Guide step by step of Google to webmaster tools, the tool to see your webpage as Google does


How much you would pay by a tool that allows to see your webpage you with the “eyes” of Google? Much or little? You know what? In truth it gives equal… Because something already exists thus, Google Webmasters Tools is called and is totally gratuitous.

One is which all that it has a Web must know and by that reason, in the next lines we told you:

  • How to create an account to you.
  • What data you can see.
  • Etc.

Really, we discovered all secrets to you.

In addition, as much the tool as the post has cost zero, what can more be asked? 😉

What is Google Webmasters Tools and why important that you know it?

Then as its name indicates if it is translated, is a series of tools for webmasters of Google. In particular, they are a set of several applications that are executed in “the cloud” and which they allow to that it has a webpage to accede to vital data as:

  • CTR.
  • Position in the finder.
  • Detected errors.
  • State of the indexing.
  • Etc.

That is to say, it allows to see your site you as Google does and there is its importance since, with that information, to improve your SEO he is simpler.

How to create an account in Google Webmasters Tools and to add your site

The first step consists of creating an account in the great G something that, if you use Gmail or anyone of his services, is already done.

The following thing is to accede to the page of Search Console (the main tool of Google Webmasters Tools) to register your site. For it, it beats on the red button where it puts “To add a property”.


Now it appears a picture of text in which you must introduce the URL of your webpage and click in “Adding”. That takes you to the last step that consists of verifying that you are the owner. For it, you have the recommended practice (with the steps that you must follow) and another eyelash with alternative methods.


Our advice is that you decide on the option that suggests the tool to you (it will not be a problem if you have chosen hosting of quality) since the other require knowledge more technicians… although if you own them, are equal of valid.

Once completed the steps, it beats in “Verifying” and if everything is correct, you already can accede.

Everything what you can do in Google Webmasters Tools

Once you are inside, it is called on to see everything what this tool allows you to consult. For it, you have different options in the menu from the left (that are those that we commented to you next).

1. Control Panel

It is the view by defect and in her, are small summaries in graphical form of the present state of your webpage:

In addition, it has a called section “important New features” where they appear messages with incidences.

2. Messages

Thus it is, just as if it were an e-mail, Search Console has a section of messages where everything keeps what the tool wants to tell you:

  • Attacks of virus.
  • New features.
  • Alert.
  • Etc.

In summary, you must be very kind to them.

3. Appearance in the finder

As its name indicates, in this section you can change aspects related to the form in which Google shows your webpage in the results. When unfolding it, they appear the following options:

  • Structured data: one is information that are only visible for the finders and them help to index your site.
  • Enriched cards: a new form to show your webpage in the results that does more attractive (using images, for example).
  • Marker of data: it consists of saying to him to Google what is each element of your page. For example, to indicate the direction, the date, the outstanding image, etc…
  • Improvements of HTML: when it detects an error, it indicates it here to you.
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages: it indicates the number of pages indexed and adapted for mobiles.

Information to the power! 😉

4. Traffic search

Of this almost most important section it is the analytical option of “search”. The reason? It indicates the yield to you that your webpage has in Google showing to you:

  • The keyword by which they have found you.
  • The number of times that you have appeared.
  • The percentage of people who have clicked.
  • The position.

In addition, it allows you to filter and to compare the results. Thus you can know which are working better and give a quality extra them.

5. Index of Google

Here you can see all that with the state of the indexing of your webpage, if there are resources that have been blocked and to even eliminate (only of temporary form) directions so that they do not appear in the results search.

In order to erase permanently, the best thing is than you eliminate the entrance or page in your site.

6. Tracking

In this section which is it is the information related to how Google “reads” your webpage. You can accede a:

  • Errors of tracking.
  • Statistics of tracking.
  • To explore as Google.
  • To prove the robots.txt file.
  • To see sitemaps.
  • Parameters of URL.

It is very important that you do not have errors in any of this section, since means that the finder is something does not want that is… And that is synonymous of worse positions.

7. Problems of security

If you use WordPress, we told you in this other post what you can do so that he is safer but, whether you use the famous CMS the more or no, in this Google section it indicates to you if there is some problem of security with your webpage.

As you will imagine, it is vital so that your business online grows that in this section it is indicated that is all correct one. Create to us, will save many headaches to you. 😉

Google Webmasters Tools, an indispensable one for which has a Web

It is the only possible conclusion… You will not find a tool as Google Webmasters Tools to this price.

What has seemed to you? You know other than shade can do him? You want to add something on the subject? You have some doubt? … Be that as it may, if you have something to tell us, the commentaries are to your whole disposition right under these lines.

We are wishing to read to you! 😉