Top 7 better hosting for Colombia than exists to day of today

What hosting of Colombia is the best one

Nowadays he is simpler than ever to make money with a webpage. It is enough with creating it, generating a little content and to give publicity him by the social networks… truth.

Hopefully it would be that easy!

In order to begin your first step it must be to choose where to lodge it, something that stops many is secondary but that it has an enormous importance. For that reason, we have created this post where we discovered the best companies to you of hosting for Colombia.

The Best Election
🚀🚀 If you do not want to waste the time, the fastest and with the best quality price is 🚀🚀 more cheap and with good benefits it is:

Why you have to choose a company of hosting in Colombia?

The answer is very simple: because your business only obtains advantages if it lodges in a servant in near Colombia or. He is not the same to have your datacenter in America for example, which is recommendable, to that it is in Europe.

In order to begin, you have the certainty that he is compatible with the more common methods of payment that there is in the country. Because by very good that he is something, if you cannot pay it… As what it serves?

Following with its advantages, as their servers are near your country, the time that takes in commanding and receiving the signal is reduced of considerable form, which is translated in which your webpage loads faster.

And finally, the possibilities of being able to call by telephone before any incidence or consult multiply of exponential way if you can communicate in your own language. If you handle yourself perfectly with the English then you can choose a company that of support in that language without problems, since their prices usually are economic and give very good services (we in the comparative one recommended Ipage and Bluehost to you), but, the best thing is to take a company of lodging that support in Spanish offers, as Webempresa.

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Characteristic What must have best hosting Web of Colombia?

To find the service of hosting in ideal Colombia to lodge your webpage is very simple if you know in what you must pay attention. And so that I never mount your business online in a servant who costs clients to you, next we told you how it must be:

  • Support 24/7: because any moment is good so that your webpage needs help, and not to have a specialist who is available approval you detect the problem is something that unthinkable. Also, the answers must be clear and fast. This you do not value it the sufficient thing until your Web remains hours without working and you see that nobody provides a solution to you to the problem.
  • To the last one in technology: that it counts on hard disks SSD and with the last versions of PHP and/or cPanel is something that occurs by seated.
  • That it offers endorsements: although you also must worry to you to make backup copies of your Web, to have the tranquillity of which a third party also does is a very important safety net.
  • Simple to handle: after all he is your servant and you will want to handle it you (although he is in aspects basic). For that reason, unless you are an expert in the matter, he is vital that their learning curve is easy.
  • Agreed to your characteristics: the needs of a business online change of constant form. A day you do not need much space and to following the one that you have it remains short. So a company chooses that allows to be increasing the characteristics you of your hosting according to your needs.
  • On approval of hackers: to part of the backup copies, that counts on rules anti-hackeo and anti-Spam is necessary yes or yes to avoid future headaches to you.

As you see, in the end they are characteristic cradles in the common sense. 😉

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The 5 better companies of lodging Web in Colombia

To know in what you must pay attention to choose best hosting of Colombia is the most important step that you will give at the time of mounting your webpage. The following one, is search between the great amount of options that you have, to compare them one to one in the end and, to choose the one that you like more.

That is a long and tedious way that will take long time to you… You prefer to take a short cut? Then you only must continue reading and to decide between the 5 options that we propose to you.

All of them are companies of hosting for Colombia worthy to lodge your business online.

1. Hostgator Colombia (exclusive Supply -70% for us) hosting for Colombia

Hostgator is hosting recommended for whatever it wants to initiate a project of Internet in Colombia. By very little money you will have all the necessary one to create a quality website, with 5GB of space, limitless transference, certificate SSL of security… and in addition, 1 domain free for your page!

If you pay attention well, by almost what costs to register a name of Hostgator domain it gives to the domain (is free) and hosting you.

Hostgator is cheapest of Colombia and in addition its quality and experience are more than demonstrated. With the cheapest plan we have:

  • 1 name for your Web Free.
  • Site than more sufficient to create a blog or a webpage.
  • Cetrificado of security SSL totally free.
  • Data transfer without limits.
  • 3 accounts of email.
  • Creator of professional websites.
  • Servers SSD of high performance
  • Gratuitous migration
  • Guarantee of 30 days or the return of your money.
  • Backups weekly automatic and totally free

To see supply of Hostgator

2. Webempresa Colombia

Hosting and domain in Colombia

We can be before the best company of hosting of Hispanic speech worldwide? For us there is no doubt, if you are going to mount a page and you want a service in Spanish, Webempresa must be your first option if accounts with budget. Relation quality price is our favourite.

What causes that it is thus? Characteristics as:

  • To be specialized in WordPress and Joomla (they even have cache specialized in them).
  • Gratuitous certificate SSL so that your site is safer.
  • All servers have hard disks SSD that guarantee a speed of fast load.
  • The technical service is of the best ones than they exist.
  • Compatible with the most common forms of payment of Colombia.
  • Daily backup copies.

And to all that, add to him that it has servers in the United States that, in spite of being Colombia, does not continue being the sufficient fence so that your visits accede to your site at the speed of the light.

As negative point, to mention something, is the limited space that offers in its more basic plan (5 gigas) that, in spite of being sufficient for the majority of people, they can remain short if your page generates much content. In any case, as tenth, usually it is not the case and this economic plan is even more than sufficient for the majority of users.

Without a doubt, Webempresa is the best option if you want to enjoy hosting of the maximum quality and with the best benefits, without leaving of side the support and attention to the client, who is of the best thing than we have tried.

To see supply of Webempresa

3. Neolo Chile

Hosting Neolo Chile

Neolo is a company of hosting that enchants us for all Latin America, since they have a specific Web for each one of the countries of Hispanic speech.

At the time of choosing your plan of lodging you will have to know clearly if you want hosting normal or one specialized in your CMS, for example in Worpdress.

Also, you will have to know if you are going to lodge a website or since practically all the plans of CMS only allow to have a domain lodged Web, except for the plan multidomain that is “limitless”, but only has less characteristics more than the dedicated ones to an only project.

Between its advantages it emphasizes:

  • Space and variable ram memory based on the plan
  • SSL free
  • Gratuitous cache + CDN
  • WordPress autoinstalable including
  • High-priority support

To see supply of Neolo

4. SiteGround


Although Webempresa is the number 1 as far as services of hosting Web, that does not mean that other very valid alternatives also do not exist on which to mount your business online. And one of them is SiteGround.

This company does not do more than to receive positive critics of its clients by the good who work and the quality of their service, that she includes in his more basic plan:

  • A domain free.
  • Installer of CMS.
  • Daily backup copies.
  • 10 gigas of space.
  • Certificate SSL free.
  • CDN without cost (that does that your site loaded anywhere in the world fast).

Like it happens with Webempresa, their servers are not lodged in Colombia but when being in the United States, the speed of load is not affected. Another point in his con is that it has a price higher than his competition.

That, next to which its cheaper package is thought for pages that do not exceed the 10,000 visits to the month, can be 2 reasons so that many do not contract this hosting. Although in its defense we must say that the price is justified by the quality of its service.

To see supply of Siteground

5. iPage


If for you I finish “limitless” is indispensable to contract a service of lodging in Colombia, iPage is the company that you are looking for since it includes without no type of limit:

  • Space of hard disk.
  • Names of domain.
  • Data bases with MySQL.

To all that, add other as important characteristics to him as:

  • Technical support 24/7 by telephone and chat.
  • Installer of WordPress in a single click.
  • Hundreds of groups.
  • Integration with Paypal.
  • Backup copies.

And as characteristic to emphasize, they give 100$ to you in Google AdWords so that DES to your business online that so necessary impulse (mainly at the outset). Have does something bad iPage? As everything in this life, yes.

The great one beats that it has is that only is available in English reason why, if you do not dominate the language of Shakespeare, will turn out complicated to handle itself to you with him.

To see supply of Ipage

6. Colombia Hosting


This is the only company that has headquarters in Colombia. In fact, it has several distributed by the most important cities of the country:

  • Bogota.
  • Cali.
  • Medellín.
  • Barranquilla.
  • Good luck.
  • I graze.
  • Buga.

In its webpage you have the phone number of each so that you call them before any incidence, that is a point to very important favor! Although they ten in account that is not a service 24 hours (as if it is it the e-mail).

And as far as characteristics of its plans, economic it includes:

  • 5 gigas of space.
  • 5 accounts of e-mail.
  • Hard disk SSD.
  • 1 Base of MySQL data.
  • Constructor of sites.
  • Gratuitous certificate SSL.
  • Chat for your website.
  • Period of test of 2 months.
  • And much more.

As you see are very interesting qualities but, as negative point, we must say that the price is higher than the one of the competition. Perhaps although for many that is worth the trouble on cost knowing that you can call them by telephone before any problem, that always is a faster and agile method to solve them.

And like the rest of options, their servers is in the United States.

7. Bluehost

We finish with a company of hosting that also is receiving very good critics of all the people who lodge their business online in their servers.

, one of the aspects that call to us more the attention is that it counts on plans specialized based on your needs (WordPress, Joomla, VPS, dedicated, etc). In addition for WordPress, it counts on several packages for would mold still more.

For example, the cheapest option of Bluehost includes:

  • 30 gigas of space in hard disk.
  • 30 gigas in backup copies.
  • 2 gigas of ram memory.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Gratuitous SSL.

Characteristics that are thought for a Web that receives about 100 million visits to the month… And it is the most basic package! Unfortunately, and like it happens with iPage, it is a service that is only available in English.

To see supply of Bluehost

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What lodging Web for Colombia you choose?

If you ask to us, Webempresa is without a doubt the best company of hosting of Colombia (and Latin America generally as we already showed you in our comparative of better lodgings Web for Mexico, Argentina and Chile for example) on which to mount your webpage. The quality of their technical support and its sharpshooting technology therefore demonstrates it and the truth is that they have enamored to us.

That does not mean that the rest is bad options… Quite the opposite! All is excellent alternatives and you will not be mistaken if you choose them to lodge your website. In summary, contracting anyone of this listing you will not be mistaken.