of being able to modify to your taste theme already created and that, when this it is updated, the changes are not lost that you have done.

As we understand that first it can be something muddied, we told you on a daily example.

He imagines that you have bought a sofa (that would be the subject father) that it has everything what you need: one reclines, he vibrates, he is super comfortable… in short, a wonder! But to the time, it give account you that the color does not beat with the rest of furniture.

As options, you can choose to take it to upholster (very expensive) or to cover it with a cover (to use a subject son) with a color that yes combines with the room. And if in addition, it comes with a pocket to be able to leave the control or the telephone, above you add functionalities to him.

Thus you are avoided problems of guarantees and, if you want to return to the original state, that are enough with you clear the cover.

Advantages and disadvantages to use child theme

Evidently, to count on something thus in your favorite CMS has multiple benefits. But eye, because also to have to consider the negative aspects. For that reason, we told both you so that you decide. 😉


  • Saving of time: all the hours that you dedicate to him to your group to leave it as you want it will be in vain if the changes you realise them on the subject father since, when updating itself, they will be lost.
  • Updated: another great advantage is that the subject son will be continued benefitting from the updates that his father receives (something essential to have a safe site), but maintaining its “essence”.
  • Increase of functionalities: he imagines that your theme only lets to you put the menu in the right, but you want it in the left. Then thanks to child theme, that will not be a problem. The limit your knowledge of code put it!


  • Higher time of load: mainly if well it is not implemented, since consultations to subjects are realised both. It remembers that something can thus affect to your SEO.
  • It requires technical knowledge: it is not that he is complicated to do but is touched concerning code, reason why you are needed to have certain knowledge to do it correctly.

How to install a subject son in WordPress

Once you know what theme is child and which are their inconvenient advantages and, the moment arrives for seeing how create a subject son for your WordPress.

As you will see, the process is very simple and anyone can do it. 😀

1. It creates the folder of theme

First that you must do, it is to direct you to the following route in the servant of hosting that you have chosen: /wp-content/theme/

Once there, it creates a new folder with the name that you want. The normal thing is that he is “elNombreDelTemaPadre-Son” but we insisted, can be any other.

2. It creates the style sheet

Now it is called on to create one of archives both basic one that all subject son needs, and is not other that style.css. What makes this file? First of everything, to give to WordPress all the information that needs so that child theme works. In addition, it is where you must add all the modifications concerning CSS that you do.

In order to create it, it is enough with opening a notepad and writing in the highest the following lines:

Theme Yam: subject-son
Theme URI: the URI that is
Description: a small description
Author: TuNombre
Warm up to you: subject-father
Version: 1.0.0
Tags: those that you want,
Text Domain: subject-son

If you do not understand something you do not worry, the important ones are:

  • Theme Yam: the name of the son (as it appears in WordPress).
  • Warm up to you: here the name of the subject writes father.
  • Text Domain: this causes that new theme can be translated.

And it remembers, after these lines, you can begin to add your modifications in the style.

3. It creates the page of functions

With this file which beams is to indicate to WordPress that first loading the CSS of the father, thus to have a base and soon to modify according to it indicates the son. In order to create it, it opens a file of notepad and sticks the following code:

<? php
function child_theme_enqueue_styles () \ {
$parent_style = ‘parent-style’; //indicates the style sheet to him of the subject Here father.

wp_enqueue_style ($parent_style, get_template_directory_uri (). ‘/style.css’);
wp_enqueue_style (‘child-style’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri (). ‘/style.css’, Array ($parent_style), wp_get_theme () - >get (‘Version’));
add_action (‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘child_theme_enqueue_styles’);

Once you have it, keep it with the name from functions.php and ready, everything would have to work perfect.

4. To activate the subject son

The last step is to go to the panel of administration of your WordPress and within the section “Appearance” to click in “Subjects” and to activate the one that has the name that you have used.

tutorial subject son

That easy it turns out to create a subject son! Now only it is to begin with the personalisation.

You use a subject son in your webpage?

This is everything what we wanted to tell on child themes you. As you see, they are a tool that, in spite of counting on important negative aspects, used well can save long time and problems to you.

But we are enough to speak, now we want to listen to you. You use a subject son in your blog? What opinion you have envelope they? You cheer up to create the yours own one? In order to leave your opinion us, it uses the commentaries that there are right under these lines.

It comes, that not you of shame! 😉