What is a CDN, all advantages and why you would have to use one for your business online

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You have heard speak of him, his wonders and all advantages but… what is a CDN and why do people speak as much of them?

If you do not know of what it consists, you have a problem because, you know who yes that it knows it and is taking advantage all kindness? Your competition.

Or perhaps no, who knows but, you are going to risk to you? Be better than controls all the won't tools that you have to your disposition? Mainly if they help you to surpass your rivals and they position to you as a world-wide brand.

That of “world-wide brand” sounds well, truth? Then if you want to obtain something thus, you must use a CDN.

Not only for that reason, but by the rest of advantages that offers. You want to know them? You only must continue reading.

That yes, decides to you us when you are in highest. 😉

What is a CDN?

Before entering detail on this, we see how Wikipedia defines this tool:

A network of delivery of contents (CDN, content delivery network in English) is a superlattice of computers that contain copies of data, placed in several points of a network with the purpose of to maximize the bandwidth for the access to the data of clients by the network.

As usually it happens with this webpage, the description is correct, but something complicated to perhaps understand.

In a more level language we could say than a CDN consists of, forms basic, in a network of servers distributed by everybody where copies of your webpage will be stored.

To be more concrete, which keeps are copies cache that, if you read our post on best plugins of cache for WordPress, you already know what means: greater speed of load.

But we do not advance events, more ahead we told all advantages you.

How work does a CDN?

The theory is very well but, to understand the form in that it works (and to see all advantages), nothing better than to know its operation.

As the intention of the post is not that you know the technical details, we are going to simplify the explanation with an example.

It imagines that you have a store of tables of surf in Spain. But normal tables are not some, are the last generation in technology and you are the unique one that sells them anywhere in the world.

Well, you have created your webpage to sell your products and you have lodged it in hosting Spanish sure, your potential clients are very far… Hawaii, Australia, California, etc.

No matter how much they have improved the connections, that the signal of an Australian must arrive until Madrid and to return to him will take time. How much? Of course more than if it had to go to Sidney, for example.

And there it is where it would enter the CDN and the three cases that can be given:

  1. It does not have copy of your Web: it asks for it to your servant and the sample from the nearest place, lightening the load.
  2. It has copy: Brilliant! The “only thing” that it does here is to be it your client of fast form.
  3. Your servant has fallen: but the CDN not reason why if, it had a done copy, your page follows online.

Us another advantage has escaped… we promise that there are no more spoilers. 😉


Advantages to count on a CDN

Although already there are counted a few to you, still we have left some more so that you see the importance that can get to have in your business online of counting on one.

But also we will review those that already we have to you counted. 😉

1. Your webpage loads faster

This is evident.

Not only because the signal will have to travel close more, but because the content that is static. This means that the number is reduced of:

  • Consultations to the data base.
  • Execution of scripts.

Or what is the same, when having to conduct less operations, the time of load of your page will be lower.

2. It alleviates the load of the servant

The normal thing when you initiate a business online, is that you look for to save everything what you can in costs to stretch your margin of benefits to the maximum.

For that reason, you chose the economic plan of hosting, than it covers your needs as long as it does not receive much load but, before a tip with visits, the thing changes…

Nevertheless, if you use a CDN will be he the one that is in charge to support that volume of users, leaving to your relieved servant more and, really, causing who works better.

3. You open your business online to everybody

The user experience is something that you must take care of and always value in this type of companies.

Ten always very present the following data:

  • More than half of the people they leave a webpage if it takes more than 3 seconds in loading.
  • 50% less than hope that loading in 2 seconds.
  • Around 46% it says that to hope to that a Web loaded is the worse thing to sail.

These statistics us we have not invented them. They are data that very same Google gives.

What we want that you see with this is that, thanks to the CDN, you will avoid the flight of clients of the moved away countries more.

4. You add a layer of extra security

He returns to the example of the surf tables but this time, instead of being a client, he thinks that the one is an Australian hacker that tries to accede to your site.

In truth, he is not attacking your webpage, but a copy of her. That is the extra layer to that we did not refer and the one that will block type attacks:

  • Spam.
  • Scrap.
  • Bots false.
  • DDos.

To all this, add something to him that we have commented to you before, that is the fact that your servant falls but your Web follows accessible thanks to the duplicates that are stored in the CDN.

Up to here what it is a CDN and their advantages, now what?

After reading this post, already you know what means CDN, in what consists and all the benefits that contribute to you.

Since you have seen, it is not aerospace science… we assured to you that it is within reach of anyone. 😉

In fact, we asked ourselves…

  • You use a CDN for your webpage?
  • What service you use?
  • You are thinking about incorporating it?

Be that as it may, which we want is that you tell us what it desires you in the commentaries.

It enchants to Us to read to you!