Connections nofollow, a type of link that many create useless but that they contribute an incredible value to your site

I connect-nofollow

You know the connections nofollow? No? Then they are indispensable if you want that your webpage reaches the best positions in the finders…

Although much people consider them useless, she is demonstrated that they are one of the pillars of the SEO and that, if you use them correctly, they are an impulse to secure to visibility and visits of quality.

And in this post we told you what is, why they were created and where to use them.

What you need more? 😉

What are the connections nofollow?

A connection nofollow is a normal link, to which is added to him to a label (that only can leeer the robots of the finders) in that is indicated that PageRank to the page does not have to pass on that aims.

Or shelp with other words, it is a way to avoid that connection is indexed and positioned by the finders.

By the way, it is very probable that they appear different terms SEO throughout the text. If they do not sound to you, you can read our glossary of terms SEO.

Why they exist this type of connections?

In order to understand why the connections were created nofollow, it is necessary to back down until year 2004.

In that one year the robot of Google that indexed the pages gave much importance to the number of connections that a Web obtained better of others and, if in addition they were of sites with many visits.

What happened? That people began to abuse this technique, leaving connections to its sites “without rhyme or reason” in the main portals of Internet:

  • Blogs.
  • Forums.
  • Commentaries.
  • Etc.

So to avoid as much Spam, engineers Jason Shellen and Matt Cutts they gave webmasters the connections nofollow to avoid that the links of their sites passed on notoriety.

Reasons to use connections nofollow

Everybody knows that the connections are one of the keys SEO that better work so, why you would have to use this type of links in your webpage? The reasons are the following.

1. They contribute variety

The robot of Google every day is less more human robot and, and that means that it values plus the naturalness and that is able to detect when you want “to strain it”.

Por eso, S.A. to index your webpage detects that only you use connections dofollow (of which yes they pass on authority) can understand that you want to rankear aggressively and not to occur the best positions.

In addition it thinks that the great Webs use this type of connections and what is better, that Twitter or Wikipedia connects to your site (although he is nofollow) or that they don't do it?

2. They attract qualified traffic

That they do not pass pagerank does not mean that they are useless connections… In fact, it is very probable that the connections nofollow are those that contribute better visits to you. How he is possible that? We told you on an example.

It imagines that with your favorite CMS you have created a Web on tourism in Scotland and is so good that, at the entrance on the country of Wikipedia there are it including in the part of external liaisons. Although you will not receive notoriety of the encyclopedia online, it is clear that all that it punctures in your connection will do it looking for more information and will sail by your Web during more time.

That is to say, that you will receive a qualified visit. And that one is, no?

3. They help the construction of your brand

With the amount of competition that exists in Internet, so that your Web emphasizes you need to position itself as an expert in your field and for it, nothing better than influencers of your thematic one share content yours with its followers.

It thinks about the amount of traffic (and qualified) that you will receive if a person with thousands of followers says that it has liked your last post… What gives more that he is nofollow? 😉

How to put a connection nofollow

In this point we have the good news and another bad one. The good one is that to make a connection nofollow is as simple as to add to him to the label “rel=nofollow”. In this way, a link would be thus:

<a href=” “rel=” nofollow” >

The bad one (that is not either that it is thus) is that you must “be called on” concerning code to put them and, although since we have seen is very simple, for many it can be sufficient not to use them. If you are of those, several exist plugins in WordPress to include them but we think that it is not worth the trouble… If it is to add 3 three words!

Where to use the connections nofollow

This class of connections works perfectly in the following cases.

1. When I connect to a blog in which you do not entrust yourself

If you want to direct your visits to a webpage of you yourself thematic one, but suspicions that Google can penalize to him at any time, the ideal is that you use nofollow.

This way, if it receives a penalty, your site will not see it jeopardize (because yes, the great G punishes the Web and those that aim at her… little joke).

2. When I connect to a thematic blog of different

As we told you more above, the robots that index the webpages every day better are programmed and, although it is an advantage, also means that you must be more careful yet what beams.

Because if you have a blog in which you speak on animal and you connect to another one with the best discounts in hostings, it can understand it as Spam and not give the best positions you.

3. In the affiliate connections

The affiliation is one of the forms most common to make money with a webpage.

If you have a site of this style, each connection of affiliate that you put must be nofollow and the reason is very simple. When you connect (or a product, a course, etc) you do not direct to content and therefore, they do not contribute value.

And you already know that to Google the value enchants to him. 😉

4. When I connect to other projects yours

If you have different pages lodged in the same servant and connect among them so that they share pagerank, it is probable that the finders penalize to you. It is the less probable case, but it can happen, so better not to risk.

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