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Host Europe Promotional Code

Host Europe is a company of hosting at world-wide level that entered the Spanish market by the great door buying one of the Spanish companies of hosting that at that time was beginning to blunt as was Redcoruna.

This company was sold to Host Europe, a German company of lodging Web with presence in all Europe and of this form they entered our market with an ample portfolio of clients under its brand already.

If you want to see our opinion of Host Europe continues reading this article where we showed its strength and those to you where we think that it limps and would have to improve.

If you already know clearly that this hosting is for you, takes advantage of this promotional code Host Europe that we bring for you:

Characteristics of Host Europe

As all these multinational companies that are dedicated to the world of hosting, in her we can find not only a simple lodging Web but they offer an ample fan to us of options to contract, from simple plans of lodging Web shared to servers, names of domain, certificates SSL, CDN… everything what you can need to lodge a project.

That if, as all great company of these characteristics, they have sticks it of not having a as customized treatment as you can find in another small where the attention to the client is very direct and fast.

Host Europe even so assures to give an excellent and fast support. In our tests we have always received a fast answer and any problem, that have not put us if, they have been always basic questions to see the response time and we do not have it jeopardize to solve any kind to them of problem with the servant. Anyway, as tenth, the answer has been always quite fast, something that with other suppliers of this size usually is not thus.

Host Europe counts with almost 2 million clients in Europe reason why he is one of the leaders in this sector. This demonstrates that if is there is by something and its service is good.

Plans and prices of Host Europe

Centering us in its plans of hosting shared, Host Europe mainly offers three modalities between which you will be able to choose based on the size and pretensions of your project.

Better plans of Host Europe


It is the economic plan in the one than you only can lodge a project Web:

  • 1 domain
  • 1 base of atos
  • 25GB of space
  • 10 accounts of mail
  • 2,99€/mes


It is the intermediate plan here and if we can lodge 2 projects

  • 2 domains
  • 25 data bases
  • 125GB of space
  • 100 accounts of mail
  • 4,99€/mes


It is the comleto service of lodging shared Web

  • 3 domains
  • Limitless data bases
  • Limitless space

As you see, with these three options you must to choose one of them based on the size of your project or if you need to lodge more than a Web in same hosting.

With respect to the space and limitless transference of the premium plan, we are not fans of these options because always usually they have “but”. And it is that to the aim of accounts the limitless thing not always finishes being real since the maximum of quality can never be offered don't mention it to a reduced price and without limits, no matter how much they promise it to you.

It is or knowledge that in case of having a tip of visits you will not have limitation in your hosting, but you have a project with many visits or that occupies much disc space, we recommended to you that you on the other incline option as a VPS or a dedicated servant in whom if that you will have guaranteed a good service.

Prices and plans of host europe

Advantages and disadvantages of Host Europe

Within the fan of options that has this company of hosting to lodge our website, we are going away to center mainly in its plans of hosting shared since they are demanded by those who look for information on Host Europe in Internet.

As basic characteristicses we could emphasize the following:

  • Support as much by email or chat as by telephone the 24 hours of the day
  • Very economic prices
  • Limitless transference of traffic
  • Domains free in all plans
  • European leader with million lodged pages

  • Servers in the United Kingdom which affects at the speed of load.
  • Only 1 data base in the simplest plan.
  • It does not have discs SSD in the basic plans.

Final opinion and our valuation of Host Europe

Although we cannot say that it is our favorite option, is certain that the options that offers to us are very interesting since by very little money you can have your webpage lodged in hosting with good relation quality price and a support 24 hours to the day.

Usually we put special emphasis in the subject of the attention to the client since one does not realize the important thing that it is until a day account occurs that its Web does not work and must resort to the support. In this case the telephone attendance to any hour of the day is to be thankful.

Perhaps they would have to improve his speed of load offering in his plans of hosting shared discs SSD or servers in Spain, would be a very interesting option for the public of our country.

Even so, as tenth, if what you want he is to create a Web to the smaller price possible without a doubt Host Europe is an option to consider since without offering the maximum quality his price he is very interesting.

How to apply the promotional coupon of Host Europe

Before realising the payment, it is important that you introduce the code that you can see in our supply of here down. You introduce that code in the final option of hiring of the plan and will save still more if he fits in your new plan of hosting.

The supply of Host Europe is already of in case interesting but in addition you add this promotion to him, the price that you have left is derisory.

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Hosting cheap Web with good characteristics

If you look for hosting with good relation quality price for a normal project, it seems to us a good option.

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