The 10 better subjects for WordPress of payment that you can use in your webpage so that it shines impressive


Juan has initiated a business online. In order to save in costs, he has decided on a gratuitous group of WordPress for his webpage.

But in agreement he spends the time, begins to get tired of her:

  • He does not let to him put the color that it would like.
  • He takes much in loading.
  • Note that its strategy SEO does not work.
  • Etc.

And in what all this is translated? In which its business goes slower than it would have and it does not transmit quality.

Is This situation to you familiar? You are in the same situation that Juan?

If it is therefore the solution is easy: to decide on a premium group. And in the today post, we are going to tell the best subjects you for WordPress of payment that you can use in your webpage.

To see Subjects
Better Subjects and Groups

It discovers as they are the subjects for WordPress more sold of the moment.

It takes water and soap, today we give a washing him facing your site. 😉

What is a subject in WordPress?

Before beginning with the listing of the best subjects for WordPress premium, we want that you know clearly what is and why it is so important.

Also known as “themes” or groups, is the ones in charge of the part that the user sees when he enters your page:

  • The colors.
  • The distribution.
  • The position of the menus.
  • The places to put photographies.
  • Etc.

Really, they are those that give the appearance to your site.

And, why they are so important? Because as we have shelp you before, he is first that is the people when visiting your Web, which means that the first impression depends on them.

A group with a design little taken care of can make you lose visits.

It gives just as your content or products are incredible, if the aesthetic one is disagreeable, confused or simply it does not transmit anything will cost more to obtain clients to you.

But it is that aside from that, also it influences in factors because adapts to movable devices and that their speed of load is fast.

They sound those concepts to You? Indeed, they are some of essential for a good strategy SEO. Because yes, Google also reads your group.

In what fixing to you at the time of choosing a WordPress group

Give to a person a fish, and will eat a day. Teach to him to fish and you will eat all their life. Then with this the same.

We could give a list you with the 100 better themes for WordPress of payment, but we thought that it is better than you learn to distinguish and to find the group that better adapts to your needs by same you.

It thinks that the nobody best one than you will know what you need. 😉

  • With a good support behind: it is important to pay attention to that the project is alive, since therefore you are guaranteed updates that correct possible failures or new functionalities. Also he is vital that has a good documentation better (if it is with videos,).
  • Thought for SEO: what we have commented to you before, but is not only that it loaded fast and adapts to the mobiles. You must make sure that it is optimized so that all the finders (not only Google) are able to read it well.
  • Better if it is specialized: it always looks for a subject that is focused to your business. If you are going to mount a store online, it uses a group created for that intention, and if it is a blog, the same.
  • Personalizable: whatever more things you can change, better. Since thus, you will be able to be different from the rest of Webs that use that same subject.
  • Plugins compatible: all the groups are not compatible with all plugins. If you know that you are going to need some concrete, assure to you that they will work.
  • Fix you to the commentaries: they are a source of intelligence on theme incredible and in addition, you will know the opinion other users.

Those are the main points to consider at the time of choosing the best subject for WordPress for your business.

The best subjects for WordPress of payment

Now yes, the moment has arrived for reviewing the 10 better professional subjects of WordPress that you can use for your webpage.

But before a last thing.

Don't mention it will serve to have the perfect group if soon metheglins your site in hosting of low quality. If you want to know the best options, with discounts among a ten and twenty-five percent, it visits our page of beginning.

It has you have to your disposition all the information that you need at the time of engaging a servant:

  • Valuations of each.
  • A list with the best ones.
  • Characteristic what are most important.
  • Etc.

The combination of hosting powerful with a done good group only brings benefits for your business.

1. Divi

Paradoxicalally the first option is not about a subject, but a constructor. What is that? A tool that will allow you to design your group exactly to as you have it in your head.

And the best thing of everything, is that you do not need knowledge in programming or model-making webpages, since works puncturing and dragging the different components that you want to use.

You don't create to us? It looks at this video:

Incredible, truth?

But in addition, it will give access you to hundreds of subjects already done with the quality seal of Elegant Themes.

Inconvenient? For somebody with little imagination or that does not know what wants, can be difficult to create a group from zero.

Although always you can “inspirarre” in other than it has liked. 😉

You can unload Divi here

2. The Gem

If you look for versatility, doubtless this he is one of the best subjects for WordPress, since it tells on 150 we give that you can export and more than 250 styles available.

It turns out ideal to make the webpage of your business or for portfolio with your work and, by all means, perfectly it is optimized for the finders, SEO and WooCommerce.


Doubt does not fit that is an option than interesting to give to your site a unique design him.

You can unload The Gem here

3. The X

The favourite for many of designers, since she is simple to modify and to secure the aspect that you look for thanks to her clean and modern structure.

Also she incorporates the effects fashionable, a source of icons and line of vision to composer, that is something similar to which we have to you counted in Divi (although much less powerful).


And to end, also she includes a good amount of we give that you will be able to export to use in your webpage.

You can unload The X here

4. Enfold

This subject for WordPress perfectly combines all the advantages of a premium group with a style very taken care of. Not in vain, one is of the most sold in Themeforest, by something will be…

Like the previous ones, make your available several prefabricated so that you choose the one that more agrees to you:

  • Blog.
  • Business.
  • E-Commerce.
  • Miscellaneous.
  • One page.
  • Personnel.
  • Photography.
  • Portfolio.


Account in addition with “a live” edition tool, so that you see how they are being the changes before raising them.

You can unload Enfold here

5. Genesis

This option in spite of being theme, more is used as framework.

What is that? Something as well as a skeleton in which another group will be sustained, that knows as child theme, that will be the one that will give the visual aspect.

In order to see it with a very simple example, it would be as the drawings that come in target so that you color them as you want.

The drawing would be framework and the colors that you use child theme.


And within the world of “you sole-framework “Genesis framework is the king thanks to things as:

  • An optimization for perfect SEO.
  • The page almost does not take in loading.
  • Easy to form.
  • Much support.
  • Elegant and professional style.
  • Independent updates.

Characteristics with which it has obtained that they use it more than 100,000 Webs… that speech very well of this group, no?

Genesis can work as it soles, although as it is too simple, he is recommendable to combine it with a subject son.

You can unload Genesis here

6. Avada

It is impossible to speak of the best subjects WordPress and not to mention Avada, a group that has been 4 years being unloaded in Themeforest a score of 5 stars.

How it obtains it? Thanks to its capacity of customización, we give to secure of simple form the result that you look for and his renewed Builder Fusion, the tool with which you will be able to design your site without needing technical knowledge.


Really, one bets safe for your business.

You can unload Avada here

7. Jupiter

If you look for a group that guarantees to you that your webpage will load fast, Jupiter is the one that you were looking for.

This theme has been designed looking for that the time of load the possible maximum is reduced, but is not its only characteristic. Account also with we give, advanced effects and a visual quality beyond all doubt.

Also it includes plugin Visual Composer so that you publish of fast and simple form.


Doubt, an option to consider very does not fit.

You can unload Jupiter here

8. Solitude

The minimalism is fashionable. That time at which the users looked for pages with many loaded colors and of elements happened some years ago already.

Nowadays what premium is the content and a clean design, and there is where enters Solitude.


With this subject, you will have a webpage with those two characteristics.

To part of a pile of possibilities, since it counts with more than 2000 we give of homepage.

Difficult it will be that it is not what you look for. 😉

You can unload Solitude here

9. The7

If what you look for in a subject that you can personalize, “El7” will not disappoint to you.

Perfectly Slider is integrated with Line of vision Composer and Revolution, reason why to create a webpage totally different from any other will be eaten bread.


And to part of those two, plugins includes other 4 more:

  • Complete Addons to you.
  • ConvertPlug.
  • Go pricing tables.
  • LayerSlider.

All this with the guarantee of being a group with adaptive design for mobiles and SEO.

You can unload The7 here

10. Hazel

You want to move away of aesthetic and the forms of the most conventional webpages? Then Hazel your group.

With “a more retro” style and 35 we give that you can combine to each other, does not fit doubt that will give to your site an air totally different from the one from your competition.


Configurable and highly perfect for a store online, it has a great section with multiple options of configuration.

You can unload Hazel here

You know other that can be considered of the best subjects for WordPress?

This has been our selection of the 10 better subjects for WordPress of payment, but that does not mean that there is not more.

More likely we have left several very good groups outside, but it is that they are very many! It would be impossible to speak of all…

For that reason, if you know another one theme that is worth the trouble, tells it to us in the commentaries of more down.

Thus it will be a post much more complete. 😉