The best companies of hosting in Mexico to lodge your webpage in a servant of maximum quality

Better hosting Mexico

To mount a webpage is very similar to construct a house, if the foundations are not solid is in danger to collapse at any time… And nothing gives more solidity to a website that to be lodged in a quality servant.

For that reason, we have compiled best hosting of Mexico so that your business online is based on a solid base that allows him to grow safely and it saves many problems to you.

To choose the mistaken supplier marks to the difference between the success and the failure… You are going away to risk?

The Best Election
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Company:Price/yearSpaceDomain FreeCopies Car.Promotion
Hostgator237 MXN5GBIfIfTo see Supply
WebempresaWebempresa59,25 €5GBIfIfTo see Supply
HostingerHostinger180 MXN10GBIfNoTo see Supply
NeoloNeolo387 MXNIlimit.NoNoTo see Supply
SitegroundSiteground119,40 €10GBIfIfTo see Supply
DigitalserverDigitalserver599 MXNIlimit.IfNoTo see Supply
Artehosting828 MXN100GBNoNoTo see Supply
NeuboxNeubox449 MXN8GBIfNoTo see Supply
Providing with accomodationsProviding with accomodations257 MXN10GBIfNoTo see Supply

Why you have to choose a company of hosting in Mexico?

By something very simple… They are all advantages!

First, it is that all these companies of lodging of Mexico have their servers lodged in the country (or in nearest). What means that? That the signal must travel much less reason why the speed of load is reduced of considerable form, something that Google and the other finders award with better positions.

That already is sufficient only reason but it is that, in addition, you have the security of being able to pay more with the standardized methods in Mexico.

And to finish, to the more typical forms of communication as the e-mail or the ticket of support, you can add the telephone (that without a doubt is faster and effective).

What you think? They are or they aren't reasons more than to decide very well on a company of hosting in Mexico?

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Characteristic What must have best hosting of Mexico?

What must have a company of hosting to consider it an option interesting? For us there is no doubt, must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Speed of load: not only because the finders love the speed, but because the users leave a page if he takes much in loading.
  • Technical service: Internet does not close and the problems either, so you cannot contract hosting that does not have service 24 hours and, if it is in Spanish, better than better.
  • Stable: as what it serves to pay by a servant if it is going to be more fallen time than accessible?
  • Specialized: if sums a WordPress or a store with Prestashop, are companies that offer specialized packages that guarantee the best possible operation to you.
  • Security: the hackers never rest, reason why hosting that realises backup copies of automatic form and counts on rules anti-hackeo must be a priority.
  • Adaptable to your needs: we speak of which he has different sections from price so that you only pay reason why you need.

If a company of hosting in Mexico offers all this to you, you do not doubt it… is a quality option.

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The 10 better companies of lodging Web in Mexico

Theory is very well but, if you do not have time to compare all the options that the market offers to you, we have compiled those that stop we are best hostings of Mexico than you can use to lodge your webpage.

All of them are companies whose quality is beyond all doubt and you will not be mistaken if the contracts

1. Hostgator Mexico (Exclusive Promotion -60% for us)

Better winner hosting in Mexico

We emphasize Hostagor as better option for Mexico because its relation quality price is of the mejorcito that can be found nowadays.

Improved Hostgator to very many in this last year and with its plan of hosting offers interesting extras as a creator of webpages so that you free design your site to your taste of simple way or certificates of security SSL.

It thinks that by less than 25 MXN you can have your own lodging Web with limitless traffic. A supply thus is difficult to find and if you want to lodge your site nearly money this is without a doubt your better option and the one than we recommended we more.

If on the contrary accounts with more estimating, you can choose one of the plans superiors with majors benefits or choose our following option.

To see supply of Hostgator

2. Webempresa Mexico (Promotion -25% EXLUSIVA)


Certainly if you have visited other pages where they compare companies of hosting you have seen this name. And it is that this Spanish company (that does not take you to the deceit because it tells on services in all Latin America) does not stop monopolizing to praises of all that one that it uses his service to mount his webpage, not only for those who lodge websites in Spain but in all country of Hispanic speech.

Webempresa also has servers in the United States to the American market but the support that offers is totally in Spanish, which is to be thankful because next to the quality of his services he is another one of his strength, the attention to the client. We can categorise as SUBSTITUTE.

Why do we like so much? Everything is thanks to:

  • A speed of incredible load. (Thanks to its near servers).
  • Cache specialized in WordPress and Joomla.
  • A wonderful technical service.
  • Possibility of paying with Paypal, OXXO and in all the 7 Eleven.
  • Account with Let's Encrypt with which to have certificate SSL free. (it likes much to Google).
  • Backup copies every 4 autorecuperables hours from the panel.
  • The last technology with ultrafast discs SSD.

As negative points, we could mention the space limit that offers in the most basic plans (this has been solved after its recent extension of space in all plans), but that stop a normal webpage or even mediates is than sufficient more. We have the custom to contract plans of hosting with much capacity and we do not realize that soon really we did not use it.

To see Supply of Webempresa

3. Hostinger Mexico

Web Hosting Mexico

Hostinger has been well-known during years for being a lodging company Web low COST. We could even say that too cheap so it promised to offer, having serious problems of yield during long time.

It is more, it even offered gratuitous plans of hosting and much people knew it for that reason, but that was already long time ago.

The certain thing is that Hostinger has given an important turn to its strategy lately and is day of today has improved very many. It does not take at the quality level of Webempresa but you cheap look for hosting with a good relation-quality, this will be your better option.

We recommended it for that they do not want to spend much money and they want to begin to remove its project ahead. More ahead, if it goes or and it grows much, always you can change to a better plan of the own Hostinger or happen to Webempresa or Siteground for example.

They offer 30 days of test gratuitous reason why you do not lose anything if you want to prove it.

To see Supply of Hostinger

4. Neolo

Web Hosting Neolo Mexico

Neolo is to day of today one more of the lodging companies Web used in all Latin America. They have presence in all the countries of Hispanic speech and offer a support of quality in Spanish, thing sometimes difficult to find safe with companies that we recommended to you in this article.

In Mexico they are not an exception and they offer hosting specialized for all the Mexicans and with the possibility of using the best methods of payment than it has available in the country (Oxxo, 7 Eleven, PayU. Paypal…)

It has very cheap plans of hosting as you can be his limitless plans (from $28/mes) until professional plans with discs SSD, several GB of RAM and Cache and CDN including if therefore you wish it. As you can see, there are plans and options for all the tastes in Neolo Mexico.

To see supply of Neolo

5. SiteGround

Siteground Mexico

Another one of those companies of hosting that little by little, has been taken control of a great market share thanks to its excellent results. The reason is some characteristic very interesting and their specialization in the main platforms:

  • WordPress.
  • Drupal.
  • Joomla.
  • Moodle.
  • PrestaShop.

As far as his characteristics, it emphasizes the possibility of having a CDN integrated in your plan of hosting without having to do nothing, simply activating an option. This is very useful if you receive visits of all the parts of the world, not only of Mexico, and you want to send the information to your users from the nearest servers.

On the other side, their servers are not in Mexico, although yes in the United States, reason why the speed of load will not be affected. It is not the economic option but one of the best ones along with Webempresa either.

In addition, they are only hosting recommended officially by the WordPress community with service and support in Spanish 24/7.

Its cheaper plan is thought for pages that do not exceed the 10,000 visits to the month, reason why if you are going to lodge a project with fast growth or stop number of visits, this you it is possible to be short and you will have to value to contract to a plan superior.  certain s that something can have a price more stop than its competition, but also is translated in a greater quality on watch, centered in offering the last technologies in speed and security, specific tools designed by them to remove to the maximum yield to your Web and a support to client 24/7 in Spanish by telephone, chat and ticket. In addition, their prices of beginning of hiring offer some really attractive discounts, that can be extended up to 3 years on watch.

To see supply of Siteground

6. Server digitalis


This is, doubtless, one of the companies of hosting more known in Mexico and partly, it is because it has headquarters in DF and Tuxtla Gutiérrez where they will solve your doubts and problems of telephone form.

But not only for that reason it is an excellent option.

If something likes us of Server Digitalis, it is the amount of options that makes your available so that you always contract the one that better adapts to your needs. So that you become an idea, it counts on:

  • Servers with Windows and Linux.
  • Hosting for radio in line, WordPress and Email.
  • VPS with Linux and SSD KVM.
  • Dedicated servers and positioning of these.

All this, with the advantages to have your webpage lodged in servers who are in Mexico.

The negative part? The plans with greater yield can be too expensive, although in return you will have much space. We do not like either that there is to pay to have coding SSL.

7. ArteHosting


This company of hosting in Mexico denominates to itself as “lodging premium Web” but, really it is possible to be considered thus? In order to find out it, we see what offers in its more basic plan:

  • 100 Gb of storage.
  • Transference, accounts of email, data bases and FTP without limitless.
  • Shield of security (it includes monthly filter anti-Spam, navigation SSL, monitoring anti-malware, audits, etc…).

To all this, add to him that all plans include:

  • Installer of the used applications more (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and thus until more than 200).
  • Site to builder so that you yourself you design your webpage.
  • Technical support by telephone, ticket, email and chat.

It has something bad? For us, the price of its more professional plans (premium and enterprise) is excessive, although the basic plan is sufficient for the majority of webpages.

8. NeuBox


One of just the arrivals but that is being able to become a hollow in the world of hosting in Mexico, everything thanks to the fact that usually it sponsors events related to entrepreneurs and Internet. Although certainly they also have to do its economic plans that they include as interesting characteristics as:

  • A gratuitous domain.
  • Gratuitous electronic invoicing.
  • A technical service of quality.
  • Transference without limits.
  • Protection by refusal of services.
  • Gratuitous certificate SSL.

In addition, he is one of the best options itself you look for to register a domain.

Although if we are something does not like, it is that its more basic plan only offers support through e-mail, not as the rest that allows to solve your problems by telephone and chat.

9. Providing with accomodations


This name does not head any ranking of lodging companies Web in Mexico… And perhaps never it does it. The reason? The plans that offer are not nothing of the other much more interesting world and are others hostings in Mexico that this.

Ten in account that for example, its more basic package (well-known as Initial Free) does not count on hard disks SSD something that, as we told you more above, is basic nowadays.

Why it is in the ranking then? Because it is a very valid option if you do not know the one very clearly to mount a webpage, you want to test or you do not want/you can invest much money at the outset.

Really, it is not the best option but it can be the ideal as proving stand.

10. PueblaHost


Here it is necessary to be careful, because it seems that another company of hosting in Mexico with the same name exists whose service lets enough wish.

We spoke of a service of lodging Web to you in Mexico created by a group of specialists in the matter does a few years, whose intention is to offer best hosting for possible Mexico.

And for it, to part to have his servers in the United States, they count on:

  • Weekly backup copies.
  • Support 24/7.
  • Limitless accounts of mail.
  • Constant updates.
  • And much more.

Although something that we do not like is that, in spite of having his headquarters in the city of Puebla, it only allows to contact with the technical service through e-mail and ticket… One suffers not to be able to call them!

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With what hosting of Mexico you remain?

We know it clearly. In spite of not being a company of hosting in Mexico, if your budget allows it to you, Webempresa is a winning option always… Although anyone of them will give an excellent result you!

Since we have shelp a little to you more above, the important thing is that you lodge your webpage in one of best hosting of Mexico. Thus you only have the tranquillity of which all your work rests on a solid base that allows your business online of growing hard.

If you are not in Mexico, perhaps it interests to you: