What is error 500, what causes it and how you can solve it so that your Web is active as rapidly as possible


Nobody that has a webpage is safe from the problems and, one of most common to those than almost everybody faces sometimes, is happy error 500.

What means? Which are the causes that cause it? How you can solve it? If you are also made those questions, you are in the indicated place since in the next lines, we respond those questions so that pass of “problemón” to “problemilla”.

We began!

What is an error 500?

Then something very simple… Error code 500 is the way in which the servant indicates the visitors who something has gone badly. That simple and, simultaneously, that complicated because it does not contribute more information.

Because that is the great problem that has this code, that it indicates to you that hosting has been incapable to complete the request, but does not tell you what brings about that failure and then, is called on to you to find out it. And better than you do it fast because while it persists, it is not possible to be acceded to your Web reason why the visits, sales and positioning lower.

And for it, first it is to know how it can indicate the navigator:

  • Error 500 internal server error.
  • HTTP 500 – internal error of the servant.
  • 500 error.
  • Internal error of the servant.
  • Internal server error.

Así que S.A. to enter you read anyone of those warnings, already you know that one is an error 500.

Possible causes of an error 500, what can generate it?

If you are already throwing yourself of your hairs because your site marks this type of error and you do not know what to do, you are not hopeless! Perhaps he does not tell you what is causing it, but for that you have to us. 😉

Next, we told you which are the most common causes that they bring about happy error 500.

1. The file .htaccess

It is enough with which the file .htaccess contains an error so that your servant is not able to complete the request and to send a HTTP 500 to the visits. Although also it can be because it is damaged.

It is the reason that is, to verify if she is the culprit of everything is very simple:

  1. It accedes to your servant through FTP.
  2. It locates to the file .htaccess, that must be in the root directory (if you do not find it verifies that you can see the hidden files).
  3. Once visible, change the name to him (for example .htaccess.old).
  4. It recharges your webpage.

And here 2 ways are opened. If your site returns to be operative, it is clear that she is the culprit and therefore you must return to create another one (or to try to correct the errors in which you have). If you do not know how one becomes, it visits this post where you we counted it everything on .htaccess.

But it follows without loading, the way to follow is search other reasons.

2. A problem of permissions

In case you do not know it, in the servers, as much the folders as the archives have some permissions to limit what they can do in function to 3 aspects:

  • Reading.
  • Scripture.
  • To execute.

All those are grouped in addition in 3 groups:

  • User.
  • Group.
  • All.

And so that your webpage works well, each file and folder must have some concrete permissions that, by the way, are assigned through a number. Thus, in WordPress (the CMS par excellence) the folders must have the 755 and archives the 644.

In order to change them, the only thing that you must do is to use a file manager to accede to your servant, to select the elements, to click right, to puncture where it puts “Permissions” and to verify that they are formed correctly.

3. PHP remains without memory

If by the reason that is, there is something in your site that exhausts the memory of the servant, most probable it is than that is the reason for error 500. Luckily, the solution is very simple since the only thing that you must do is to raise the limit of memory and for it, the steps to follow are:

  1. It accedes by FTP to your servant.
  2. Wp-config.php looks for the file.
  3. Open it and you add the following line of code: it defines (‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘1000M’);

But you do not like “to touch” archives, you have the option to create one, to call it php.ini and to write memory=1000MEGABYTE inside. Once created, wp-config.php raises it within the folder.

And it remembers, you always do a backup copy before touching nothing!

4. Plugin or soles

You have changed theme of your site or installed (or updated) plugin and since then it happens HTTP 500? Chance goes… To see if it has something to see. 😉

If it has happened right when to add any of these elements, answer is clear but, if it has been with time but suspicions that the shots go that way, which you must do is the following thing:

  1. It enters by FTP of your servirdor.
  2. Wp-content sails until the folder.
  3. Once within her, it changes to the name to the folder plugins (for example plugins.bak).
  4. Test to enter your site.

If now yes that it loads, it is clear the problem it is in plugins so now it is called on to be activating one by one and, as soon as becomes to fall your page, you will have located the cause of the error.

The same process for the groups (you have a post with of best payment and the other with the gratuitous ones here).

5. Damaged folders

If after proving all previous the error it persists, there are many problems of the wp-includes folders and wp-admin is not absolutely well. Luckily, to repair them is very easy and there is no risk of losing all the information of your site (although better if beams a backup copy).

It is enough with which you go to the official Web of WordPress, unloadings the last version and you raise the same folders your servant (replacing those that already are).

You have faced sometimes error 500?

Nobody is safe from error 500 so, if or you have faced him, it would enchant to us that you told your experience us, how you were able to resolve it or any other aspect related to this subject. For it, the only thing that you must do is low until the section of commentaries.

It thinks that thanks to your commentary, you can help much people who are the situation that you happened.

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