The 7 better plugins SEO for WordPress that will cause that your business online secures visibility


No matter how much you try it, isn't your business able to rankear in Google? You spend to hours and hours to him but the result does not arrive…

It is clear that to obtain so longed for first position he is very complicated, but will be simpler if you know best plugins SEO for WordPress.

In the next lines, we will tell our seeking selection you of essential to turn your irresistible webpage into and beginning to obtain them clients of automatic form.

Prepare to you, the success is a little more close. 😉

Important warning

Before you begin to install plugins in your WordPress, it is important that you know something clearly: you only must maintain assets those that are indispensable.

The reasons are several, but they emphasize these:

  • Incompatibility: perhaps plugin makes “interferences” with another one and affects of negative form to your webpage. Some even can not be compatible with your premium group.
  • Times of load: you do not doubt that, have a very high number simultaneously and working, it will make that your site loaded slower.
  • Vulnerabilities: this will depend on the programmed good that is plugin, but can be a front door for the hackers.

What we mean to you, is that it does not pass anything if you install and tests during a time all the options that you see next. But once done, you must only remain with that you are going to use.

You Install and prove all the plugins that you want, but only have left with that you need.

It is the best way to save headaches to you. 😉

The 7 better plugins SEO for WordPress

Once clarified the previous subject, the moment arrives for telling you to our best selection of plugins SEO for WordPress.

Thanks to them, the arduous task of positioning your texts will be something simpler.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The one that stops many is without a doubt best plugin SEO for WordPress.


In case you do not know it, it works as a species of guide who is marking everything to you what is well and is bad in your texts with respect to positioning, as for example:

  • Density of the keyword.
  • Number of connections.
  • If the keyword is in the title.
  • Much more.

But it is that to part of that, also it allows you to modify how they will appear your posts in Google:

  • To write the put-description.
  • To change the URL.
  • To show a different title.

Really, an indispensable one to reach the best positions in the finders.

>>Unload it aquí<<

2. Broken Checker Link

If there is something hates Google, it is error 404. Or what is the same, that a connection takes to an error.


If it happens in your webpage, you must know that it is very probable that you have been penalized and lowered with evil intention positions by something so simple.

In order to avoid that this happens, this plugin will make I scan of all your site and will show all the links that do not work. But it does not finish there, also warns to you if some image one is not.

>>Unload it aquí<<

3. WP Fastest I broke

Google hates the broken connections just like it loves the pages that they load of fast form. And to obtain it, nothing better to count on plugin of cache.

We will not extend much because already we wrote everything a post with best plugins of cache for WordPress, where we spoke of this and other alternatives.

We will only remember that he is the recommended one by Raiola Networks (remembers that you have a coupon of 20% of discount here).

>>Unload it aquí<<

4. KK star ratings

Everything what you have heard about the SEO is very well, but in the end is reduced to that much people enter your webpage and is the greater possible time in her.

That is obtained of a way: with contents of quality, and so that everybody knows that yours they are it, nothing better than to use the classic system of score by stars.

Of that plugin consists this. Thanks to him, your users will be able to indicate how much they have liked your entrance and that note will appear in the results of Google.


Doubt that will be easier that does not fit people enter first those Webs.

>>Unload it aquí<<

5. Google XML Sitemaps

This plugin does something very simple but that is indispensable and that little people know: it generates sitemap of your Web whenever you generate new content.


What is sitemap? A file that does the times of map of your site (of there its name) so that Google and, the other finders, index it of fast form.

Why it is so important? Because at the most you facilitate its task, with better positions it will compensate to you.

>>Unload it aquí<<

6. Smush it

What would be of a webpage without images? Something as well as a garden without flowers… truth?

Of course he is almost indispensable that you use them in your site, since they offer advantages as:

  • To break text blocks.
  • To contribute more information.
  • To improve your positioning.
  • Etc.

Really, they are an excellent resource.

The problem comes when you do not optimize them well. Then, it is when they become a monster that ballast your business online and they make you lose clients and money.

If you do not want that this happens to you, nothing better than to install this plugin with which you will be able:

  • To reduce the weight.
  • To change its size.


Thus, you will make sure that your page loaded fast by many images that you include.

>>Unload it aquí<<

7. WordPress Related Posts

We return to speak of the importance of the time that the user is in your site. If somebody enters and leaves to the moment, Google will interpret it because your content is not of quality and will lower your positions.

For that reason, it is so important that your visitors remain the greater possible time. And for it, you have this plugin that adds related articles of your webpage.


Thus, he will be simpler than it increases the duration of its visit, which Google will translate as “this site is very good, I am going to give a higher position him”.

>Unload it aquí<<

These are best plugins SEO for WordPress that we know, you think that lack some?

Plugins would be impossible to collect all the SEO that exist in WordPress… we we have made a small selection, now touches to you.

You use other to scale positions in Google? You have proven some of which we have commented? You have the commentaries more down waiting for your contribution.

We are not going to be only them that write! 😉