What is error 503, the causes by which happen and how you can solve it of fast and simple form


Nobody that has a webpage is safe from error 503. Although you do not see it, is there… Seized… Waiting for its moment and for throwing your page your Web. For that reason it is important that you know it, that you know what generates it and how you can fix it. And the chance, is that of everything it is than we spoke in the next lines. 😉

It will be waiting for to you but you, are preparation for when she attacks.

What means error 503?

Like it happens with error 500, error 503 does not say of explicit form what causes the problem, but something goes bad because the servant has not been able to treat your request or those of your visits.

Or shelp of a simpler form, your site is fallen.

Although before you enter panic and you begin to take the hair and to bite the nails, in 99% of the cases the error is “only” temporary and spent the time, most normal it is than everything returns to normality and you can accede to your Web.

What indicates that? That error 503 does not mean that something is broken because if were thus, would always fail. What indicates error 503 is that your site is not preparation to act before certain situations.

And which are those situations? They are those that we told you next although before, you tenth the forms in which it can be:

  • HTTP 503.
  • 503 Service Unavailable.
  • HTTP Error 503.
  • Http/1.1 Service Unavailable.
  • HTTP Server Error 503.
  • 503 Error.

Everything what is that, or something similar, indicates an error 503.

Causes that can generate an error 503

The situations that can trigger a HTTP 503 are very varied, but almost all turns around a cause: the servant has saturated himself. Although to be correct, error 503 happens before hosting collapses.

Meaning that before “pete”, the servant says to him to the usuary “sight, right now I do not have force to do what you ask to me. Perhaps later yes he can, if you want to try here I will be” so in the end, you can consider it plus a protection that a failure.

And what situations can trigger something thus? Mainly the following.

1. Your hosting has remained small

Who was going to think when you began your webpage that, someday, you would arrive at this point! As it is normal, at the beginning of your adventure online (to part to worry to you in choosing best hosting) the normal thing is that you contracted the most basic plan. It is logical if you did not know if your idea were going to work and were than sufficient more at the outset.

But the time has happened and, almost without giving account you, your site receives an enormous amount of visits every day. In fact they are so many, that the characteristics that you have contracted do not give supply and cause that your Web falls.

And although as situation is brilliant because it means that you are making all good, is necessary to have well-taken care of because a business (one even online) can die of success. Luckily, the solution is quite simple here: to contract to a plan superior.

And if the economic part is a problem, here you have coupons discount of the best companies of hosting.

2. You have had a strong tip of visits

It comes to be just like the previous point, only that in this case does not happen to as much frequency and in addition, you can even allow not to fix it you (although for us never something is an option thus).

For which tenth that? Because it imagines that you have a page that generates income to you through affiliate connections selling adornments for house. If between your articles there are adornments of Christmas, they are clear that a strong time is near December and that, when it arrives, the visits to your site will go off (mainly if you know the keys SEO and best plugins).

But as the rest of the year your hosting is sufficient, and you know what it is approached, you can “hold” with a Web that falls from time to time. Although evidently, if you do not sell at your strong time, you are losing a gold opportunity.

What we mean to you is that, if you detect that error 503 only happens before many visits and these it only happens from time to time, and you cannot allow to increase your hosting you, can be an option not to do anything.

3. A maintenance is taking to end

Sometimes HTTP 503 is not caused because something goes bad. Also the possibility that exists your company of hosting is updating its servers or making some type of maintenance.

The normal thing if this is the cause that it prevents to accede to your site, is that you some before notify it with an e-mail days where they indicate when the maintenance will take to end.

Not always the fault you have it! 😉

4. Something goes bad in the file .htaccess

If you do not know what is, of the file .htaccess we spoke in this other post. The subject is that if you have touched it and since then it is when it appears error 503, cannot be chance, truth? The best thing than you can do is to throw a look to him and to assure to you that he is all correct one.

You want to have the certainty that it is the cause of the error? If you can accede to him through FTP, change the name .htaccess.copia (for example) and watch your Web. If it does not return to happen, you do not look for more.

5. The fault has plugin or the group

Like it happens with error 500, both can be the causes of which your Web is not always available. It can be due to some type of incompatibility, to an update that causes that it works worse or any other reason.

The subject is in that, as with the previous point, if it happens as a result of installing plugin or it soles, is a good track.

Error 503 no longer has secrets for you

You have faced sometimes error 503? How you solved it? It would enchant us that you told your experience us with him and for it, you have the commentaries to your whole disposition.

You can tell us that or any other aspect related to him… While you do not go away without commenting, enchanted we. 😉

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