The 5 better plugins of cache WordPress to obtain that your webpage loaded at the speed of the light


That your webpage takes in loading is annoying, but according to a study of Google, has other many disadvantages:

  • 53% of the visits will go away if is not the site in 3 seconds.
  • A 50% of the people think that it must be loaded less than in 2 seconds.
  • 46% assure that the worse thing to sail by Internet is the times of load.

With those data on the table, you are going to leave your page continues being slow to load? How you can revert that situation?

To part of with a professional group, installing one of best plugins of cache for WordPress that we will show to you next.

Preparation to accelerate your blog from 0 to 100 in a few seconds?

What is plugin of cache for WordPress?

Before beginning with the best list of plugins of cache for WordPress, we want that it is clear what is the cache and how these work plugins.

When you sail by Internet, of a basic form what you are doing is to unload information to your device from a computer (or servant in this case). In WordPress, the pages are generated through hundreds of scripts of PHP, which means much movement of data between the servant and the client.

This in principle does not suppose any problem, as long as your page does not receive a great number visits. But you begin to generate traffic (and you do not use a quality servant) you can get to saturate it.

What plugins do of cache for WordPress is to keep all the pages that are generated the first time that somebody enters. In addition, it stores them in formatoHTML in the memory I broke to show them from there, which reduces the time of load significantly (something essential to position in Google).

In summary, it would be possible to be shelp that what does is to show a prefabricated version of your much more slight site.

Best plugins cache for WordPress

The best moment arrives from which you know plugins cache for WordPress which you can use in your site.

As recommendation, we advised to you that you prove them first in a local version of your webpage in case arises some problem, incompatibility or any other misfortune.

1. WP Rocket

The one that stops many is best plugin cache for WordPress that exists.

But it has a point that stops many will be sufficient not to use it: it does not have gratuitous version. That is to say, that if you want to accelerate your site with this plugin, is called on to happen through box.

But it leaves we say a thing to you: “This plugin is worth each Euro or Dollar that you pay by him, is an authentic wonder”.

good-plugin-it breaks-wp

That yes, according to benchmarks and realised performance tests, is the one that better results offers. Other advantages that it has are:

  • Simple configuration.
  • System of preload of very effective cache.
  • Support of quality (being of payment, it could not be of another way).
  • It optimizes until the load of Google Fonts.
  • Etc.

You can unload WP Rocket from here.

2. Super WP Breaks

If plugin has more of a million of active facilities and one score of 4.3 on 5 does not fit doubt that well it works.

More famous Super WP Breaks is one of plugins for the cache of WordPress, everything thanks to the simple thing that turns out to form. Once installed, it is enough with acceding to “Super Adjustments WP Breaks” so that it starts.

If you are usuary expert, you can form to your measurement so that it works exactly as you want. But you are more inexperienced, the same recommends the options to you that you must choose in each section.

WordPress-it breaks

Plugins within him even allows to load several so that your page loaded still more fast.

You can unload Super WP Breaks from here.

3. Total W3 Breaks

If we spoke of best plugins of cache for WordPress, we cannot avoid Total W3 Breaks.

In order to begin, because more than plugin, a set of tools is everything to accelerate the load of your website, that counts on cache stops:

  • Objects.
  • Pages.
  • Consultations with data.
  • Fragments.
  • OPCache control.

For that reason, if your site has a very high number of visits or by some reason you cannot correct much that takes in loading, this option is a safe bet.


That yes, if your WordPress does not satisfy those requirements, better test other alternatives.

Ten in account that is of a whole suite tools, reason why is very heavy and can arrive to have the opposite effect and to slow down the load of your webpage.

In addition, he is something more complicated to form and requires knowledge more technicians to remove all the benefit to him.

You can unload Total W3 Breaks from here.

4. Simple It breaks

The name of this plugin already only gives an idea us from where its force resides: he is ridiculously simple to use.

It is enough with installing it, activating it and ready.


It will be in charge to form itself and to leave your ready webpage so that he loaded as rapidly as possible. And it seems that he does rather well if we phelp attention to its score of 4.6 stars.

But in case you dare to go further on, you have the option to unblock the advanced way, to add exceptions and to form it to your measurement more.

Really, if you want that your site goes faster but you do not want to be complicated the life, you must prove it.

You can unload Simple Breaks from here.

5. WP Fastest Cache

We have left for best end one of plugins of cache for WordPress. And not it tenth we, but its incredible score of 4.8 on 5 and his more than 400,000 active facilities.

It has a pile of options with which to secure the result that you look for but, evidently, that causes that their configuration is more laborious and it is not within reach of the usuary ones novates to them more.

If it is your case but you want to prove this plugin, we left a video you of Raiola Networks (one of ours hostings recommended) where they explain how to form it.

It remembers that you have a coupon of 20% OF DISCOUNT if you want to contract it.

Preparation so that your webpage flies as a rocket?

You already know best plugins cache for WordPress that will do that your site pass to load as a Seat 600 to a formula 1.

We have taught all type to you of options (of payment, gratuitous, simple, complicated…) now it touches to you:

  • Which you are going to try first?
  • You use some of them already?
  • You know other that also works well?

It would enchant to us that you told us in the commentaries. 😉